Newborns Prophecy

May 15, 2022

Covid Mark of the Beast Vaxx with 1,291 adverse side effects, Vaxx Satanic Sacrafices, Abortions to Baal,  HEK293 ingredient in Covid Vaxx = Human Embryonic Kidney tissue from 293 live birth aborted children, Fauci transplanting live birth baby scalps onto dogs, Baby formula Cyber Polygon supply chain disruption versus Mothers not naturally breast feeding, Vaxxed Mothers passing Spike Proteins to infants deaths, 72 Vaxxes before 18 years of age adverse side effects including Autism, Vaxxed Mothers 483 % Increase in Miscarriages, BLMANTIFACRTLGBTQPEDOSODOMITESATANISTS school grooming,  GlobalResetSlavePlantationPuppetMastersDemocideTranshumanism…Last days as in the days of Noah…

Mark of the Beast

Baal Child Vaxx Abortion HEK293 Sacrifices
Fauci live birth children scalps
Vaxxed Miscarriages 483% Increase

Drag Queen Indocrinating Grooming Our Children in Public Schools into Transgender Mutilating Surgeries & Hormones
Global Reset NWO Sesame Street Propaganda
Sesame Street Vaxx Indoctrination
Satanic Government Coming for our Children & Guns
As in the Days of Noah

NWO via WHO !

May 11, 2022

WHO Pandemic Treaty supercedes & suspends 194 Nation’s Constitutions !

EU Commissioner Warning link:

Michelle Bachman with Steve Bannon in 2 weeks 194 WHO Nations shall sign over their Constitutional Sovereignty to the WHO !!! link:

WEF & UN Accelerate Agenda 2030

Songs of Inspiration

May 3, 2022

Elon Musk Hero or Beast

May 3, 2022

Merging Twitter PersonalDatabases with his SpaceX satellite system, Tesla Ventilators, CureVac Tesla mRNA Vaxx Microfactory, AI Neuralink forging Transhumanism Hive Borg Collective Control System of The GlobalResetSlavePlantationPuppetMastersDemocideTranshumanism. Internet of Things. Internet of Bodies.

Max Igan discusses: Artificial wombs, Elon Musk hero or Beast, China Shingzei locked down 90% of Chinese Electronics, Nigeria Digital ID refusal turned off cell phones of the masses:

Ministry of Truth

May 3, 2022
Nina Jankowicz

Nina singing about who to F*CK:

History Repeating !

Nina Jakowicz sings of her views, the Trump Russia & Hunter Biden Laptop disinformation fraud she participated in:

Orwell’s 1984 Book Expounds

Prepping Prepper ?

May 1, 2022
Resilient Prepping Mike Adams

Free Podcast & pdf download:

Marjorie Wildcraft

Free Webinar :


Ghost World

Free survival podcast download:

Extermination 2.0 2022

Covid Vaxx Patent States Bioweapon !

April 26, 2022
Rumble Video Link Below

Karen Kingston and Stew Peters, 7 Separate Covid Vaxx Patented Toxic Bioweapon Spike Proteins.

Chemical Weapon of Biowarfare
Cryotoxin Detrimental to Cells

7 Patented Bioweapons in Covid Vaxx – Karen Kingston

April 20, 2022

Karen’s website:

Link to 11 pages of documents from this interview:

Karen Kingston Cobra Venom in Covid Vaxx

April 19, 2022
Cobra Venom Proteins

Karen is of the opinion that Venom is not in the municipal water supply.

Skip to 32:00 minutes for her Cobra Venom information video link:

NASA Moon Landing

April 17, 2022
Serpents Split Tongue NASA Logo

see Project Paperclip, Stanley Kubrick, Moon Landing Hoax

Reunion of Nixon’s cabinet – discussion of moon landing hoax link 8 minutes :

Reunion of Nixon’s cabinet – discussion of moon landing hoax
Published on October 21, 2016
The Apollo moon landings did not happen.
Interview of Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Lawrence Eagleburger,
General Alexander Haig, Richard Helms and Eve Kendall who was
Nixon’s personal secretary. They describe the hoax in their own words
for a decisive disclosure. The moon landing hoax is confessed.
Smoking gun!!!
Published on August 12, 2013
The whole thing was staged in the MGM studios at Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK – under the professional direction of Stanley Kubrick
See: Dr Strangelove (1964) + 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) + Capricorn One (landing hoax) [1978 (after the 1969 Apollo 11 event)]
It was impossible to land on the Moon in 1969 – but the scientific facts were IRRELEVANT in comparison to a conflict between the US and the Soviet Union – it was all about winning the most important Propaganda War for the perception of military mastery of the World.
There is no intention to ever pretend to launch manned missions to the Moon or to pretend to return to the Moon as it is technically and scientifically impossible!
Richard M. Nixon’s main advisers:
i) Donald Rumsfeld – US Defense Secretary
ii) Henry Kissinger – US Secretary of State
iii) General Alexander Haig – US White House Chief of Staff
iv) Lawrence Eagleburger – US Deputy Secretary of State
v) Richard Helms – US CIA Director
At this late date, everyone must concede that the Apollo moon landing program was a hoax.
The evidence is readily available over the internet.
The URL was constantly deleted but always reappeared.
Such is the power of the internet.
This video segment is part of a mockumentary that has the signature of the illuminati. Their classic technique is to disclose the truth as hidden in plain sight. In this case it is more like a mind game and they are very good at that as well.
The elites are very much aware of karma and take opportunities to reduce karmic retribution. Apparently there are rules that even Satan must abide by.
Fact is that this video segment is a very good presentation of the historical truth and highly worth watching.

Project Paperclip, Stanley Kubrick, Hoax, Serpent split tongue NASA logo.

Stanley Kubrick’s Staged Apollo

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – ladder falls link 34 seconds:

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax – ladder falls on the movie set of the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax filmed in London by Stanley Kubrick.

NASA Claims to have LOST All Moon Landing Technology
“Moon Rock” given to museum is Petrified Wood
Thousands of “Lost” Reel to Reel Data Tapes
Likely NASA Studio Production
Nixon Cel Service to the Moon in 1969 ?
8 Simple Obvious Bloopers
Do you still believe we went to the moon ? Conspiracy Music Guru

Apollo 17 Lem Moon Lift off 1972 link 34 seconds:

My 4th of July Fireworks More Realistic

Did NASA ever retrieve the Cameraman that filmed this ?

Kubrick’s Studio
Impressive 1972 Pyrotechnics

Mars aka Canada:

NASA Serpent Project Paperclip Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Hoax

This photo is 80 KB vs the 4 KB RAM Mission Computer of Apollo 11.

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