Life We Knew, Is No More

April 6, 2020


COVID19 feels like 9/11 Patriot Act TSA, ’07 $700B TARP Banksters AIG GM Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Bailout Sequel ? Lock down stops commerce, jobs, income, churches, socializing, airports, cruise ships, parades, conventions, parks, playgrounds, schools, concerts, cinemas & professional sports. While $2T goes to Banks & Corps, TARP sequel. Population end up unemployed, broke, homeless, starved & unable to travel. National Guard as Military Police at Checkpoint Charlies already on Interstates. Police State already stop any public gatherings. Govt decides what businesses are Essential ? Big brother 1984 recording our emails, ATMs , credit cards, cell phone conversations, texts, gps locations & social media. Toxic 5G rollout where COVID19 then appears. Meet new normal life, soft Martial Law.  Proof ? Is TSA, censorship & political correctness still around ? As revenues stop inidividuals, families, corporations, towns, cities, counties & States shall go bankrupt. Foreclosures, Reposessions, evictions, riots & suicides increase. Master Reset of all Control Systems including monetary , Constitutional rights, Executive, Legislative, Judicial, religious, pharmaceutical, litigations, censorship, medical, pensions, presedents, elections, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare, social security, educational, travel, commerce, taxations, police, military, agricultural, consumption, utilities, privacy, rule of law & political. Run on Banks, stock markets crash, real estate crash, Curfews, hard Martial Law & Mandatory Vaccines for COVID with RFID chips included next?

COVID19 ID2020 Bill Gates Vaccinations

April 6, 2020


(Start @ 2:30)

ID2020 website: Founding Members include Microsoft & Rockefeller Foundation:


Democide genocide depopulation through mandatory COVID19 vaccination including RFID chips thru this planned pandemic by design. Lead by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Health Organization & World Economic Forum.


Palm Sunday

April 6, 2020


What is important “In these times that shall try men’s souls ?”

Sharing faith, family, friends, freedom, food, clothing & shelter.

What has always been valuable in this life ? Spiritually intune with the Creator, Love in our hearts for our neighbors, knowledge that we share, willingness to lay down our lives for our friends, service we provide for others with our hands, our acts of kindness, eyes seeking the light, ears hearing truth, feet on the right path & the encouragement that we speak to all.

COVID19 Platform of World Economic Forum

April 6, 2020
World Economic Forum’s plans as COVID19 Disrupts the World & resets in all aspects of life:
World Economic Forum website for their Covid Action Platform plans 200 layers deep covering every aspect of our lives:
World Economic Forum link to their Strategic Intelligence plans us website:

COVID19 Hypothetical Coincidence ? Gates Foundation & World Economic Forum Viral Pandemic Simulation Oct 2019 ?

April 6, 2020


” We ran a massive viral pandemic simulation. Here’s what we learned about managing Coronavirus. ”

In October 2019 at John Hopkins University Center for Health Security hosted a pandemic response exersive called Event 201 confronted with a hypothetical scenario to test the world’s preparedness for a viral disease outbreak with partners the World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Then they included a disclaimer in their narrative.

Coincidence ? You decide.


American Icon – Bryce G. Hoffman

March 7, 2020


Even mentions Henry Ford had the police and security guards shoot live ammunition into Ford warehouse strikers picket line and killed and wounded 50+ people.

The inside story of the epic turnaround of Ford Motor Company under the leadership of CEO Alan Mulally.

At the end of 2008, Ford Motor Company was just months away from running out of cash. With the auto industry careening toward ruin, Congress offered all three Detroit automakers a bailout. General Motors and Chrysler grabbed the taxpayer lifeline, but Ford decided to save itself.

Under the leadership of charismatic CEO Alan Mulally, Ford had already put together a bold plan to unify its divided global operations, transform its lackluster product lineup, and overcome a dys­functional culture of infighting, backstabbing, and excuses. It was an extraordinary risk, but it was the only way the Ford family—America’s last great industrial dynasty—could hold on to their company.

Mulally and his team pulled off one of the great­est comebacks in business history. As the rest of Detroit collapsed, Ford went from the brink of bankruptcy to being the most profitable automaker in the world.American Icon is the compelling, behind-the-scenes account of that epic turnaround.

In one of the great management narratives of our time, Hoffman puts the reader inside the boardroom as Mulally uses his celebrated Business Plan Review meet­ings to drive change and force Ford to deal with the painful realities of the American auto industry.

Hoffman was granted unprecedented access to Ford’s top executives and top-secret company documents. He spent countless hours with Alan Mulally, Bill Ford, the Ford family, former executives, labor leaders, and company directors. In the bestselling tradition of Too Big to Failand The Big ShortAmerican Icon is narrative nonfiction at its vivid and colorful best.

Dark Waters – Teflon Dupont PFOA/C-8

March 7, 2020

Dupont makes $1billion profit a year poisoning the planet & people with PFOA/C-8 aka Teflon. Dupont paid $700M so far in fines & law suits to 3,500 residents with cancers out (5% of) 70,000 population in town of Parkersburg WV where Teflon is made. Teflon is found in 99% of humanity bloodstream. Teflon is used in clothing, carpets, paints, lotions, make up etc. There are 600 synthetic forever chemicals unregulated by the EPA like Teflon. Dupont must now do Medical Monitoring of the Parkersburg WV population to further compensate residents that develop future cancers, birth defects, become sterile & diseases. Dupont knew for 30 years by it’s own internal monitoring studies that Teflon was causing sterility, birth defects, cancers & diseases to it’s own factory workers and chose to ignore it and continues to profit from Teflon by $1 Billion annually.

Motherless Brooklyn

February 29, 2020

Jack Dempsey and the Roaring ’20s – Roger Kahn

February 29, 2020


A Flame of Pure Fire – Jack Dempsey was perfectly suited to the time in which he fought, the time when the United States first felt the throb of its own overwhelming power. For eight years and two months after World War I, Dempsey, with his fierce good looks and matchless dedication to the kill, was heavyweight champion of the world. A Flame of Pure Fire is the extraordinary story of a man and a country growing to maturity in a blaze of strength and exuberance that nearly burned them to ash. Hobo, roughneck, fighter, lover, millionaire, movie star, and, finally, a gentleman of rare generosity and sincerity, Dempsey embodied an America grappling with the confusing demands of preeminence. Dempsey lived a life that touched every part of the American experience in the first half of the twentieth century. Roger Kahn, one of our preeminent writers about the human side of sport, has found in Dempsey a subject that matches his own manifold talents. A friend of Dempsey’s and an insightful observer of the ways in which sport can measure a society’s evolution, Kahn reaches a new and exciting stage in his acclaimed career with this book. In the story of a man John Lardner called “a flame of pure fire, at last a hero,” Roger Kahn finds the heart of America. 

Don’t Fall Off the Mountain – Shirley MacLaine

February 29, 2020


“I’ve always felt that I would never develop into a really fine actress because I cared more about life beyond the camera than the life in front of it. Over the years my search became broader and broader. After two months on a picture my car seemed to veer toward the airport of its own accord. I still loved acting and enjoyed it. I was a professional, but basically I was more interested in the people I played than the movies I played them in… ” ―Shirley MacLaine

An outspoken thinker, a keen observer, a truly independent woman, Shirley MacLaine takes us on a remarkable journey into her life and her inner self. From her Virginia roots, to stardom, marriage, motherhood and her enlightening travels to mysterious corners of the world, her story is exciting and poetic, moving and humorous-the varied and life-changing experiences of a talented, intelligent and extraordinary woman.

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