Born of Two American Citizens ?

Updated 5/20/2011 – Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s The Birth Certificate” book ???>

Factual Problems:

No official seal.

No footprint.

There was no “Kenya” in 1961. Kenya was founded in December, 1963. (Link) Prior to that, it was called Kenya African National Union (KANU).

According to the hospital’s website, in 1961 that hospital was named Kauaikeolani Children’s Hospital. It did not change its name to the Kapiolani Maternity Hospital until it merged with the Kapiolani hospital system in 1978.

Dr. Sinclair was working at the Kauaikeolani Children’s hospital in 1961.

Instead of “African” under father’s race, “Colored” or “Negro” would have been used in 1961.

Birth certificate of someone born at the same hospital a day later has a lower number.

The “Date Accepted” is four days later than “Date of Birth.”

No birth weight.

Address for Obama’s childhood home is the middle of a highway.

Hawaii’s Governor until recently claimed there was no birth certificate.

His birth name was Barry Saetoro (held through college, e.g. Occidental transcript), and he changed his name to Barack Obama after visiting
Pakistan. (Some say he started with the name Barak Obama, then changed to Barry Soetoro, then back to Barak Obama)

Typesetting Problems:

The content portion is obviously cropped and laid on top of a new background.

Obviously Photoshopped, with layers revealed when the Whitehouse pdf is opened in Adobe Illustrator.

There is no “chromatic aberration” around the letters and numbers, which normally shows up in enlarged viewing of color scans. (Link)

“41″ at to right of document looks suspicious, as the 1 is a different pixilation and doesn’t appear to be as “aged” as the digits preceding it.

The type for “Caucasian” is too perfect, not possible for a typewriter from 1961.

Under hour of birth, the “M.” in “P.M.” is a different font.

The patterned background is too seamless for a document kept in a bound volume.

Two mysterious Xs above “twin” and “triplet.”

Unexplained “8991″ on document’s right side.

Still says “Certificate of Live Birth.”

Signature of mother and attendant are too similar.

Obama Birthers – Carl Gallups

Kenyan Birth Certificate link:

5 Responses to “Born of Two American Citizens ?”

  1. Rev Homer Says:

    Wow, you guys are out doing yourselves to say the least. How is it that we common people just don’t easily pick up on these things. Thank you so much for your diligence. Please keep it up.

  2. The National Bugle Says:

    Very interesting – thanks for the link

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