Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate ?

Obama born in kenya

Proof Obama Born in Kenya? Obama Literary Agent Says Yes

Was Obama Born in Kenya ?



Actual Kenyan Birth Certificate PDF link:


Actual Poster link:


Letter to Congress PDF link:

Letter to Congress, July 4, 2010, Lucas Daniel Smith

Updated 5/20/2011 – Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s The Birth Certificate” book ???

Lucas Daniel Smith – Mombassa – Kenya – East Africa – Birthers


12 Responses to “Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate ?”

  1. Germaine Says:

    To bad this is a fake. look at the FOOT PRINTS.(closely).

  2. The National Bugle Says:

    This is insane if this is for real.

  3. dmparkman Says:

    Supporting Videos:


  4. Graphics Designer Says Obama’s Birth Certificate is 100% Fake. | The National Bugle Says:

    […] Update:  Could this be Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate?  Looks real to me. […]

  5. Photo Shopped Birth Certificate & Out of Numerical Sequence ? « 2012 Patriot Says:

    […] https://2012patriot.wordpress.com/2011/05/06/obamas-kenyan-birth-certificate/ […]

  6. Why Sealed Records ??? « 2012 Patriot Says:

    […] https://2012patriot.wordpress.com/2011/05/06/obamas-kenyan-birth-certificate/ […]

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