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Raw Milk Facts ???

June 30, 2011

Feds raid Amish farm for the crime of selling raw milk

Bella Muse
Natural News
June 30, 2011

A year long sting? 5 A.M raid? An undercover agent using aliases? The crime in question: unpasteurized milk.
It is absolutely absurd to know that these kinds of exaggerated situations actually take place. And even worse, that our tax dollars fund them.

It’s no secret that the FDA can be the least reliable source of information regarding health and nutrition. They’ve proven time and again to care little about the facts that prove holistic approaches cure diseases, and have made extreme efforts to criminalize most of those approaches. They’ve also made it abundantly clear that our personal freedoms are irrelevant to them.

Raw milk became a target of espionage when the FDA held a yearlong sting operation to stop Rainbow Acres Farm from selling raw milk to customers. “It is the FDA’s position that raw milk should never be consumed,” said Tamara N. Ward, spokeswoman for the FDA.

The farm’s owner, Dan Allgyer, didn’t respond, but his customers were furious at what they said was government overreach. “I look at this as the FDA is in cahoots with the large milk producers,” said Karin Edgett, a D.C. resident who buys from Rainbow Acres. “I don’t want the FDA and my tax dollars to go shut down a farm that hasn’t had any complaints against it. They’re producing good food, and the consumers are extremely happy with it.”

Pete Kennedy, president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, said undercover stings are not unheard of. “It happens quite a bit. It’s almost like they treat raw milk as crack. It’s happened in a number of states, and at the federal level,” he said.

It is blatantly wrong for the FDA to deny people their rights to buy raw milk. Raw milk has been consumed long before WWII and never was it considered harmful. On the contrary, it was considered a whole food. There are undeniable facts that prove pasteurized milk destroys part of the vitamin C in raw milk, kills beneficial lactic-acid bacteria which help ward off pathogens while encouraging the growth of harmful bacteria. The pasteurization also makes insoluble the major part of the calcium contained in raw milk, leading to bad teeth, nervous system problems, and rickets. And with the loss of phosphorus associated with calcium, bone and brain formation suffer serious setbacks.

You can learn more about the benefits of raw milk by visiting the following websites:

UK Farmers Forced Off Land ???

June 30, 2011

Britain: Council to Force Family Living On Their Own Land and Growing Their Own Food to Live in State Housing and Become Dole Recipients
June 30, 2011
Via: This is Devon:
A COUPLE living an “off-grid” lifestyle say they face prison unless they move from their own land in Willand and return to an existence in the benefits trap.

Stig and Dinah Mason bought Muxbeare Orchard after a sudden windfall allowed them to quit their impoverished lives on a Hertfordshire council estate two years ago.

The Masons have transformed what they described as a derelict four-acre plot into a haven of self-sufficiency boasting a 400 sq m allotment, a polytunnel and greenhouses to grow fruit and vegetables, chickens for egg production and an orchard they have regenerated by planting around 14 new apple trees of various species.

The couple, who have two boys, aged eight and nine, say because they moved onto the site in order to work the land, Mid Devon District Council is turfing them off as officers do not consider them to be conserving an agricultural area.

They faced magistrates on March 31 when they were served with an injunction to leave within 28 days from June 1.

Investing for End Times ???

June 30, 2011

JUNE 29, 2011, 3:20 PM HEDGE FUNDS
New Investment Strategy: Preparing for End Times

Aris Messinis/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
With global turmoil, some investors are bracing for the worst. On Wedensday, protesters clashed with police in Athens.
Investment professionals have a new pitch: The sky could soon be falling.

While Greece took a step back from the brink on Wednesday, the possibility of a default remains a fear. Europe’s debt crisis, as well as natural disasters and political uprisings, are prompting investors both big and small to seek out investments that promise to protect their portfolios in the event of economic Armageddon.

Worried that Greece could go belly up? So-called black swan funds — named for rare and unexpected events — offer a way to profit in the event of a market collapse. Think a slowdown in the United States or China could set off a global economic crisis? New exchange-traded funds are popping up to help pad investor confidence.

Since the financial crisis, many investors have prospered from a rebound in the markets. But recent events have led some to brace for the worst.

“Clients are suddenly realizing the world isn’t as rosy as it’s been,” said Ahmed Fattouh, a hedge fund executive. “It makes a lot of sense to have these tail protections on.”

That is, protections against what Wall Street calls “tail risk” — a disaster that is estimated to have less than half a percent chance of happening.

Investors learned about tail risk the hard way. For decades, diversification — spreading holdings across stocks, bonds and other investments — was promoted as the way to protect investments from market crashes. But the financial crisis proved that seemingly unrelated assets could fall in unison. As a result, an increasing number of investors now want protection for financial end times.

Bryce Vickmark for The New York Times
Zvi Bodie, a professor of finance at Boston University School of Management.
These funds and offerings, usually costly and complicated, can be likened to insurance. Investors lose money on them during normal times, but they stand to gain if catastrophe strikes. Tens of billions of dollars are in such investments, representing a small but growing fraction of the investment world, particularly for a strategy that many investors would have scoffed at five years ago as expensive and unnecessary.

“In the last decade, we saw two stock market crashes, which wiped out any gains for investors over the decade and meant disaster for those who had to take their money out to meet big expenses at market lows,” said Zvi Bodie, a professor of finance at Boston University School of Management. That, he said, “has just made the current generation of investors more aware that it is risky even over a decade or more.”

Wall Street lawyers say money manager clients have approached them in recent months about forming new funds aimed at providing protection. Banks like Goldman Sachs are marketing tools engineered to bulletproof investors. Products linked to an index known as the market’s “fear gauge” total nearly $2.5 billion. And in the last year, the amount of money managed in dedicated tail-risk accounts by the bond giant Pimco has doubled to $23 billion.

Boaz Weinstein, a former trader at Deutsche Bank who lost more than $1 billion of the bank’s money during the financial crisis, began raising money for his own Armageddon fund late last year. It has since grown to $400 million of mostly institutional money, part of the $3.3 billion he has raised for his hedge funds.

John Kolesidis/Reuters
In Athens, a man protested Greece’s passing of austerity measures. Europe’s debt crisis is prompting some investors to seek investments that promise portfolio protection.
“Some investors after nursing those losses say, ‘I’d be much happier in return for not having that kind of downside to reinvest 1 percent of my portfolio in tail hedging,’ ” he said.

Investors include big public pensions. Joelle Mevi, the chief investment officer of New Mexico’s public employee pension fund, recently presented some tail risk options to her board. “While I wouldn’t tend to put a very large allocation there, I believe in having that type of insurance for the funds,” she said.

But protection does not come cheap and occasionally fails to work. Some say such funds are merely the latest Wall Street fad and may be ineffective because they are designed to protect against the last catastrophe, not the crisis to come.

“I kind of believe that the best way to reduce risk is to take things out of the portfolio, not add them,” said Ken Grant, president and founder of Risk Resources.

Although the names tail risk funds and black swan funds are often used interchangeably, they are distinct. Tail risk events are situations that, while conceivable, are highly unlikely based on mathematical modeling. By contrast, a black swan — a concept popularized by Nassim N. Taleb’s 2007 book “The Black Swan” — is an event that models fail to predict.

So how do such Armageddon funds work? Take a situation like the collapse of China’s economy, an event considered highly unlikely. While most American investors do not own Chinese stocks, real estate or currency, the fear is that a shock to China would spread to the rest of the world. As the stock markets fell, a tail risk or black swan fund would profit because it owned the options to sell shares in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index at far higher levels. The more the index dropped, the more valuable those options would become.

Gary Howe for The New York Times
Mark Spitznagel on his 200-acre farm in Northport, Mich.
At Universa Investments, Mark Spitznagel, a former partner of Mr. Taleb’s, has raised more than $6 billion for a fund that is awaiting a market calamity. In the meantime, he acknowledges, it is losing money nearly every day. Part of the reason is that he buys options to sell a given stock in the future for a price below where it is currently trading. If the stock doesn’t move, or rises, the option is worthless, and he loses money. But if the share price tanks, he can make substantial profits.

Mr. Spitznagel, one of the more experienced doomsday managers, derides those who have jumped into the game recently. It takes a special kind of person to manage these kinds of investments, he says — people capable of slowly taking losses, without losing their composure.

“It takes someone that’s a little bit nuts,” he said. “I’ll do a trade, then say, ‘This is the best trade I’ve ever done in my career, but I’m quite sure I’m going to lose money on it.’ ”

“I understand my payoff and I understand these are very small losses relative to what I know I’m going to make eventually.”

Others are raising money to bet against the world. Capula Investment Management has raised some $2 billion, while 36 South Capital Advisors, a London-based fund that returned more than 200 percent during the 2008 crisis, is at $300 million and counting.

Not all investors are sold.

“Tail risk is out there, we all know it’s out there, but if you have 20 some hedge funds, you’re really looking for strategies that work in the total picture,” said Craig Slaughter, who oversees roughly $12 billion as the head of the West Virginia Investment Management Board. “Focusing on tail risk strategies — I’m just a little suspicious. It’s a little bit of a sales technique.”

USA Permanent Decline ???

June 30, 2011

A Huge Number Of Americans Believe The Economy Has Now Entered “Permanent Decline”

Joe Weisenthal
Business Insider
June 30, 2011

39% of Americans believe the US economy has now entered “permanent decline” according to a new poll from CBS and NYT. That particular stat was tweeted out by CBS’ Mark Knoller.

Some other stats, via NYT:

Obama’s approval is down to 47%.

Disapproval is at 44%.

63% of the country believe it is headed in the wrong direction.

Just 28% believe it is headed din the right direction.

2/3 of GOP voters are not enthusiastic about any candidate.

China Dumps US Dollars for Euros !!!

June 30, 2011

It’s Official: China Is The “Mystery” Daily Buyer Of Billions Of Euros

Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge
June 30, 2011

Over the past two weeks, we have been suggesting, tongue in cheekily, that despite the relentless desires of everyone to sell the EUR, it has continued to drift higher, due to some inexplicable force with bottomless pockets, which, after some deductive logic, we assumed was China. It turns out we were correct. Naturally, figuring out what China does with its $3 trillion in foreign reserves is sometimes more complex than brain surgery (except what it does every time it sees a barrel of oil for sale: then it is pretty much guaranteed what it will do). But when it comes to preserving its 3 rounds of horrendous European down payments, it was pretty logical that China would do everything in its power to prevent a waterfall effect that would result in Europe imploding in a ball of illiquid singularity. The WSJ has confirmed that China’s SAFE is actively doing all it can to transfer billions of its dollar-denominated holdings into euros. And while this does not mean the EUR is the new reserve currency, it certainly means that China has now become the deciding factor as to just who is (much to the chagrin of Markel, and delight of Geithner… for the time being).

From the WSJ:

China’s deep pockets are momentarily keeping the euro supported.

But with Greece’s financial future still uncertain even after lawmakers passed an austerity package on Wednesday, and the single currency’s long-term prospects far from assured, Beijing risks learning a lesson about trying to fight a market more inclined to sell than buy.

For months, whispers of “Asian official buying” have permeated markets when the euro fell below certain levels. That talk has kept euro/dollar hemmed into a tight seven-cent range since late May, even as fears of a Greek default make traders disinclined to hold the single currency.

China, the world’s biggest holder of foreign-exchange reserves, has pledged financial support to the distressed euro-zone periphery while touting its economic links to Europe.

And with the PBoC not having a bloated balance sheet, courtesy of trillions of Chinese bad debt being held off balance sheet, nobody dares to step in front of a train whose EUR buying capacity is, at least in theory, limited only by the notional amount of how much garbage America’s gadget-addicted middle class will buy from a very mercantilist China. To wit:

There are perils to China’s strategy, however. Most market observers agree that it is never a good idea to fight the market. Just ask the European Central Bank which spent months buying distressed periphery bonds to calm markets–only to have yields surge amid fears of a Greek default.

However, investors appear reluctant to go against China’s vast economic resources.

China holds more than $3 trillion in foreign-exchange reserves, with an estimated 60% of those in dollars. Its strategy toward the beleaguered euro zone helps it accomplish two goals: expanding its global reach and satisfying the need to diversify its vast reserves.

Anyone who has followed the EURUSD on an intraday basis will be familiar with the following trading pattern:

“The market is inclined to sell the euro on rallies [whereas] China wants to buy it on dips,” said Michael Woolfolk, senior currency strategist at BNY Mellon in New York. “It maintains the current range-bound conditions until we get clarification on the long-term outcome for Greece.”

How much EUR is China buying (and how many USD is it selling)? A lot.

Analysts point to official data showing that Chinese U.S. Treasurys holdings have fallen by at least $300 billion recently.

Analysis of flows by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch shows that monetary authorities have been net sellers of dollars over the past four weeks, translating them into euros.

By looking at the rate of China’s foreign-asset accumulation, Woolfolk estimates that authorities sell about $2 billion per trading session, with roughly a third converted into euros.

That dovetails with research by Douglas Borthwick, a managing director at currency broker Faros Trading.

Based on asset-allocation trends by the China Investment Corporation (CIC), he estimates the country could invest 500 billion euros ($722 billion) overall in Europe over five years, with 20% devoted to euro-zone peripheries. “That would buy a large amount of goodwill and lubricate other sensitive purchases throughout Europe,” he said.

That doesn’t mean China’s largesse comes without limits.

And just as we have suggested before, the only thing that will prevent China from layering more money after bad, is a terminal event, which however China will do everything in its power to prevent by entwining the fate of Europe’s banks with its own, as we suggested over the weekend.

Analysts see a remote but growing possibility of two worst-case scenarios. Greece dropping out of the euro, or fears about insolvency bringing the troubled economies of Spain, Ireland or Portugal to their knees.

If either of those come to pass, it may give China pause about throwing good money after bad.

The irony is that it is no longer the US which is pursuing a weak dollar, but its currency pegged partners, for whom a strong euro is just as critical important, China, that is doing all it can to boost US exports, which, however it knows, do not exist (aside from financial innovation of course).

The question now is: how long before Germany says it has had enough of China manipulating the European currency to a level that would almost make more sense for Germany to get out of the currency (which is costing the CDU and Merkel endless political credibility) and just return to the DEM. Alas, since Germany’s banks are just as reliant on China as they are on the Fed, Merkel, or rather gher export sector, has now found itself between the Fed FX swap line Scylla and the Chinese mercantilist model charybdis.

Good luck with that Angela.

Fuhrer Obama versus Ron Paul …………….

June 30, 2011

Ron Paul On CNN Slams Obama’s Statements today On Libya And The Constitution

IMF Vulture Funds & Riots ???

June 30, 2011


Greeks People/Citizens fighting Greek People/Police = Civil War

Are the America’s Next ???

Greek Hells Angels Police Motorcycle Gangs

Greek Citizens Wear Gas Masks

Greece: This is What an IMF Riot Looks Like

Kurt Nimmo
Thursday, June 30, 2011

The European stock market reacted jubilantly to news that the Greek parliament agreed to Mafia-like terms demanded by the international loan sharking operation, the IMF. Investors looked myopically at the boards showing the London FTSE 100 up a smidgen along with Frankfurt’s DAX and CAC-40 in Paris. In the United States, stock futures ticked up modestly as Wall Street opened for the day. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures for September delivery and Standard & Poor’s 500 contract for the same month are up 0.2% at 12,238.00 and 1,306.30, respectively.

Markets reacted triumphantly in South Korea, India, Brazil and elsewhere. It has turned out to be a red letter day for the globalists and the financial class.

Meanwhile, on the streets of Athens, an IMF riot is in full swing. “Despite continuing protests – some violent – on the streets of Athens, investors were pleased that a euro-zone financial disaster had been averted,” the Wall Street Jounral cheerfully reports today.

The IMF riot will undoubtedly get worse later today as the Greek parliament figures out the mechanics of bankster-imposed austerity. It’s business as usual for the financial class on Wall Street, and in London and Brussels.

“Although one would not think it from the pictures from Athens, European policy makers have expressed their approval that Armageddon has been averted following the vote of approval in the Greek parliament,” said Dermot O’Leary, economist at Goodbody Stockbrokers.

Of course, it depends on how you define Armageddon.

When the IMF eliminated food and fuel subsidies for the poor in Indonesia in 1998, the people went into the streets and rioted.

After the banksters jacked up water prices in Bolivia, a series of IMF riots broke out. There were riots in Ecuador over the rise in cooking gas prices imposed by the World Bank.

According to former chief economist at the World Bank, Joseph Stiglitz, the IMF and World Bank meticulously plot these riots. It’s all part of the plan. Greece is being gutted economically so the banksters and transnational corporations can rush in and buy assets and resources for pennies on the dollar.

In 2008, as the engineered subprime mess began to roll and threaten economies, then IMF boss Strauss-Kahn (since disgraced and forced to resign) predicted advanced countries would ultimately experience what Greece is going through right now.

During a speech in Madrid, Strauss-Kahn said that “social unrest may happen in many countries – including advanced economies” if governments failed to adequately respond to the financial crisis. “He added that violent protests could break out in countries worldwide if the financial system was not restructured to benefit everyone rather than a small elite,” the Guardian reported.

IMF riots are planned across the board as the global elite consolidate wealth and unleash crisis after crisis in the lead-up to a planet-wide banking system, world government and a globalist authoritarian police state dictatorship to keep the rabble in line.

In Greece, this is what an IMF riot looks like. It will look similar when it finally reaches the rest of Europe and the United States, as planned.

America Divided Like Greece ???

June 30, 2011


Disunited Americans Cannot Stand Up To Washington Tyranny

Paul Craig Roberts
Thursday, June 30, 2011

Americans are a doomed people for many reasons. One reason is that they are disunited and at one another’s throats and, thus, cannot stand up the tyranny issuing from Washington.

For example, the governments of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, states that share borders, have been fighting for more than two decades over the water in Georgia’s Lake Lanier, located a few miles northeast of Atlanta. In 2009 a federal district judge ruled that it is illegal for water to be drawn from the lake to meet the needs of Atlanta’s three million residents. The judge stipulated that the three states had until July 2011 to reach an agreement, failing which Atlanta would be restricted to the amount of water it received in the mid-1970s, when its population was less than one-third of its present size.

Obviously, the ruling was a major incentive to Alabama and Florida not to compromise. Either the judge gave no thought to this fact or he was unconcerned that 3 million Atlantans would find themselves in drought circumstances.

At the last moment on June 28, with two days to go before Atlanta was cut off from its water supply, a federal appeals court ruled that the district court judge’s decision was incorrect and gave the US Corps of Engineers one year to make a final decision concerning the allocation of Lake Lanier’s water to the three states.

The state of Alabama, displaying total callousness to its 3 million fellow American citizens in Atlanta, has announced that it is appealing the ruling, and Florida is “studying the ruling,” no doubt looking for a way to get Atlanta’s share of the water.
Quite clearly, this is not a United States. Even the old Confederacy cannot stand together. For more than two decades the three states have not sat down to make a fair deal. Instead, they have been suing in federal courts, each seeking advantage.

In California, water is being attacked from a different direction. Rich corporate and financial interests realized that control over water was control over life — the ultimate power. These powerful few are moving to deregulate and privatize California’s water supply in order to exploit their control over the life-sustaining substance. California’s dry spell has been hyped into a cataclysmic crisis that pits small farmers against urban environmentalists. This is theater to distract a gullible public and media from the fact that privatized water can be turned into paper water, for which derivatives can be created and speculation can ensue.

“Privatized water” has nothing whatsoever to do with providing water to mere people. Its purpose is to provide billions of dollars to financial interests.

Speaking of paper profits, today the stock market was up on the news that the “democratic” Greek government, despite the overwhelming opposition of the Greek people, agreed to the imposed austerity measures in order to borrow from the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, both being illegal loans under the two organizations’ charters, the money to pay private foreign banks that bought Greek government bonds. The private banks are being fully compensated for not doing due diligence.
The financial markets, in their utter stupidity, think — if that is an appropriate word — that it is good news the Greek government has agreed to drive the Greek economy deeper into recession in order to acquire more loans with which to pay off loans that it cannot pay off.

The financial press thinks that the austerity measures that the Greek government has to accept and the sell-off of the public domain — water companies, ports, a string of Greek Islands, the state telephone monopoly, the state lottery and the reduction in pay, employment, and social services — somehow makes the Greek economy more capable of producing the income needed to service the new IMF and ECB loans that pay off the private German, French and Dutch bankers.

If Wall Street and the financial sector had an IQ as high as 100, they would know — every one of them — that the “bailout” is pushing Greece deeper into a hole, and that Greek’s ability to pay will decline.

Why doesn’t the Greek government know what is completely obvious when the people in the streets protesting are fully aware of the fact? The only answer to this question is that the Greek politicians have been bought by the debtor banks. Greek “democracy” serves the debtor private banks, not the Greek people.

The vaunted financial markets are not rational. Indeed, they are the opposite. Financial markets turn obvious bad news into good news in order to drive up prices of financial assets. Truth and facts mean nothing whatsoever to financial markets. The financial markets are based on lies, illusions, and delusions that drive up asset prices. That is what you are investing in when you invest in Wall Street.

In the US today we have president obama challenging congress on the “default crisis.” The american president (lower case is used to indicate the insubstantiality of american political institutions, including that of the country itself) who refuses to obey the War Powers Act which requires that he communicate with congress before he takes america to war, told congress that the entire cost of deficit reduction cannot be put on the backs of america’s poor unless he has the cover of taking away a few special interest tax breaks. Obama is telling the nitwits who, like himself, are bought-and-paid-for by the interests, that to continue the game the rich corporations have to give up something, like a few insignificant tax breaks. If the congressional idiots catch on, then obama can emphasize how he is making the rich pay, while he covertly shifts the burden to the poor and to the remnants of the american middle class, a destroyed entity.

The entire default “confrontation” between “america’s first black president” and congress is fraudulent. If attacking Libya is so much in the national interest that obama doesn’t need to inform congress, it is completely obvious that it is too much in the national interest that the US government not default.

The US default on its bonds would not only wreck the international financial system, it would destroy american power. Nothing is more in “the national interest” than Washington not defaulting. Therefore, it is completely obvious that if congress does not raise the debt ceiling, the Federal Reserve will continue to purchase the Treasury’s debt issues so that the government can pay its bills. The Bush regime, with its Federalist Society brownshirts, established once and for all that the american president becomes Caesar during war and that it is the president’s prerogative alone to declare what is in the national interest. Congress has become unnecessary, like the Roman senate under the Caesars.

There is no chance whatsoever of the US government defaulting. Yet, the “default crisis” is the main story purveyed by the US Ministry of Propaganda.

On the environmental front, more devastation awaits america. This is not about the nuclear radiation dangers from the floods, no matter how real. It is more simple. The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has also been “privatized” and has become a government servant of private interests.

The BLM has been “privatized” in the sense that those who actually cared about the purpose of the law and the preservation of public lands have been displaced by new appointees put in power by the Clinton and the Bush regimes. Yes, you guessed correctly, the BLM’s management consists of corporate appointees, who are doing what they were put there to do, which is to steal the public domain for private profit.

For equines or horse lovers, this is turning out to be a hard blow. According to Marilyn Wargo, who is knowledgeable on this issue, the BLM is about to exterminate two-thirds of the remaining wild horse herds that exist on the pubic’s lands in Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon and Colorado.

Like everything else in our “freedom and democracy” country, this extermination is being done despite powerful public protests by citizens — citizens most likely characterized by Homeland Security as “animal rights terrorists.”

Who stands to gain? Obviously, cattle and sheep corporations that take over the grazing rights from wildlife. Americans have still not understood that one accomplishment of the Bush Regime was to put government agencies that were created to protect the public domain into the hands of corporate interests. The fusion of corporate and government interests in the US today is more complete than in Fascist Italy.

There is no freedom, no democracy, and no government accountability in Amerika, a fascist state.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics (THAT ALMOST TRIPLED AMERICA’S DEBT) and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously the editor of the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.

Murphy’s Laws of Combat …………..

June 30, 2011

Murphy’s laws of combat (Probably not written by Murphy)

If your sergeant can see you, so can the enemy.
If the enemy is within range, so are you.
Incoming fire always has the right of way.
What can be seen can be hit, what can be hit can be killed.
There is no such thing as an atheist in a firefight.

Friendly fire — isn’t.
Recoilless rifles — aren’t.
Suppressive fires — don’t.
Interchangeable parts — aren’t.

The most dangerous thing in the world is a second lieutenant with a map and a compass.

There is always a way.
The best way is never the easy way.
The easy way is always mined.
The important things are always simple; the simple things are always hard.

No combat ready unit has ever passed inspection.
No inspection ready unit has ever passed combat.

No operations plan ever survives initial contact.
There is no such thing as a perfect plan.

Sniper’s motto: “Reach out and touch someone.”
Sniper’s philosophy: “If you run, you’ll only die tired.”

You are not Superman (Marines and fighter pilots take note).
Professionals are predictable, it’s the amateurs that are dangerous.

The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions:
a. when you’re ready for them.
b. when you’re not ready for them.

Never draw fire, it irritates everyone around you.
The buddy system is essential to your survival — it gives the enemy someone else to shoot at.
Never share a fighting position with anyone braver than yourself.
Don’t look conspicuous, it draws enemy fire.
Try to look unimportant to the enemy, they may be low on ammo.
Anything you do can get you shot, including doing nothing.

If you can’t remember, then the Claymore is pointed at you.
The enemy diversion you have been ignoring is the main attack.
A sucking chest wound is Nature’s way of telling you to slow down.

If you’re short of everything but the enemy, you’re in a combat zone.
If your advance is going really well, you are walking into an ambush.
If your attack is going really well, you are IN an ambush.

Make it tough enough for the enemy to get in and you won’t be able to get out.
The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly fire.
If you are forward of your position, your artillery will fall short.
When you have secured an area, don’t forget to tell the enemy.
If it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid.
If at first you don’t succeed, call in an airstrike.
As soon as you are served hot chow in the field, it rains.
When in doubt, empty your magazine.
Field experience is something you never get until just after you need it.
No matter which way you have to march, it’s always uphill.

When reviewing the radio frequencies that you just wrote down, the most important ones are always smudged beyond recognition.
Radios will fail as soon as you need fire support.

Beer Math: 2 beers times 37 men equals 49 cases.
Body count Math: 3 guerrillas plus 1 probable plus 2 pigs equals 37 enemies killed in action.

Tracers work both ways.
Five-second fuses always burn in three seconds.
The bursting radius of a hand grenade is always one foot greater than the distance you can jump.

The cost of a weapon system is in direct proportion to the distance it must be shipped for repairs.
The items you need the most are always in short supply.
Two items which must be together to work can’t be shipped that way.
Never forget that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.

Murphy was a grunt.

War on Drugs ???

June 30, 2011

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today tells us that the Global Hawk which is a pilotless drone version of the U2 Spy plane is frequently used to carry 3,000 pound payloads of opium paste out of Baluchistan Pakistan. This lucrative opium trade is one reason why Afghanistan is America’s longest war. America has killed millions of innocent civilians for the Opium. America will one day have to pay that debt.

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are both American financial experts who now report on gross banking fraud from their base in Paris. They have made several trips to Dubai and have told us what multiple bankers told them. American contractors returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan have deposited suitcases full of money in Dubai banks. If we did not have a government owned and operated by the bankers, would any of this be possible?

3 Million in USA Prisons mostly drug related. 40 years, a Trillion dollars spent and Millions of lives ruined or lost. Prohibition is not working! US Government is America’s largest DRUG pusher and cartel !!! Iran, Contra Oliver North, now opium poppy fields of Afghanistan etc…End the war on drugs – Today is our day!

Marijuana Legalization in Congress!
The first Congressional marijuana legalization bill is now in Congress — please support it!

H.R. 2306, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, would remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act and limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement to cross-border or interstate smuggling. States would be able to legalize and regulate marijuana, or to continue to prohibit it, as they individually choose.

Please use our web form to contact your US Representative and your two US Senators in support of this historic bill. Please follow-up by calling their offices too — if you don’t know their numbers (or aren’t sure who they are), you can reach them by calling the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. And please use our tell-a-friend form to spread the word.

Visit… for more information on this bill, and sign up for our email list or paste into your RSS reader to follow the news about marijuana policy.

Thank you for taking action!

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