Chemtrails ?

On June 3rd 2011,
Steve Nineohfive(lilshook1) and I joined Cari-Lee Miller for a discussion on Chemtrails on Lifting The Veil at .

We covered a wide range of topics relating to chemtrails such as the HAARP connection, Cloud seeding, Chemtrail subliminals,

Worldwide Chemtrail Map,
and more! I would like to thank Cari-Lee for having me on the show, and I look forward to joining the show again to discuss in more detail the
Disinformation out there claiming Chemtrails come from Commercial Flights. From my research I have found that Chemtrails DO NOT come from Commercial Flights.

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U.S. Geo-Engineering Budget Exceeds Billions…

Millions Spent to Confuse Public About Geo-engineering

***MUST SEE*** November 2010 Movie “What In the World Are They Spraying?”

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Chemtrails what should we do about them

Secret Weather Weapons Can Kill Millions, Warns Top Russian Politician…

Toxic Levels Of Barium And Aluminum Found In Several Mohave County Arizona Residents…

Worldwide chemtrail map

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We Are Change Calgary meets David Keith

Chemtrails in Commercials

Weather Modification Incorporated

Wiki: Cloud Seeding

HAARP – Dolphin Deaths in the Persian Gulf

Chemtrails DO NOT come from Commercial Flights!/note.php?note_id=119712391448217

The Great Culling Documentary Coming Soon

Large scale aluminium, barium and strontium pollution caused by chemtrails (April 5, 2010) MUST SEE!

This is a documentary Trailer, one of seven parts. This part is about pH levels that have changed due to aluminum aerosol geoengineering (chemtrails) over northern California. The forests are dying, the fish have no food and scientists STILL DENY the existence of this geoengineering program. — NOTE from Jean: 50,000% increase in test results for aluminium pollution in rainwater and snow since 2006!!! The rain in those US tests is shown to be 10 times more alkaline than it should be, which has serious repercussions for all life!! The massive artificial creation of cloud cover for geoengineering purposes (amongst other things) is wreaking havoc with the planet’s ecosystems! The “cure” is turning out to be infinitely worst than the man-made climate change problem which should be seriously addressed instead of being mitigated with these apprentice sorcerers dumb experiments and being ignored by world leaders as they did recently in Copenhagen. As explained in the French video above, this artificial (chemtrails) and man-made (soot pollution from coal and other fossil fuel burning) darkening of the planet’s atmosphere has lead to a 22% worldwide decrease in the amount of solar radiation reaching the ground (demonstrated in the French video by the longer amount of time it now takes worldwide for a given quantity of water to evaporate – a phenomenon not related to higher or lower surface temperatures), thus masking the true extent of the CO2/methane increase-induced global warming…. a “strategy” that is just sooo typical of the allopathic medicine method of fighting the symptoms instead of addressing the causes.

What Are They Spraying Us With? – Pt II (4-11-10)

Could Aluminum, Barium and Other Substances – From Stratospheric AerosolGeo-Engineering Programs be Destroying Eco-Systems around the World? What would you do if you were told that toxic substances being sprayed into the sky are falling to the ground and decimating eco-systems around the world? This very claim, made by concerned citizens outside the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meeting last month in San Diego, sparked my interest to investigate further. (…) When asked what these changes can do to the ecosystem, Wigington replied by saying that it is devastating. He went on to say, “if this continues, we can only expect to see things get much worse. Not only are we seeing our trees dying here, but also a major decline in our wildlife and fish”. As a matter of fact, Wigington stated that according to The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, the salmon run, once seen in abundance in this area has declined from 769,868 in 2002 to 39,530 in 2009. That is over a 90 percent decline. Amazingly enough, this decline started occurring about the same period of time when residents began to see a dramatic increase in what they believe to be SAG programs. Wigington’s efforts to get these issues and test results addressed has been largely ignored by government agencies and officials.

(…) Mengels brought me to several other locations around the town of Mt. Shasta where he tested the soil, rain, water and snow that also yielded tests that revealed the pH to be over ten times the normal alkalinity. He went on to say that these types of changes in soil, water and snow are very uncommon except in other areas around the world where people have been witnessing what many believe to be spraying from SAG programs. Mengels also stated that these changes have produced an “ecological crisis” and will have horrible consequences if continued. Mengels said, “Losses to our economy will be incredible and are on their way as we speak. Tree growth will be decreased which will result in the loss of logging jobs. It is also causing the decline of naturally occurring plant and grass growth that occurs in the normally acidic soils of grazing pastures, resulting in the demise of our grazing industry, fishing industry, and worst of all, basic agriculture in Northern California.”What is amazing is that these tests and many others throughout the world are largely being ignored by the very governmental entities that are required to address them.


CGI’s bentenroy: Weatherman includes chemtrails in his report

At just after 1-min; this weather man mentions chem trails on radar. TRANSCRIPT: “Here in southern Oregon and northern California we’ve got a bit of an unusual situation. Now, this first portion of the radar cycle fairly bland and typical, but then you see these bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the region that is not rain, that is not snow. Believe it or not, military aircraft flying through the region dropping chaff–bits of aluminum, sometimes it’s made of plastic or even metalicized paper product. But it’s used as an anti-radar issue and not, obviously, they’re up there practicing. Now, they won’t confirm that, but I was in the Marine Corps for many years and I can tell you that that’s what it is.” Recommended by Kathy Roberts ( who wrote: “Bullsh-t it’s “an anti-radar issue”! Just trying to explain-away what people are noticing and get them to accept this so-called military “practicing”. – VOLUMES OF DATA, LAB TESTS, PHOTOS AND VIDEO FOOTAGE, FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE, MAKE CLEAR THE CONCLUSION THAT AEROSOL SPRAYING HAS BEEN AN ONGOING LETHAL REALITY.

Aluminum, Barium and other elements have been found in surface waters, air samples and soil tests, HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF TIMES HIGHER THAN EPA ALLOWABLE LEVELS. Geoengineer David Keith announced at the AAAS meeting in San Diego, On Saturday, Feb. 20th, that the stratospheric AEROSOL geoengineering program is no longer considering using sulfur and NOW WILL BE USING ALUMINUM, over 10 MEGATONS per year.


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    Enigmatic UFOs & orbs checking Chemtrails, Mar 2012 – YouTube

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