George Soros & Media Matters !

George Soros & Media Matters booted Glenn Beck from Fox TV, now they are “gunning” for Alex Jones !!!

Media Matters: Jones Covering Gun Confiscation Will Get Cops Killed

Kurt Nimmo
August 4, 2011

The George Soros funded disinfo operation, Media Matters, has recycled propaganda in an effort to attack and discredit Alex Jones. Writing for David Brock’s attack dog organization tied to establishment Democrats and the pro-war Center for American Progress, Chris Brown attempts to once again connect Jones to Richard Poplawski, the deranged lunatic who murdered three Pittsburgh police officers in 2009. Poplawski was found guilty by a jury on June 28, 2011, and sentenced to death.

Media Matters insists Poplawski killed the police officers because he was convinced they were coming for his guns. Alex Jones was responsible for planting this idea in his head, they insist. “Poplawski’s friends and family say he actually believed this bizarre conspiracy theory, which he gleaned parts of from an extremist conspiracy website and radio program run by Alex Jones, a well known conspiracy monger,” Brown writes.

Brown fails to mention the fact that the Poplawski link to Alex Jones was debunked after it was discovered that the cop killer held views opposed to those of Jones. This was admitted by none other than the ADL, we reported on April 6, 2009, two days after the shooting.

In response to the facts, the liberal news site Raw Story and Daily Kos (operated by CIA candidate Markos Moulitsas Zuniga) were obliged to correct their stories. The websites had taken their lead from Dennis R. Roddy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who wrote:

“Believing most media were covering up important events, Mr. Poplawski turned to a far-right conspiracy Web site run by Alex Jones, a self-described documentarian with roots going back to the extremist militia movement of the early 1990s.”

“One might think that such a tragic outcome would give Alex Jones pause before he started another round of promoting his wild-eyed theories about the U.S. government coming to take our guns,” Brown writes, attempting to rekindle the bogus effort to link Jones to Poplawski. He then takes a video Jones posted on August 1 out of context to continue his accusation that Alex’s First Amendment right of free speech and stating the facts may result in more cop murders.

In the video, Alex notes that a new federal regulation requires gun merchants along the border with Mexico to report sales of semiautomatic rifles to the government. He then reports that an employee had verified ATF or FBI visits after buying more than one firearm. Jones says the “system does not want armed citizens, they want to set a precedent. And as our country goes into designed banker depression, as we implode, they are coming after our guns,” a statement Brown insinuates may lead to more dead cops.

“The system is having the police and military start a fight where they know gun-owning constitutionalists are not going to along with it,” Jones says in the video. “They are going to start responding as things degenerate. And they are going to be called terrorists. The system, the social engineers, are sending the ATF and the Feds on a collision course with law abiding patriotic Americans so they can kick off a civil war in America.”

The beta test for this situation was conducted in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. “No one will be able to be armed. We will take all weapons. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns,” said Police Superintendent P. Eddie Compass after New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin ordered the confiscation of legal firearms from law-abiding citizens.

Second Amendment groups, concerned the action would establish a precedent, filed a motion in federal court to stop the illegal confiscation. “The actions of the New Orleans police have inspired 13 states, including Louisiana, to enact laws to keep state and local officials from taking guns during a state of emergency, such as after a natural disaster or terrorist attack,” reported in 2007.

Despite this, government continues to make legal firearms illegal by decree during national disasters and storms, for instance in North Carolina when Hurricane Earl skirted the eastern seaboard state. In New York, the National Guard worked with federalized local police to search for guns using x-ray technology provided by the Pentagon.

The Pentagon has worked closely with foreign troops to confiscate weapons, as an mini-documentary revealed last July. “Operation Vigilant Guard reveals the on-going effort to not only destroy Posse Comitatus — once upon a time designed to prevent the military from working with state and local law enforcement — but the globalist effort to incorporate foreign “partners” into any future effort to impose martial law and gun confiscation in response not only to hurricanes but a contrived terrorist event,” we wrote at the time.

Alex Jones has exhaustively documented the effort to train troops and police to confiscate weapons in his films, Police State 2000 and Martial Law 911 Rise of the Police State. He covered military drills for gun confiscation and martial law first-hand.

Instead of putting Jones’ comments into perspective or considering the evidence, Chris Brown flatly states “Jones is up to his old tricks” and is attempting to incite violence against the government. He ignores the last few minutes of the video where Jones talks about ATF agents that had “some good left in them” and revealed details of “Project Gun Runner,” the government effort to arm the drug cartels that resulted in the death of border patrol agents and police officers.

Media Matters is attempting to demonize Jones and other members of the patriot movement by insisting they are inciting violence against the government. This fits right into the effort by the government and its lapdog corporate media to craft a white extremist narrative and mythology in preparation for action against constitutionalists and other liberty-lovers. members can tune in this evening at 7 PM CST and watch a special presentation covering Media Matters and the latest efforts by the globalists – and Media Matters is indeed a globalist project funded by George Soros – to demonize patriots and feed them into a fairy tale that broad brushes them as violent lunatics.
Below is the Fri. July 29 article by Paul Joseph Watson and Aaron Dykes exposing the larger program. But this mandate by the ATF– imposed without law via executive policy– clearly violates the 2nd Amendment by conditioning the public not to buy guns. Placing suspicion on the purchase of more than two guns, filling out purchaser profile reports and making visits to customer homes all chill the notion that gun ownership is still “legal” and “upright.” A type of martial law has been imposed upon the entire Southwest zone in the name of fighting cross-border drug gangs, restricting 2nd Amendment rights and placing the burden of proof upon the seller. Just as drug war border zones extending 50 miles on either side of the border are sold as “Constitution free zones” where rights can be violated, the ATF has effectively issued a freeze on gun dealers in 4 states, all while the Justice Department, ATF, FBI & Co. based in Phoenix ran a false flag under Operation Fast & Furious to arm drug gangs to frame sellers in the Southwest border zone. A similar false flag was run in Austin in 2010 where the ATF and local police staged an arrest and declared a ban on private sales in effort to shut down the Gun Shows, a favorite target of gun grabbers longing to close the “loopholes.”

If Barack Obama, seeking to ban guns “under the radar,” can get away with this bureaucratic tyranny through executive policy under his the Presidential agencies, then the executive branch can get away with anything. President Obama “the Constitutional scholar” has dangerously ruled by decree far too many times already: waging war with Libya while arrogantly saying he doesn’t need to consult Congress; taxing carbon dioxide through the EPA when Congress wouldn’t pass legislation; ignoring the Constitution by taking foreign titles under the U.N. and more. Now, he will cynically wage ‘war’ on the drug gangs (openly backed by top Wall Street banks and armed by the executive branch) in order to attack the second amendment by proxy. Gun dealers, induced to inform on their customers, will be painted with fault as firearm restriction sets in– unless we say no.

Exclusive: ATF Intimidates Gun Owners With Home Visits

Even as it finds itself embroiled in a scandal that saw weapons being deliberately sent to criminal gangs in Mexico, the ATF has issued a letter ordering firearms dealers in border states to report sales of two or more semi-automatic rifles, and is following it up by harassing gun owners with intimidating home visits as well as threatening gun dealers to spy on their customers.

As the Justice Department announced earlier this month, “All gun shops in four Southwest border states (Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico) will be required to alert the federal government to frequent buyers of high-powered rifles.”

The ATF letter also orders gun dealers to report to the feds sales of “two or more pistols or revolvers, or any combination of pistols or revolvers totaling two or more.”

The letter, which was subsequently sent out to gun dealers and has since entered the public domain, orders firearms retailers to “Submit to ATF reports of multiple sales or other dispositions whenever, at one time or during any five consecutive business days, you sell to an unlicensed person or otherwise dispose of two or more semi-automatic rifles capable of accepting a detachable magazine and with a caliber greater than .22 (including .223/5.56 caliber).” The directive takes effect from August 14, 2011.

The federal government is enforcing a law that was never passed.

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