Israeli Protests !

ROTHSCHILD AVENUE, TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – Israel Protests: Over 250,000 join biggest anti-govt rally in Tel Aviv.

On Saturday night, more than a quarter-of-a-million people took to the streets in Israel in the latest show of discontent with the government. That’s after three weeks of protests over the soaring cost of living with activists demanding the Prime Minister steps down. Benyamin Netanyahu has responded with a promise of great changes in Israel’s economy. A special panel has been set up to deal with the crisis, which has even led to calls for a revolution similar to that in Egypt, with one Tel Aviv street labelled as ‘Israeli Tahrir’.

4 Responses to “Israeli Protests !”

  1. What are these Israeli protests actually about? The high cost of apartheid and weapons in a US supported enclave | Says:

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  2. In Israel nothing ever changes. Everything is directed at hegemony over the Palestinians, paid for by the US | Says:

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  4. October 15th – The Tel Aviv – event culminated in a gathering held outside the “Peoples’ House” squat house/co-op at 69 Rothschild Boulevard. “Occupy Rothschild” was held in part to protest what organizers said was the municipality Says:

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