Coup D’etat Polish Plane Crash ?

Polish Crash Cover-Up Continues

August 8, 2011

“This coup d’etat leaves no doubt that, despite cosmetic differences, Vladimir Putin is an Illuminati agent. The operation could not have taken place without his collaboration.”

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The elimination of the Polish nationalist elite April 10, 2010 in a bogus plane crash ranks with 9-11 as the greatest crime of our fledgling 21st century.

The crime exhibits breath-taking audacity and depravity on the part of the Illuminati bankers and their minions.

The plane carrying the Polish President Kaczyński, his wife, and the heads of the Polish army, navy, secret service and central bank was probably diverted to another airport where all 94 passengers were liquidated. Then, an identical plane made a crash landing and the pilots were shot. (“Change of plans,” the shooter is heard saying on videotape.)

See my account: “How Satanists Say They’re Sorry” There were no bodies or baggage at the crash site. No ambulances were sent.

The Poles were planning to commemorate the slaughter of 15,000 Polish officers in 1940 by the Soviet NKVD. Thanks to the “plane crash,” the Communist NWO gangsters, who still govern Russia, finished what their predecessors began: the elimination of Poland’s leadership class who obstructed the country’s integration into the New World Order.

This coup d’etat leaves no doubt that, despite cosmetic differences, Vladimir Putin is an Illuminati agent. The operation could not have been accomplished without his collaboration.

This heinous crime and the ease with which it has been covered up indicates how much control the Illuminati bankers exercise. Last week, Polish collaborator Prime Minister Donald Tusk released an “investigation” into the crash which essentially laid the blame on the Polish air force and its pilots, which is also the official Russian view. The Polish Minister of Defense and a handful of air force generals have been made scapegoats and forced to resign.

The bankster-controlled mass media has uniformly accepted the official story and aided the cover-up. The Guardian recently carried a story focusing on the divisions the crash has caused in Polish society and saying the majority of Poles reject the “martyr” mentality.

The majority of Poles “see “the Polish martyrdom mentality as an obstacle to Poland being able to flow in the political and intellectual mainstream of Europe and they are ashamed that such an image of the country has been created abroad.”

The Guardian portrays doubters as a minority yet a poll taken in April 2011 indicated that two thirds of Poles believed the disaster hadn’t been explained nor ever will it be. Only 8% thought it was an accident.

The crash investigations have all the hallmarks of a cover-up. When the Russian report came out last January, Rafal Rogalski, a lawyer who represents many bereaved families said:

“I am shocked by the report … it is an absolute scandal and is not in line with reality. It is absolutely unacceptable. In the matter of the investigation, the families want the truth… not the presentation of just one side…”

Meanwhile journalists who challenge the official story are being imprisoned: “Polish investigative journalist Rafal Gawronski spent 45 days in prison without being sentenced for any crime at all. He was not allowed to use a phone for two weeks. His family and supporters have only just been able to find out where he is after he was arrested for „slander” outside the President’s Palace in Warsaw – and simply because he reported the facts about the mysterious Smolensk plane crash incident.”


Like 9-11, the Polish coup d’etat is a reminder that we already live in a veiled tyranny. The New World Order is already here. Has been for some time.

Jarosław Rymkiewicz, a famous Polish poet and intellectual guru of the Kaczyński camp, said recently that the Polish nation has always been made up of two groups: patriots and collaborators.

Today, this is true of every country. Tyranny wouldn’t be possible without the collaboration of a class of “puppet leaders” in business, government, education and media. They are willing to betray the memory of the victims of 9-11 and Smolensk and become accessories by aiding in the cover-ups. They are willing to betray their country, religion and civilization. They are about to reap their reward and I don’t think they’ll like it.

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Polish Plane Crash Site Gun Shots & Film maker Stabbed to Death

” Author of the video seen by everyone by now has been stabbed near Kijow on 4.15 and transported in critical condition to the hospital in Kijow. On 4.16 three unidentified individuals unplugged him from life support system and stabbed him 3 more times. Andrij was pronounced dead that afternoon. Russian government claims it was a coincidence. ”

Here is the second movie, the first one was deleted and the guy who shot the film is now dead!
From The Big Wobble 13/04:’Russia engineered air crash that killed President Kaczynski,’ claims Polish MP

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