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Gardasil kills’s photo.

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This is our daughter Jessica Ericzon, one day we came home from work and found her dead on the bathroom floor. An honor student, an all star athlete, never a medical condition in her life. When the coroner called and said her heart just stopped, she was dead before she hit the floor and he couldn’t tell why, we just couldn’t believe it. In this day and age, all the scientific police technology we see on TV. We got on line the next day and searched for info on the only thing we had to go on–her Gardasil vaccines. What we saw read like a horror movie. Girls all over the world had died,thousands were sick and know one knew why. This was in 2008 and since then we have banded together and fought to spread the word to save one more girl. GO to sights like sanevax, truthaboutgardasil,letstalkaboutgardasil, national vaccine information center, natural news, vactruth, they all are angry and confused parents, and their children,scientists, doctors, journalists, people fighting to get the word out.
by: Gardasil kills

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