Sheriff Richard Mack – The County Sheriff Project

Interposition – Interposer – Constitutional Sheriff

Richard Mack Discusses Efforts to Empower Sheriffs interviewed Sheriff Richard Mack recently to discuss his efforts to empower sheriffs around the United States.

Visit> for more. Sheriff Richard Mack speaks candidly about the project to train sheriffs across the nation to understand and fulfill their constitutional duties.

In his presentation he will show you how the most important fundamentals of the American system of government and the associated grants of authority as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights all merge together in the office of County Sheriff, and how county sheriffs, with their incredibly powerful authority can ENFORCE the Constitution AGAINST against serious encroachments by Federal, State or local Government.

Richard Mack WILL be talking about his “County Sheriff Project” ( which is designed to train a minimum of 10% of all Sheriffs in America in how to become Constitutional Sheriffs. Watch & Listen to Sheriff Mack’s explanation of this important project:

Topics of importance that are a part of the County Sheriff project:
Peace Officers Uniting to Free America From State & Federal Tyranny
Agenda 21, Land Water and Mining Rights
Bank Fraud, Property Rights & Taxes
Health Freedom & The Police State
Obeying Oath of Office & Tenth Amendment

Sheriff Mack – Leader – Sheriff’s Begin Revolt Against Federal Authority

Hi, I’m Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and long-time crusader for freedom and individual rights. Right now, it is vital that we restore the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The greatest threat we face today is not terrorists; it is our own federal government. If America is conquered or ruined it will be from within, not a foreign enemy.

In 1994 I filed a lawsuit challenging the Brady bill to stop the federal government from forcing another unfunded mandate down our throats. I won a decision at the US Supreme Court on the issue of States’ rights. This suit catapulted me to national attention, with television appearances on the Donahue Show, Good Morning America, Crossfire, Nightline, CNBC, and SHOWTIME’S the AMERICAN CANDIDATE. I’ve been on over 500 radio talk shows nationwide, ranging from G. Gordon Liddy and Charles Goyette to Derry Brownfield and Pat Buchannan. I have traveled the country extensively and I’ve seen first hand the horrible side effects from politicians who have replaced our Constitution with their own political agendas and party platforms.

I lecture and give seminars on constitutional issues relating to gun control, law enforcement, States’ rights, the farce, otherwise known as the drug war, and the oath of office. I have also been a consultant for lawyers, and people in general helping them with cases of unlawful arrests and police misconduct. I have stood for “the little guy” against “big brother” government.

On this site you’ll find many articles and extracts from books I’ve written on many subjects related to maintaining our freedom as a people. I am deeply committed to the belief that government should exist to protect the freedoms of the individuals whom it serves. We must return to those principles that our country was founded upon!

The founders of our nation were afraid of one thing more than any other… government having too much power! Remember, they escaped from the tyranny of an oppressive and controlling government when they established this nation. They fought and died for it, and now we are letting these same freedoms they fought for slip away little by little, without a second thought.

Please join me in the fight to regain our rights, while the price to pay is less than death. I am committed to doing all we can peacefully to get our country back.

In order to succeed, we must first make ourselves aware of the problem. We must educate ourselves, and then we can know what action to take. One of the best and easiest solutions is to depend on local officials, especially the sheriff, to stand against federal intervention and federal criminality.

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    […] Sheriff Richard Mack – The County Sheriff Project ( […]


    […] Sheriff Richard Mack – The County Sheriff Project ( […]

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