Ron Paul’s Biography !!!

Ron Paul 2012: December 16th Tea Party Moneybomb – The American Upset !!!


DONATE: On 16 December 2007 supporters of republican presidential candidate Ron Paul raised $6.04 million dollar in one single day. It was the greatest one day fundraising in the history of US politics. And it was completely grassroots.

This december 16th we’ll be holding a similar fundraiser again.
Donate on 16 december 2011 at

Ron Paul Family – How’s this for consistency?

Ron Paul 2012 – End the FED – Federal Reserve System – IMF – Liberty -Limited Government – Champion of The Constitution – Glenn Beck – Tea Party – OWS – Occupy Wall Street –


2 Responses to “Ron Paul’s Biography !!!”

  1. phil l. s. Says:

    I will not vote for this dude but Ron Paul is very impressive to me. He stood there with all those goofs gaga over the Gipper at the RR museum – and right in front of the Gipper’s Lady – said let’s be honest, (paraphrasing), he raised taxes, he expanded the Federal government, he left the next President trillions in debt! You ask me why I split the Party back then? ….
    While the others were tossing around tired cliches this candidate “let ’em have it” on the Reagan laundry list of Liberal-type actions and on related and current issues of bi-partisan mismanagement and irresponsibility.

  2. Ron Paul , Dennis Kucinich And The Federal Reserve « News Worldwide Says:

    […] Ron Paul’s Biography !!! ( […]

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