Bill O’Reilly, Fox & Newt ???

RP12 – Ron Paul 2012 – Fox News TV – Newt Gingrich – facebook youtube twitter DISLIKE – Mass Media Manipulation Bias Spin BLACK OUT RON PAUL AGENDA !!!


4 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly, Fox & Newt ???”

  1. phil l. s. Says:

    Are Murdoch & Ailes and co. disappointed or just confused at this juncture? First, it was (supposed to be) Sarah Palin; then…Bachman?..then Trump?….then Gingrich? … paul?? can’t have Paul! He had the audacity – – guts — to say at the Reagan Library “debate” that the ol’ Gipper was a nice guy but look at that mess he left Bush I!!
    The dude’s got consistency, integrity, and guts. Did anyone hear him explain the world to Foxette Laura I. about a week ago?

  2. Jeffrey Miles Says:

    Hello fellow Patriot I enjoy your blog with that said let me tell you what is running around my simple mind about whats may be coming our way soon. What if when Obama puts his mark on this bill and makes it law, him and congress decide that we are a threat because we all want the Goverment our Constitution is the blue print for? The Founding Fathers warned of this as they put this idea into action and its all happening just way they said it would. The FEAMA camps are being readyed for use eight hunderd of them across the country. What if the fist person to disapear is the good Dr. he is not the leader of this movment to get us back to the real goverment of this great country. Will the Obama admenastration dare to make such a bold move on the people of this country? With only a few more mounths left before the election? With most of congress turning its back on the people this is food for thought. Our Freedom will be over in my opinion when this bill is made into law. I have seen how the goverment operates and they do not knox on your door and wait for you to come to the door they break down the door with a armed 11 man team with weapons at the ready and if you do anything other hit the deck your dead they surround you popperty with a overwhilming force. WACO Texas could go on, at a scale that we could not beleive at the same time all across this nation, just because we love our country and our fellow Americans. This new law should put everyone that is a freedom lover on the highest of alerts. Watch out for goverment informers in your groups you know who your people are. This law should be put before the Supream Courts it is a elleagle law against the citzens Of the United States unconstitutional to say the very least about it. I’m done here let me leave you with the words of a great Amercan hero of mine that lived many years ago I qwote { THE TREE OF LIBERY MUST BE REFRSHED FROM TIME TO TIME WITH THE BLOOD PATRIOTS AND TYRANTS !} The time to gather under the tree of liberty is upon us fellow patriots stay alert and most of all stay informed and God Bless all of and God Bless America!

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