1947 Film Warns Us About What’s Happening TODAY!

http://www.thenorthwestreport.com/ Ron Paul is RIGHT! The state’s goal is to divide and conquer. Liberty is UNIVERSAL. The Nazis used the same propaganda tactics we see today and we do not say this lightly.

Title of film: Divide & Conquer (Don’t Be A Sucker)

RP12 – Ron Paul 2012 – Patriot Act – NDAA – S1867 – HR1540 Section 1031E – 1032 – DHS – TSA – FEMA – Fusion Centers – Rex 84 – Operation Garden Plot – FEMA Camps – Indefinite Detention – Torture – Media Spin Bias Agenda Propaganda – NSA – Police State – See Something Say Something – VIPR – SOPA – Posse Comitatus – Habius Corpus – Imperial Empire Military Industrial Complex Wars Profiteers Agendas Propaganda –


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