RON PAUL @ Fox TV Center Seat !!!


WOW.. FOX never interrupted him.. And they begged him to put a good word in for them. It would appear MSM is noticing the hatred from us sheep???

Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 For RAW MILK!

Republicans in the state of Iowa will gather today to cast their vote in the caucuses that will largely impact the presidential race, and all eyes are on Ron Paul as the Texas Congressman holds the lead in the polls.Mitt romney,rick santorum,Glenn beck,Daily show,

Following the bow out of Herman Cain and a schizophrenic surge up and down in the popularity of his peers, Rep. Ron Paul has rocketed to the forefront of the Republican Party in recent week, passing the competing gang of politicians also vying for the nomination. By Tuesday night, America will know the results of the Iowa Caucuses and could indeed have a clear idea of who could take the GOP’s nomination and perhaps eventually the presidency.
The last few surveys conducted by the Des Moines Register and Public Policy Polling put Paul either above the other frontrunners or neck-and-neck at first place. The Iowa caucus, the first among many during the presidential election year, have historically played a role in the rest of the race leading up to November.

On Monday, Rep. Paul acknowledged the skyrocketing support that could propel him to victory today, but stayed strong in backing his word and the campaign promises he’s made.

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RP12 = RON PAUL 2012


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