Amazing Ron Paul “Speed” quote collage! Ron Paul Painting!!

15 hr creation process in 4 mins. I created this piece of art in dedication to Ron Paul, Founding Fathers, Constitution, Liberty, Freedom and the what used to be the most free and sovereign nation in the world. Please spread the word of Ron Paul as we desperately need him to be elected in 2012. He is the only one that is against all the bailouts and war. He has never and will never be bought by special interest groups of corporations. The top three contributors are the active Army, Navy and Air Force. Please pass along this video and watch other videos of Ron Paul.

RP12 = RON PAUL 2012


5 Responses to “Amazing Ron Paul “Speed” quote collage! Ron Paul Painting!!”

  1. genomega Says:

    Paul is against war: I suppose that makes you cowards feel better about yourselves.

    • dmparkman Says:

      An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Is that what one would cay about JFK when the Cuban Missile Crisis was at our door ? No ! JFK called Kruschev and diplomatically worked out a solution other than bloodshed or WW3 ! A coward would be those like Newt that dodged the draft 5 times or George W Bush. Ron Paul served his country in Vietnam for 5 years and has TWICE the Military Campaign Contributions then ALL other Candidates COMBINED INCLUDING NObama !!!! So, what am I missing ?

    • dmparkman Says:

      is that what Ghandi & MLK advocated ? ONLY BLOODSHED ? Know your history ! Trading our youth, soldier’s lives , 1 million innocent civilians and $4 Trillion dollars in exchange for oil, 80% of the World’s OPIUM is a good foreign policy ???? Remember Iran Contra ? Know about Noriega Central America Clinton and Mena, Arkansas and Cocaine CIA drug smuggling ? Google it !

    • dmparkman Says:

      was the Roman Empire cowards ? was Russia defeated thru bankruptcy in Afghanistan ? Sounds like a sequel w USA & Afghanistan & USA’s own bankruptcy ?

  2. The REAL Cost of War and the Loss of our Freedoms…This shit has got to go! « Frank's Blog Says:

    […] Amazing Ron Paul “Speed” quote collage! Ron Paul Painting!! ( […]

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