Big Government !!!

Special Interests = GOVERNMENT & Lobbyists – Debt Ceiling Explosion & Deficit = ENORMOUS GOVERNMENT


2 Responses to “Big Government !!!”

  1. phil l. s. Says:

    Ok, let’s see: I thought Obama reduced the # of Fed. employees AND froze salaries for 2 years. I’m not adverse to being corrected (but not in front of women..).
    Anyway, this video is impressive but is highly partisan: I assume this practice of “loading the [electrorate] deck” goes way back. Certainly the Ol’ Gipper did this (and then some).
    Listen up, my man: gov’t employees include State, County, Municipal, who DO NOT make 123k. I worked with county employees – Counselors, who worked their brains out to return unemployment and welfare and food stamps recipients to the workforce wth zero subsidies – they made 25k per year; State workers, started with about 37k (back east, not long ago). ALSO, now lean 4-ward: a Republican governor can freeze any damm list he wants!!! can tell his bargaining unit people to just say N-O to any raises in the new contract! can do as many furloughs, layoffs, bumps, as he/she wants.
    Of course, in total, there are too many gov’t workers at too high a salary and with too excellent a pension.BUt let’splay fair…and balanced.

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