NObama !!!

$5.2 Trillion Debt

Chains Thru Promises = lies and deceptions , Chains You can Believe IN !


LOL Constitution. What’s That ? LMAO !





1 Golf Caddy Job

Hitler Speeches & Symbol

Iran War All Options are on the Table

NObama is living in Disneyland

NObama Jobs

NObama & NObama Junior

NObama Keystone Pipeline

The Liar in Chief

Liberal Agenda – Fascism – Communism – Socialism

NDAA Magna Carta 1215 A.D.

NObama Marxist Communist Fascist Socialist

NObama’s MSM = Main Stream Media

MSM Floats Lies thru Bias Spin Propaganda Agenda

NObama USA’s First Muslim President

NDAA – Hope You Like Indefinite Detention

NDAA – Change you can believe in

NObama Troll Face

NObama Junior – ORomney Change that is Meaningless – NObama = NOromney

NObama Smoke & Mirrors

NObama Star Wars Deceptions

NObama State of the Union is Strong = US DEbt Monster

NObama the committee to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama

NObama War is Oil – Skull & Bones

NObama Worse than Jimmy Carter


NObamaCare RomneyCare Same Joker Same NWO Party Puppets

Insanity = NOmitt NObama Nobush – doing the same thing and expecting different results

NOromney versus NObama contributions

OBomney = Obama + Romney , NObama + NOromney

RP12 = Ron Paul 2012

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