Ron Paul Finally Getting the Cash He Deserves

Ron Paul Finally Getting the Cash He Deserves

By S.L. Carroll | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 1 hr 28 mins ago

Ron Paul has done astonishingly well raising cash in North Dakota. The Ticket reported that Paul raised $40,000 there. That’s more than Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum combined, and it’s about time.

I’d like to see how Paul fares with some serious cash behind him. I wish that $40,000 was $400,000, but that’s all right. Paul isn’t having any trouble raising cash for his campaign. He’s also outperformed his Republican rivals in fundraising in Iowa, New Mexico, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, and Montana, as reported by USA Today. To date, Paul has raised $11,754,252. That’s more money than Gingrich and Santorum combined. The only Republican candidate that’s raised more money than Paul is Romney, and as the election year progresses, Paul seems to be gaining more momentum and money while Romney seems to be stagnating; weighed down in a quagmire of tax questions and attacks.

Of course, Paul has to worry about Romney and Barack Obama while Romney only has to worry about Obama. Then again, Paul just might come up from behind. If his fundraising efforts are any indication, Paul has some very strong supporters who are willing to support him with cash as well as words.

It also helps that Paul’s message and goals haven’t changed. He has vowed to build momentum throughout his campaign and stick in the race until the very end, and I believe he’ll do it. I believe we will see Paul on Super Tuesday where the 437 delegates for Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia will be decided, and I think he just might win a state or two.

If Paul’s fundraising efforts are any indication, he just might win Alaska and North Dakota which would give his campaign a significant boost. The only thing Paul really needs to do in order to cement his campaign is win a state. Once Paul wins a state or two, his supporters will rally and his naysayers and rivals will have to take him seriously.

In 2012, Paul could be the next presidential candidate. The U.S. citizens are sick of the lies, sick of the deficit, sick of low paying jobs, and sick of the unemployment rate.


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