My Response to a Fellow PATRIOT !!!

My response #1 to a fellow PATRIOT !

Overpopulation ? There have always been poor amongst us since Cain slew Abel.

10,000,000 farms in the 1960’s to now in the 2012 era only 20,000 farms ?

Yes, what you fail to realize is that thru the devaluation of the dollar by the Federal Reserve System, the monopolies of the seed prices, fertilizer and crop prices thru the 5 Big AG cos like ConAgra, Archer Daniels Midland etc there has been a huge Consolidation thru the S&L RTC foreclosures and now the TARP foreclosures by the BIG AG Corporations. So instead of 10 million family farms growing organic foods with their own manure we now have the BIG 5 AG Corps owning the vast majority of the existong 20,000 farms.

In the meantime Monsanto who bought us Agent Orange, BGH, DDT and now owns Blackwater = Xe that is a WARS Mercenary Machine, is shoving FDA approved to be UNLABELED GMO’s such as Agent Orange GMO CORN sold @ your local Walmart ! In India Monsanto monopolizes the prices for seed, fertilizer & crops so severely that the Indian Farmers commit suicide by drinking Monsanto Fertilizer.

Overpopulation ? NO it is GREED of the 1% who choose to starve the 99% ! Bill Gates even admits thru his ownership stock in Merck that he will reduce population by 10% thru vaccines. Youtube it ! His Dad was head of Planned Parenthood = America’s ABORTION MACHINE that was started thru CIA’s Project Paperclip that brought over SS Nazi scientists and continued their Eugenics in USA & started NASA .

Overpopulation ? How much money has the world spent on WARS since the 1960’s ??? Past 10 years USA spent $4 Trillion alone. Is it cheaper to bomb populations or feed them ? Brezinski says it is easier to kill a million people than it is to teach them. Feed a man a fish an he is hungry tomorrow. Teach a man to fish and he is feed for a life time.

Overpopulation ? Ever heard of Democide ?

My response #2 to a fellow PATRIOT:

I am not angry with you rather the NWO, MSM, Imperial Empire Military Industrial Complex Wars Profiteers Spin Bias Propaganda Agendas Machine, CFR, UN, NATO, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers, FED, IMF, Police State & Sheeple.

Your US AG stats surely neglect to reflect the fact that consolidations of farms and ranches have occurred thru mergers acquisitions , Bureau of Land Management actions, eminent domain, confiscations, the Ted Turners of the World, foreclosures, man made floods, Katrina, Agenda 21, UNESCO International Biospheres etc. BIG AG monopolizing the food chain and Govt herding the sheeple into the cities for Police State control since WW1 & WW2 for the WARS efforts munitions in factories including the Mothers/wives.

Fresh water problem = desalination plants. Which are much safer than FUKUSHIMA & other nuke plants. If the yachts and Dubai have desalination plants so can the world. Run them off of wind & solar power. T. Boone Pickens has monopolized your aquifer for his private profits just like the movie “China Town” staring Jack Nicholson. In Michigan NESTLE has monopolized fresh water lakes thru Governor Ensign’s legislation of cheap lease hold land access as described in great detail by Jesse Ventura’s “Blue Gold” on his Tru TV series Conspiracy Theory.

Instead what do we do with our tap water ? Of course, add RAT POISON = Fluoride (and Lithium & Radio Isotopes) first introduced in the Concentration Camps of SS Nazi Germany & Hitler & Heinrich Himmler, Goring & Goebbels.

By the way Prescott Bush thru Union Bank, IBM & CIA financed Hitler with Project Paperclip and NASA as well.

Sounds like your Dad was more a part of the problem than the solution and was @ a high enough level in the food chain to have the knowledge of the actions he was taking a being poor choices. Sort of the selling his birth right for a bowl of oatmeal. Which by the way we are all guilty of.

If you buy or drive Made in China then you support slave labor and not American jobs. Which is part of the reason there are starving children in American streets. The churches have sold their souls to the Government/IRS by swallowing the Matrix blue pill and signing on to being 5013c Churches forced them (OR MORE ACCURATELY THRU VOLUNTARY COMPLAINT CONSENT AND SUBMISSION) to be “politically correct = OBEDIENT OR ASSIMILATE INTO TO GOVERNMENT BORG”. The Government is attacking Charities and Churches by diminishing the tax deductibility of charitable contributions and discriminating thru media and legislation censorship. The Government has ramped up recruiting local Clergy to SPY on their parishioners for the Big Sis/DHS/FBI/CIA since Katrina.

Further, by design, the NWO seeks to place USA under their control asap. One noose is the FED started in 1913. Since then, 99 years ago, the US dollar has LOST 99% of it’s buying value.

In addition, the “Free Trade Agreements” like NAFTA, GATT & SPP ( = NAU = Amero to be replaced by the Global Bancor) as Ross Perot predicted in 1992 “you shall hear a giant sucking sound” of US jobs leaving the country has occurred BY DESIGN. Tech, manufacturing, auto, steel, textiles & other service sectors while inviting illegal immigrants with benefits that exceed USA citizens and further allow Corporations to import labor thru L1 Visas programs that teenage Americans of entry level jobs and legal immigrants SHOULD HAVE !

So now Apple has iPhones & other hi tech items manufactured in China @ $2/hour 16-37 hour shifts with no benefits and the staff of 800 are housed in a mid rise apartment building @ the factory and the employees are so happy that Apple placed a NET around the building to catch the SUICIDE JUMPERS. Those jobs used to be Made in America jobs.

In fact, when Sam Walton was alive the greatest growth of WALMART was when he sold ONLY MADE IN AMERICA. Of course, when he died his children and Wall Street GREED set in and now good luck finding anything MADE IN AMERICA. Thus US jobs lost at the same time. We the People have the POWER. Simply boycott WALMART and buy local until WALMART sells MADE IN AMERICA again. You think the Sheeple will do this ? Not likely. They buy @ Walmart with their Food Stamps. Participate in Big SIS DHS Janet Napolitano’s See Something Say Something instead running on the internal Walmart tv networks. (GMO) Chips, dip, remote (lack of exercise = chubby on MSG), cable tv (MSM & hollywood brain washings & patriotic religious censorship spin bias propaganda), 6 pack (of aspartame – nutra sweet – sweet n low & NEOTAME = newest NOT TO BE LABELED RAT POISON) and 4 wheel drive and they are “hypnotized happy” and say just leave me alone as in the movie “Network”. American Idol, soaps, sports, MTV: (ever see MTV’s 60 second commercial ?)

One of the reasons so many children are born out of wedlock is low morals, irresponsible Dad’s & Mom’s, the UGLY WELFARE STATE promoted by the Government. The benefits/advantages to stay on food stamps are greater than to get a minimum wage job and get married (with the IRS tax penalty) so Welfare is popular by Government designed choice. Food banks, shelters ect are receiving fewer donations as the US economy and US dollar declines into a third world country as any other Banana Republic of the USKA by design.

Also, the US Gov promotes magnets for Illegal Immigrants such as anchor babies, free medical, subsidized college, food stamps, driver’s licenses, jobs, health care, welfare ETC. FEDS Mandating Hospitals & Schools to provide these services without providing the funds has BANKRUPTED AND CLOSED HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, Adoption Agencies AND CHURCHES !

JOBS ? :

I am interested and glad to hear about your volunteer service. It helps put life in a different perspective. I used to volunteer @ a 1,200 inmate facility of murderers. I would read them my favorite poem and then play my old beat up trumpet in the same manner the video portrays the old violin :

The next step in Food Stamp & Welfare recipients is mandatory drug use screenings & RFID chip implants instead of the plastic food stamp cards:

Ever see the movie “Food INC” or Fast Food Nation ?

Ever read what Henry Kissinger has to say about Food, Oil, Money & Soldiers = 5 sentences:

Welfare thru Planned Parenthood is controlling the population thru abortions. Welfare is Gov designed to gather the masses of sheeple into a financial trap = the BORG and assimilate , consent and comply with the Govt Machine = Welfare State = Socialism, Communism & Fascism Police State = 1984.

The 1% are the “leaders” of the above and below described evil imperial empire that CONTROL THE SPIGOTS of WARS, INFLATIONS = DEVALUATIONS, food, jobs, dollars, wealth, employment, taxes, insurances, laws, legislations, courts, judges, the systems, police state & NWO Agendas !

Do you think the NWO WRITTEN IN STONE of the 500 million global population = 5.5 BILLION MURDERS was an accident ? Which is NWO #1 GOAL.

Who controls the NWO the 99% or the 1% = Bilderbergers & Bohemian Grovers, CFR, IMF, FED, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Brezinsky, Kissingers & world leaders = War Criminals ?

Do you think the DEMOCIDE of 262 million was an accident ?

How many of the 262 million are amongst the 99% and how many the 1% ?

The 1% send the 99% to die, bleed & get crippled in exchange the 1% receiving the oil, lands, power, control $$, wealth, gold, opium, heroin & spoils of wars = cartels consolidate power for their Oligarch Puppet Masters etc !

Here is the REAL POWER of WE THE PEOPLE and part of the SOLUTION:

Ever notice who is in prisons ? USA has 5% of the World’s POPULATION and YET 25% of the World’s INMATES.

Amongst the INMATES what proportion are from the 99% versus the 1% ? America was the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE. Now it is the land of the THIEF and home of the SLAVE !!!

Do not get me wrong, I am not anti wealth. What is the root of all evil ? Not money. Money is neutral. It can be used for GOOD or EVIL. However, THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of ALL EVIL ! Meaning if you love the things of this world that money can buy more than your God, neighbor, faith, family, friends, strangers, Country, Liberty, Freedom, Peace etc then there exists some messed up priorities within your heart, mind, spirit = soul. What you love is what you seek. What your goals are you encompass. What you espouse and is what you become.

Why does God allow POOR ?

Sheeple need to obviously make better choices and be responsible for their own actions as must we all.

The dust bowl can also be caused by the Army Corp of Engineers intentional flooding of the bread basket by NOT opening hydro-electric flood gates early enough in the spring to allow for the snow melting last spring causing FLOODING. The crops are not planted to control the top soil erosion. The natural drying of the topsoil with out vegetation causes the dust bowl. Why is this allowed or DESIGNED to happen. Ever heard of a hedge fund owned by Soros that then buys up farmlands cheap after they have been intentionally flooded ?

Bill Gates Merck, Monsanto, Blackwater, Xe, Vaccines Depopulation Agendas thru Wars, GMOs ETC. Gates Dad was head of Planned Parenthood = abortions = depopulations from the CIA Project Paperclip Nazi SS Eugenics & NASA.

Abortions ?

Pepsi’s new Aborted Fetus Soda = SOYLENT GREEN !

Alternatives to abortions are ADOPTIONS to parents who are desperately seeking a child. Even going to 3rd world countries to do so.

How about EQUAL RIGHTS…………..FOR THE UNBORN WOMEN in the womb ? How about their RIGHTS ?

See attached pic: “Equal Rights”

What problem with schools ? See God in Schools pic attached:

What Police State ?:

I am saddened and sorry when any man takes advantage of a weaker man. Especially a woman or children. Especially in a sexual way.

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger (Bill Gates Dad was head of Planned Parenthood = abortions) :

Partial Birth Abortions:

What is Jane Roe’s (of Roe v Wade) POSITION ON ABORTIONS NOW ????

I am NOT here to judge you or your actions. That is God’s position. I am to love my Neighbor.

I have had 5 family members & friends that I know of in this situation. One chose abortion. The other 4 chose adoptions. One adopted child was from WW2 Hungary, my Grand Mother. None were rapes.

Now politicians are considering allowing murder of children up to 3 years of age. In China the 1 child/family policy enforced by Government thru abortions.

Kevorkian and his assisted suicides shall have the blessings of insurance companies thru the death panels of Obamacare:

see last 2 videos:


Your ending thoughts or essentially ” being part of the problem or part of the solution”

Here are a part of the solutions:

You have obviously experienced the sweet and sour of life. These experiences have given you wisdom beyond your years. You are also a student of facts, history and politics. If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.

We are all walking dead men. The question is what POSITIVE ACTIONS are we willing to take to make a difference between now and our last breath ?

Inspiring short video: Battle @ Kruger (2nd video – We the People in nature)

The TRUE story about The Star Spangled Banner:

Which ones of us are the TRUE PATRIOTS TODAY ???

With Much Respect – Your Friend,



“Good to know you are an informed well studied Patriot. Knowledge is power.

Friend is a person who has already shared less personal, family and life experiences with me than you already have.

Odd you said that you did not know me well enough to get personal about rape and abortions and yet you already have ?

The blog references are for your copy, cut, paste and share reference. One blog has 5,000 + posts. Typically there are references in my blog posts for easy access.

Sounds like we are both of the baby boomer age era.

There are Americans and others around the globe waking up that DO CARE. Hence, the unrest of the Middle East, EU & USA whether Tea Party, Ron Paul, OWS etc. Provocateurs, false flags and hegelian dialectic in the mix. Sort of a sequel to the civil unrest of the 1960’s.

Good to hear your Dad was on the right side of the pesticides, herbicides, DDT, agent orange & Monsanto things. The added burden of the Monsanto Round Up is that it sterilizes Humans & livestock and contaminates well water, aquifers, streams, lake, lands and oceans with toxins that also ALTER our DNA.

Saw a couple of old movies: Aaron Russo’s America from Freedom to Fascism, Freejack (1992) and Fast Food Nation (1996).

Familiar with HR3166 ? Next step of NDAA = stripping us of our American Citizenship under the same “Suspected ONLY “accusations of associations.

EQUAL RIGHTS? Abortion ? Equal Rights………..for the UNBORN WOMEN. Who are the INNOCENT VICTIMS that are murdered.

Ultimately Jane Roe of Roe v Wade has done a 180 degree turn around and is now PRO-LIFE as opposed to PRO-MURDER (equal rights ladies like to call it (murder) pro-choice….for who the INNOCENT CHILD or irresponsible UN-mom ?)

Again, I am NOT your judge. I leave that to God.

As to all of the “men” that have raped some one, CASTRATION is proper in my book ! The flip side is what if a gal is pissed off @ a guy for what ever reason. Has sex then accuses him of rape for the sole purpose of his castration. Say former jealous lovers, common law wives or former spouses ? Some arch rival bribes her to do so for what ever motives ? In addition, NOT ALL women are innocent either. Ever heard of the story of Joseph of Egypt and Potiphar’s wife ? Could do as much of the Middle East still does and stone adulterers ? Not likely for a generation that craves Roe v Wade MURDERS of Innocent Children. Sounds a lot like King Herod KILLING by Executive Order = LAW / Decree ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 2 !

Abuse of any kind is often times passed on from 1 generation to the next. That evil cycle needs to be stopped.

Abortions are a symptom of a disease = NO MORALS in American Society, Hollywood, Schools, Homes, Churches, THE MINDS/SPIRITS/HEARTS AND SOULS OF AMERICA. Until the morals are reversed abortions shall only increase as they have since the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer have been taken out of the public schools in the early 1960’s (WHICH IS THE REMOVAL OF GOD, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF ABSOLUTES AND PATRIOTISM AND THE REWRITING OF “PC” AMERICAN HISTORY AND THE CRAM DOWN GAY LESBIAN LIBERALS AGENDAS AS A PERVERSION OF THE FORMER VIRTUES). Easy to google charts.

I have friends who are a white couple that have adopted 4 black American children all from different Mothers and have raised them thru high school and have adapted well. The exception not the rule.

The Catholic church is amongst the greatest offenders of American Children in foster homes and especially with in the church with their own clergy. Boys town is another. Bohemian Grove, DC and the White House.

Many Americans have not been exposed to the NWO and prefer it that way. People learn what they CHOOSE TO LEARN ABOUT. The www and libraries are neutral and contain materials of both good and evil, reality and fantasy, amusement and facts for the masses to seek. We are all free agents to choose for ourselves what knowledge we have and to further educate ourselves. It is easier to deny the NWO than acknowledge it exists and then have to be responsible and take actions. Hitler said the greater the lie the easier it is for people to not believe it is a lie = plausible deniability = “Reason” or convincing themselves it could not be real.

Agenda 21 has been happening for sometime now. Even the first dust bowl and FED caused depression and WW1 & WW2 forced farmers into factories for the WAR CAUSE along with the Mothers/Wives. Factories are in the towns not rural farmlands. Thus the beginning of the great migrations and EXODUS to the cities. Aaron Russo’s America from Freedom to Fascism is quite applicable here.

Birth control is a positive thing. Life starts literally before conception as an egg and sperm. When they successfully unite a fetal union is created or a personage. Thus, when a pregnant women and her child are killed in a car accident or in a hospital delivery room the Insurance, Courts & laws recognize the TWO CAUSALITIES. When ever insurance as Obama’s or Romney’s creates mandates = Govt Dictates to We the People x or y that is a bad thing as that power does not belong to the Government rather to each person and shall instantly be abused as soon as the Senate/Congress and President signs the bill into law. Any person that lives, makes choices daily. Simply buy a pack of birth control pills or condoms instead of cigarettes, beer, whiskey, chips or soda. All actions have consequences obviuosly.

Overpopulation like global warming is a myth. See attached pic. In 1977 Time Magazine’s front cover warned of Coming ICE AGE. In 2006 Time’s front page was warning of Global Warming. Same mag & EXPERT WITNESSES & science/scientists ! (see attached)

Overpopulation ? Have you flown in a plane cross country lately ? (see attached aerial photo) Do you realize that 90% of USA Lands are uninhabited ? Do you realize that 20% of the lands are Government owned ? . USA has 25% of the world’s population. Much of the world has lesser population densities than USA per land masses. Likely, FED, IMF, NATO, UN, China shall demand a quit claim deed transfer of ownership in exchange for the National Debt and Deficit. Basically, Clinton has already done so through UNESCO International Biospheres thru Executive Order and Treaties. (for example Mammoth Cave – see signage: )

Ever heard about the dozens a Clinton Associates that have “Died” ?

NWO, NATO, FDA, EPA, WHO, WTO, CFR, TriLateral Commission, Illuminati & UN are busy contaminating the lands of the world with depleted uranium munitions and Monsanto’s Round up, DDT, Agent Orange & GMO’s & Chemtrails.

The balance of good and evil is fought through influence set by one’s example, deeds and words. Another balance is which side is growing = duplicating or populating or replacing ourselves ? The sheeple are multiplying in mass. Demographic projections in the EU shows that Muslims shall soon become the majority and in USA the Latinos. Making the Anglo’s the minority in EU & USA soon.

Have you ever thought thru the Hippocratic Oath (TO DO NO HARM) or the origins of the AMA symbol ? So how can ANY “Doctor” perform assisted suicides or abortions and keep his oath by killing the elderly or innocent children ?

I am not a believer in reincarnation. The populace in India refuse to eat the cattle because they think it is Grandma, so they starve to death instead.

Safe place to live ? The three pillars of life = faith, family & friends. God, Guns, Gold, Guts & Glory (food, water, ammo, silver & bug out options). Live the life of Earnest Hemmingway’s “Old man and the Sea” or Hank William, Jr’s “A Country Boy Will Survive”.

FYI, I just posted in Cafe Mom’s fb page w 117,000 members and Tweeted 27,000 members.

If you believe in the 2 greatest commandments, not suggestions, #1 Love God, then keep #2 Love Your Neighbor. Even in Oklahoma = the INNOCENT CHILDREN = NEIGHBOR IN YOUR WOMBS !

In China, the Govt policy is ONE CHILD. So the families KILL the GIRLS to carry on the family name and get the best jobs/military/schools. The result is there are NOT enough wives for the men. So much for “Govt mandated social engineering”. This is the same Govt that bought us Tibet, Mauo, Tienenman Square and currently HARVESTING ORGANS WHILE THE PATIENTS ARE STILL ALIVE. They typically match the donars from prisons with buyers from Middle East & Europe’s highest bidders.

Your quote: “Oklahoma is about to render abortion illegal and I am working on stopping that and I have meetings all next week with politicians to try to get this stopped and not send us back to coat hangars and butcher knives and horrible deaths of young scared pregnant teens”.


Also did Hubpages posted on facebook and twitter. The website is asking for ph# and basically is like setting up another blog page of which I already have 20 blogs of which 8 are active.

Need a list of those who singed S1867 ? :

Heard of NObama’s New Bureau of Counter Terrorism ?

7 days of food storage being illegal referred to by Sen Rand Paul alludes to the attached FBI DOJ TERRORIST WATCH LIST Alert about Bulk Purchase/Storage of MREs.

Correct about the Foreign & Domestic Mercenaries coming to round up the blue, red, pink & yellow dots on mail boxes lists to Camp FEMA re-education or elimination programs.


Well I am aware and have read some of the Canonical or Apocryphal or Lost Books.

In fact, I have read the STICK OF JUDAH AND THE STICK OF JOSEPH . Have you ?

The Nicene Creed that gathered and assembled the KJV.

The Qumran Library & The Dead Sea Scrolls.

Reincarnation. We can agree to disagree. There are ONLY 2 Guarantees in this life: Taxes & The Resurrection (& likely we’ll still be standing to see the Second Coming as I believe it is near – what signs of the times are lacking for it to occur even tonight = Armageddon = WW3 thru Iran/Syria + Russia/China v USA – just like Libya and Desert Storm commenced suddenly).

Your quote: “I said that black and latinos do not adopt at all and they are making the most unwanted children in this country and until you have worked with teen mothers don’t tell me that all children are better off not being aborted——you have no clue the atrocities that young people commit on their unplanned and unwanted children—there have been four different parents arrested in four different states in the last four weeks in this country that have been keeping their kids in closets for years and torturing them and not feeding them and all these things are happening in homes where the child would have been better off being aborted and sent back to God.”

In these words YOU have just become God in your judgements of these children. Only teen mothers/young people commit Atrocities ? Ever hear of WARS, Democide & Genocide ? Ever hear of the stories of Job, Joseph of Egypt, Moses, Jonah etc ? The point you are missing is that part of “the plan and purpose” of our lives is to be tested, tried, challenged and bruised to see IF, like JOB, we shall stand true to our faith, belief’s and to obey God’s laws.

You “say” that you are a Conservative Christian ? Maybe your definition of a CC does not include the 2 Greatest Commandments = Love God & LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF = THE INNOCENT CHILD IN YOUR WOMB ! OR THE TEN COMMANDMENTS : THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

So if you LOVE God you shall keep his commandments. Yet you DISAGREE with 50% of the TWO GREATEST COMMANDMENTS and 10% of the 10 Commandments ?

So your definition of a Conservative Christian is: “Murder Your Neighbor – In Your Womb” and “Thou Shalt Kill – Thy Children” ?

I do NOT believe you shall find those 2 COMMANDMENTS in ANY TRANSLATION unless you are using The “BIBLE” of The SATANIC CHURCH.

Blacks are procreating. Children having children by design as initiated by the Government’s Welfare State and The War on Drugs that places many of the Black Fathers in Prisons while Wall Street TARP & Military War Administrative & Political Criminals are free. The Latinos are encouraged thru the Anchor Babies = US Citizenship & free medical care programs. Obviously both are responsible for their own actions. However, the Govt System ENCOURAGES these actions. The more babies the more $, welfare stamps & subsidies which they are brain washed to believe are Rights or entitlements for generations.

Have not all of these PREDICTIONS from 1958 for USA came TRUE ?

If Jesus Christ were born today this is what the MSM would state (click photo to enlarge):

Ever wonder what Christ meant when he said “other sheep I have which are not of this fold” ?


REGARDING YOUR 19 Signs of the times article.

Understood. The oldest battle known to mankind continues. The battle of Good and Evil rages on.

However, we both know that the GOOD Triumphs and shall Prevail.

Otherwise, when Cain slew Abel. Procreation should stop for FEAR that this may happen again.

Thus my 2 favorite poems & video:


The land of the THIEF and home of the SLAVE !

The points you are making are valid. The CPS, Catholic Churches, Foster Homes, Adults, Parents & other “Government Programs” are grossly negligent, corrupt and too many have CHOSEN EVIL AGENDAS, PROFITS & PRACTICES. Further, if there are ANY CHECKS and BALANCES of ACCOUNTABILITY or AUDITS they are equally GUILTY of the same.

This EVIL has grown in size, scope & degree as the MORALITY of America’s Society, Culture, Media, Hollywood, Politics, Legislation have continued to DECLINE DOWN THE DEEP DARK RABBIT HOLE MATRIX OF EVIL.

Th Lord shall allow USA to choose by it’s own actions to be smitten and cursed into bondage, slavery, thru consent, compliance by assimilating into the EVIL BORG or the Star Wars Death Star Evil Imperial Empire which USA is becoming by it’s own choosing/choices.

Consider the concept of a “NOBEL PEACE PRIZE” recipient by Executive Order choosing to receive NATO, UN & Arab League of Nations “approval” for his “Peace Keeping Humanitarian Mission” to “help” Libya by bombing civilians, military and their lands with NUCLEAR DEPLETED URANIUM ! What a hypocritical concept & actions ! And yet the SHEEPLE have swallowed this EVIL MATRIX BLUE PILL and demand MORE ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT on the nightly MSM NEWS by doing more of the same to Afghanistan, Iran & Syria etc !

A SOLUTION (in response to your “known male rapists”) : Those guilty of these CRIMES need to be publicly castrated and then hung ! However, that as we both know = JUSTICE, shall NOT happen in USA any longer. THEREIN LIES THE ROOT OF USA’s REVERSAL of these SEXUAL CRIMES of RAPE etc.

Instead, these CRIMINALS shall have public defendants assigned declaring they take the 5th, they are mentally insane or temporarily incompetent and should be held in minimum security either home arrest, a country club called a prison with all of the amenities or be kept in an Institution under observations until later when they give them an early release to become some of America’s most popular products of the “justice system” REPEAT OFFENDERS !

The reason no body talks to their neighbor is because of the FED , IRS, Taxes, Insurances, DHS, TSA, Brain Washing, 1984, Big Brother, Big Sister Janet Napolitano’s “If you see Something Say Something” and DHS VIPR teams which conditions the masses of sheeple @ their local highways, subways, NFL stadiums, Social security offices, airports, train stations, high school proms & bus stations TO SHUT UP, ASSIMILATE , CONSENT, COMPLY, BLEND IN, GO ALONG, GET ALONG, NEVER MIND THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON HERE MOVE ALONG CATTLE HERD MENTALITY = NWO POLICE STATE !

Your quote:




It has NOT always been so. So what caused the change and when ?


Kiddie Porn is another SYMPTOM of the CANCER or DISEASE in America and World Wide:

It starts with “innocent” Walt Disney:

and ends up @ Eyes Wide Shut

Bohemian Grove: (where the Manhattan Project was conceived = Nuke / Atom Bomb; see also attached pic)

& Clockwork Orange.

Hillary’s It Takes a Village is an interesting statement. Again the 10 Commandments: Honor Your Parents. The reverse is equally TRUE = Love your Children. So, the 2 Parents are the PRIMARY ADULTS RESPONSIBLE FOR their Children. The Village = BORG of MSM, Government, Welfare State, Warfare State, Liberal Agendas, PC Public School Gay Lesbian Propaganda ANTI God (prayer) & ANTI Patriotic (The Pledge of Allegiance) and Churches selling out to PC 5013c IRS NWO Police State “politically neutral” STATUS. These are more the causes of RAPE rather than the cures.

Who is Hillary Clinton ?:

Your life experiences are well travelled nation wide and in great personal depth and experience when it comes to the causes and aid of the broken children of the country.

By these actions, labors or fruits you shall know them:

In your labors you have been Christ’s hands and arms in this poem:

Overpopulation. The smog of the world is created by the populations migrating and economies from Agricultural to the Cities/Factories. Further the forests & rain forests have been slashed and burnt to create wood and paper products and mostly NOT replaced. The smog could be managed and reversed by the NATURALLY filters that Absorb CO2 and PRODUCE OXYGEN = TREES WOODS FORESTS RAIN FORESTS OF THE WORLD.

The population migrations could by reversed if the Government Subsidies artificially holding down crop values and prices were allowed to let the open free market set the prices. The Monsantos, Cargill, ADM and 5 major meat packing plants were anti-trust Monopolies BUSTED UP. The Monsanto’s Monopolies of the world were BUSTED up and the local Seed Harvesters which had typically dozens in each county/region in America were reopened with NON-GMOs. Making family farming financially rewarding, attractive and viable.

Your quote:

“my brother flew freight for the Air Force for years all over the world and this is why I know so many countries do not have open land to grow food”

I challenge you to spin the globe of the earth, throw a dart and see how many dart throws it takes until you finally hit a city. Remember the oceans are filled with foods fish, kelp etc. Try this go to google maps and start with any continent , country or state see the satellite aerial ? Look at all of that green open space. Randomly zoom in until you are on the top roof of any house. How many “zoom in” clicks did you make before that ? Sections, regions, areas, miles, kilometers of open space on every continent, country and state. So what is your point there is no more land for food or people ? 20% of America’s lands are Government owned and 99% unpopulated, not farmed & America has 25% of the World’s population.

Further, have you ever seen what 1 family did with their typical small city lot for food ? The Dervaes Family ?

“In the midst of a dense city setting in downtown Pasadena, radical change is taking root. For over twenty years, the Dervaes family have transformed their home into an urban homestead and model for sustainable agriculture and city living.

Through the creation of the “Urban Homestead” the Dervaes family shows that change is possible — one step at a time. They harvest 3 tons of organic food annually from their 1/10 acre garden while incorporating many back-to-basics practices, solar energy and biodiesel in order to reduce their footprint on the earth’s resources.

Through the creation of the “Urban Homestead” the Dervaes family shows that change is possible.”

Dervaes family:

See Google Maps:


The “HOODS & GANGS” that you refer to often are simply MODERN DAY VERSIONS OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH ! We both know how that ended. History REPEATS. Remember the “Men” (then and now) wanted to “KNOW” the adult male guests of Lot’s homes and NOT Lot’s VIRGIN DAUGHTERS that Lot offered to them!

Being one on one is of the best ways to have an impact on civilization, culture, societies and individuals.

I do NOT “hide” behind my computer. In fact, the CIA says this about BLOGGERS:

One of my 23 blogs and websites has INFLUENCED 3,279 PEOPLE IN A SINGLE DAY and 228,000 SO FAR.

The Hub is likely another platform that per your suggestion I should explore further. As I stated before I did twitter and facebook both of the pages you mentioned already.

Latest posts:

All the Best.

When we THINK we have “GOT IT BAD” :


So you think you are having a bad day ?


Ever heard of Nick Vujicic or Emmanuel Kelly ?

However, most Mom’s seeing their child like this via a sonogram would choose to have an abortion.

What these men have become are special gifted spirits that give us all humility and hope.

They also strip us all of excuses.


The answer to your 1st question:

The three GOP are Illuminati Puppets at least, yes.

Martial Law & FEMA Camps:

NWO #1 Goal is to Exterminate 5.5 Billion which is written in stone:

Not sold on Dec 21 2012 any more than Y2K.

However, there is always WW3 thru Iran/Syria including China & Russia versus USA.

There is the False Flag “Project Blue Beam” = Alien UFO Invasion

Men of Evil of the NWO have set in motion actions that shall drastically change life on earth as we know it: (some symptoms listed here)

These man made evils shall cause Mother Earth to react violently from Fracking for Example, HAARP, Fukushima etc….. earthquakes, weather pattern changes, tsunamis , volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, famine, pestilence, starvations, water shortages, dust bowls, paper currency “Counterfeiting” by the FED & IMF.

Chemtrails, GMOs, Round Up, Fluoride, Mercury, Vaccines, DDT, Agent Orange, Toxins, Pollutions,

However, I agree that the Army Corp of Engineers intentionally did not release water table from the levees in annual anticipation of the spring mountain snow melt ahead of time which caused the bread basket of the midwest to flood. Then Soros hedge fund swoops in like the vultures they are and buy up lands at huge discounts:

What I believe is ahead of us:

How to prepare ?

Are there blue & red DOTS on mail boxes ?

The NWO controls the major centers of power since Cain slew Abel.

Today this power is concentrated in 3 Sister Cities of Rome/Vatican, City of London & Washington DC.

Which represent Religion, Banking and Military powers respectively.

From these three cities the NWO has controlled the Crimes against humanity since the Illuminati was created around the time of the American Revolution. Christian Crusades & Islamic Jihads / Caliphates, Depressions & Recessions – Hyper-inflations & Hyper-Devaluations, & Wars.

So at any given DATE(s) the NWO can flip their switches to cause the next EVIL(s) to be unleashed upon humanity.

Ever notice how the NWO was announced by GHW Bush on 9/11/1991 EXACTLY 10 years (COINCIDENCE OR NWO CONTROL?) to the day b4 9/11/2001 when GW Bush was president and Marvin & Melvin Bush had the Security Contracts for WTC and Dulles Airport ?

Ever wondered how many buildings actually collapsed on 9/11 ?

Turn up your volume for 60 seconds and learn about WTC7

Ever heard the Testimony of a Pentagon Staff on 9/11 ?

Government activating FEMA Camps across USA:

American HUNTERS = The World’s Largest ARMY = MILITIA:

Oath Keepers & The 3% ers:

Here is the Oath Keepers Pledge/Promise:

The Answer to 1984 is 1776:

In the end each one us shall have to choose NWO & Mark of the Beast (rfid chip likely) or Liberty Freedom.

Just like the falling of the Roman Empire, Germany’s Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe & other Empires that fell into third world Country status, the SHEEPLE are We the People with the power to turn the tide.

However, the NWO Evil is more clever each time they cause Empires to Fall and get better brainwashing the masses to sleep thru MSM, medications, Big Pharma, Pills, Vaccines, Chemtrails, GMOs, Round Up, DDt, Agent Orange, Fukushima, toxins. Lies, Deceptions, spin, bias, Propaganda , PC agenda, gay & lesbian agendas = the lump sum of these platforms equates to THE ANTI-CHRIST MOVEMENT !

The Masses will go into the gas chambers ignorantly in disbelief others prefer to ignore evil or take actions and responsibility .

How many “Good Samaritans” are there in USA & World today let alone what % even know the story and it’s meaning ? Because the NWO has removed such teachings from the public, government, schools, institutions, media domains. ONLY because We the People have allowed = chosen this to occur.

So, all we can do is beat the drum and be the pied piper of the American Revolution for those who are willing to listen.

The rest have already chosen the gas chambers.

The good news is that (see 3%ers link above) it is estimated that only 3% of the Colonies population LEAD the American Revolution and there is far MORE than 3% of USA AWAKE TODAY and World wide ! Evidence of this is look @ the RON PAUL results per State. He typically receives 10-40% of the votes and that is with Premier Election Solutions = Diebold RNC GOP manipulating thru fraud those results. Who “Elected” GWB 9 robes ? Where is that exactly in the Constitution that a Kangaroo Court can elect a president ?

Ever heard the true story of “The Escape from Sobibor” where the Jews actually REVOLTED @ a Nazi Death Camp !


Looks like @ the end of the Oath Keepers article posted that Tory Maguire mentions 6 RNC Resolutions Passed in Winter Session including Agenda 21:

Sorry about all the links. Habit to include source links FYI or for those who you may choose to include sending these emails to.

I had heard about this proposed resolution, however, If it “passed” it is the best kept secret ESPECIALLY IF the GOP is suppose to have it as their 2012 PLATFORM.

No mention on any election speeches, debates, polls, campaigns, MSM, caucuses, primaries ?

RNC Adopts Resolution Exposing Agenda 21

If it “passed” it is the best kept secret ESPECIALLY IF the GOP is suppose to have it as their 2012 PLATFORM.
No mention on any election speeches, debates, polls, campaigns, MSM, caucuses, primaries ? (3/12/12)

RNC Adopts Resolution Exposing Agenda 21

Republican Assemblies
January 24, 2012

It has been reported that the Republican National Committee passed a resolution exposing Agenda 21 for what it is: a disregard for American freedom, private property rights, and a key player in the Leftist move toward a one world government. Agenda 21 (ICLEI) assaults the very foundation of America. The RNC has not yet made an official statement or released the resolution. We call on the RNC to release this immediately, and we salute the individuals who signed this document.

Text of the RNC Resolution:

RNC Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21

WHEREAS, the United Nations Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control that was initiated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992; and,

WHEREAS, the United Nations Agenda 21 is being covertly pushed into local communities throughout the United States of America through the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) through local “sustainable development” policies such as Smart Growth, Wildlands Project, Resilient Cities, Regional Visioning Projects, and other “Green” or “Alternative” projects; and

WHEREAS, this United Nations Agenda 21 plan of radical so-called “sustainable development” views the American way of life of private property ownership, single family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices, and privately owned farms; all as destructive to the environment; and,

WHEREAS, according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy, social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment which would be accomplished by socialist/communist redistribution of wealth; and,

WHEREAS, according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy National sovereignty is deemed a social injustice; now therefore be

RESOLVED, the Republican National Committee recognizes the destructive and insidious nature of United Nations Agenda 21 and hereby exposes to the public and public policy makers the dangerous intent of the plan; and therefore be it further

RESOLVED, that the U.S. government and no state or local government is legally bound by the United Nations Agenda 21 treaty in that it has never been endorsed by the (U.S.) Senate, and therefore be it further

RESOLVED, that the federal and state and local governments across the country be well informed of the underlying harmful implications of implementation of United Nations Agenda 21 destructive strategies for “sustainable development” and we hereby endorse rejection of its radical policies and rejection of any grant monies attached to it, and therefore be it further

RESOLVED, that upon the approval of this resolution the Republican National Committee shall deliver a copy of this resolution to each of the Republican members of Congress, all Republican candidates for Congress, all Republican candidates for President who qualify for RNC sanctioned debates, and to each Republican state and territorial party office.

Chief Sponsor:
Helen Van Etten
Republican National Committeewoman for Kansas
Co-Sponsors:Carolyn McLarty
Republican National Committeewoman for Oklahoma
Kim Lehman
Republican National Committeewoman for Iowa
Paul Reynolds
Republican National Committeeman for Alabama
Demetra DeMonte
Republican national Committeewoman for Illinois
Solomon Yue
Republican National Committeewoman for Oregon
Donna Cain
Republican National Committeewoman for Oregon
Cindy Costa
Republican National Committeewoman for South Carolina
John Sigler
Republican State Chairman for Delaware
Steve Scheffler
Republican National Committeeman for Iowa
Peggy Lambert
Republican National Committeewoman for Tennessee
Jim Bopp
Republican National Committeeman for Indiana
Bruce Ash
Republican National Committeeman for Arizona
DeMarus Carlson
Republican National Committeewoman for Nebraska

The NFRA has long led the charge to restore conservative values and principles to the RNC, and we believe this is a sign that our message is being heard. The NFRA Board passed a slate of resolutions at the NFRA Presidential Preference Convention in October, including the following on Agenda 21:


WHEREAS, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies recognizes that the pillars of freedom and liberty are life, liberty and property. As such, we seek to identify those candidates that understand and support these same noble characteristics of our great nation and that it is the combination of these truths that makes America “exceptional”; and

WHEREAS, some little known facts about comprehensive land use planning, known as Agenda 21 include, but are not limited to, the following:

The UN’s Agenda 21 was revealed to the world at the Rio Earth Summit II in 1992;
Agenda 21 was signed into soft law in 1992 and requires only administrative approval and not legislative approval;
The UN’s Agenda 21 was granted administrative approval when President Clinton, through Executive Order, created the first President’s Council on Sustainable Development;

The President’s Council on Sustainable Development created the domestic plan known as “Sustainable America”;
Official non-Government Organizations known as NGOs are certified through the UN based on their compliance and willingness to institute UN created policies like Agenda 21 and the “Wildlands Project”. Examples of NGOs include, but are not limited to: the Sierra Club, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Planning Association, and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability; formally known as the “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.”;
GATT, NAFTA and other trade agreements also contain components that are derivatives from the economic components of Agenda 21;
Income redistribution as a form of “economic justice” is a tool to be used by Agenda 21;
Agenda 21 is anti-property rights;

The terms “Sustainable Development”, “Smart Growth”, “Comprehensive Land Use Plan”, and “Sustainable Agriculture” are domestic equivalents of Agenda 21; and

The Global Biodiversity Assessment Report identifies private property ownership, single family homes, traditional agriculture, and consumerism as “unsustainable.”; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that we, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), oppose the nondomestic policies of Agenda 21 based on failure to recognize private property rights as one of America’s cornerstones of freedom and liberty; be it further

RESOLVED, that Article one, Section ten of the Constitution prohibits any State or subordinate governmental body from contracting with nondomestic entities such as ICLEI; and be it

RESOLVED, that the NFRA shall not endorse a candidate or elected official including the office of President that refuses to oppose the same.

-end RNC official resolution to be submitted for inclusion in the 2012 GOP platform-
Additionally, Carolyn sent this listing of other resolutions the committee has produced.

To: RNC National Committee Members
Fr: Tory Maguire
Re: Resolutions Passed at the 2012 Winter Meeting
Date: January 17, 2012
Resolution Celebrating the Life and Honoring the Memory of Dave Bitner
Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21
Resolution Supporting Taiwan’s Freedom and America’s Moral Leadership
Resolution to Commend the Nation of Israel for its Relations with the United States of America
Resolution in Support of Reforming Insider Trading in the US Congress
Resolution Calling for the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor to Fully Investigate Operation Fast and Furious and the Murder of CBP Agent Brian Terry
-end listing of six resolutions by RNC national committee members-


I understand your frustration for the MSM Bias Spin Manipulation Brain Washing Censorship Propaganda Agendas presented to the SHEEPLE.
This symptom of brain washing was covered well in the movies “Network” and “Wag the Dog”.

Here is RP’s predictions for the near future:

Next time you get insomnia & are looking for something to watch go to The MTV commercial opens automatically. 60 seconds. Afterwards, underneath there is a “Play All” button. Click it. Then expand to full screen (bottom right hand corner of the screen) and sit back and watch my favorite 24 NWO short videos play automatically.

If you only have 5 minutes watch the last 5 minutes of this link advance to the 10 minute mark:

However, the whole 15 minutes is worth the watch.

Understand running a life long Marathon for Liberty ! Sometimes you need a break, vacation or simply recharge of your batteries. Go to a rally, march, camping, hike in the woods, bike ride, whatever it takes that you have denied yourself and neglected to do. Ending up flat on your back in a hospital exhausted does nobody any good. Take 2-3 days and drive and go see an old friend or family member that may not be with us much longer. Take pics make memories seek wisdom, counsel advise while they can still offer it. Relax.

Here is part of the NWO plan for us if we do not comply, consent, assimilate into the NWO Borg:

Rather die on my feet a freeman than on my knees a NWO slave.


One Response to “My Response to a Fellow PATRIOT !!!”

  1. Jonathan Aimes Says:

    I by no means support obamma, he is just as evil as romney. I do have to say, from what I’ve read of your website you seem to hate the big brother control structure that the government is pushing for, if not already has. While I agree that government needs to be limited, though, any government is susceptible to corruption, your ideas behind illegalizing abortion worries me in that light.

    By allowing government to control whether or not someone has control over what happens to their body, that allows government to have even more control over us. Sure you could say that a baby has a body of it’s own, but at the same time, that baby is still attached to that mother, and for all intensive purposes is a part of that mother. Therefore, that mother and baby are one. So why is it such a terrible idea for that mother to chose what happens to her body. I understand that the baby is it’s own entity, but I disagree with the notion that adoption and foster care is an acceptable substitute.

    On the idea of adoption and foster care. I know many people who have gone through adoption and foster care, a couple of them come out alright, but many of them have had to deal with being abandoned by not only their parents, but foster parent after foster parent. Since those foster parents don’t feel the attachment that many people feel when it comes to a child of their own, not that everyone feels that attachment obviously, they don’t always keep the kids they try to take in.

    Example 1: Children are a serious commitment and many people don’t go in understanding the severity of the situation they’re getting in and dump the kid when they realize what they got themselves into.

    Example 2: People nit pick and find issues with the child they take in, then send them back for a replacement as if they are a broken radio.

    Example 3: Kids just don’t get adopted, for any reason from age to gender, or ethnicity to disabilities.

    Example 4: Foster Family abuses in any capacity whether mental or physical abuse.

    Now I do agree that sometimes things work out sometimes, but I feel this is to far and few in between to be acceptable as the only substitute for abortion.

    Either way, abortion and adoption are just band aids to the more serious underlying issue of people having unprotected sex, or not using birth control, which is a very highly debated topic. People are afraid of side effects such as infertility. Another issue, being that of accessibility to resources such as birth control. Some people just can’t afford it, nor can than access it due to age or permission from their parents.

    If we look beyond that even further, why are people having unprotected sex and allowing the women to get pregnant? Sometimes accessibility to birth control or condoms. People talk about sex as if it’s a dirty and atrocious thing, when in reality it’s a natural and beautiful thing. If you then take in consideration the growing young adult who then has to go in and buy condoms or birth control, they then aren’t sure if it’s right or not because everyone is confusing them about right and wrong in sex. This then can sometimes cause a kid to be to afraid to find some sort of protection for safe sex.

    Another cause you can look at is alcohol and drug use, which can obviously be a cause in altered state, and poor decision making, “Oh, fucking just one time without a condom will be fine.”, says the drunk bro with a stash a ruphies, just in case she says no. Then there is rape. I would imagine if someone is about to rape a girl they probably aren’t that concerned with protection as they are just assaulting someone and probably want to degrade that person and show dominance as much as possible.

    Almost all forms of life have some sort of sex in order to reproduce, many of which have multiple partners. Still there is apparently something wrong with people having sex with multiple partners or out of wedlock even. I find it strange that so many people still look down upon people who have sex without being married. Times have changed, and marriage is something that is usually driven by law and religion. Many people now a days don’t fully follow religion, and law for that matter. So why then should it be considered evil to have sex out of wedlock?

    Sure in religious views we can take in consideration that you are supposed to be married before having sex. The reality of the situation though, is that religion is no longer something that many people are concerned with. The thing I dislike most about highly religious people is when they come around and say they are “right” about “it” and that they know the “truth” or worship the “real” or “true” god. The reality behind that belief is that that person is big headed and egotistical.

    I am a person of no faith. I know enough about the bible for me to disbelieve it, and enough about science for me to believe in evolution. I don’t care if there is a god anymore, and I don’t care why we were/if we were created. I want to know how the universe came to be. Until we know that, we will never know if there is a god, and until we know if there is a god, I won’t believe in it.

    Therefore, I as a person that believes this country can be free, think that any law that goes through congress should have no relation with religion. In reality, I think that no government has the power or ability to make any decisions for this country. You said before, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Though I agree to this, money is not something that is needed. In fact, before there was money there was evil. So, to piggy back off of that I offer what I think is a much more powerful and true statement.

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” John Dalberg-Acton

    Seeing as the government has absolute power over itself, and that of the people, or at least it will soon. I think that government is far to powerful as well as corrupt. We currently ruled under a plutocracy, that is to say, the wealthy of the world rule our country. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is something that is not in the favor of anyone. The wealthy use religion to push for democide and genocide. The world in general everywhere you look has used religion to push for some sort of mass murder, aka war. I say we stop allowing politicians to speak of religion at all. In fact I say we stop allowing politicians to speak at all.

    The reality of this world is that anyone that wants power in government will do pretty much anything to get it. They will lie, cheat, and steal to get that power. They will use god, family, friends, and blackmail to get to it if they can. So why then should we allow such treacherous people even speak to us. This country was founded for the people to practice freedom of religion, and to live free lives where they could pursue freedom and happiness. The way I see it, this country has withered into a raisin that is being chewed up and spit out by the rich.

    If the forefathers of this country saw what it was today, I’m sure they would be mortified. This country is not for the people anymore, it’s for the wealthy and the insane with power. You bash obamma, and you bash romney. Ron Paul, despite how much I dislike republicans, actually seemed like someone who would try to do something, now he may be out of the game. So what do we do now? The two party system obviously doesn’t work, especially when either party doesn’t listen to it’s members when nominating a person for office.

    I say screw the party system. Hell screw the whole system. This government obviously doesn’t care about the people and obviously doesn’t think the people are worth fighting for so why not say screw you to them too? At least there is one candidate that isn’t going to lie to us act like he’s getting away with something. I’ll leave with this last video. I’ll vote for a fascist alright, but at least this one is honest about lying to me.

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