Paul Festival – Tampa, FL (Aug. 24-26):

Rides for Ron Paul:

Ronvoy to Paul Festival 2012, Tampa, FL

Motorcycle Ride for Ron Paul–Tampa Aug 27-31 (


Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC
Public event · By Adam Kokesh, Zak Cruise Carter and Nathan Cox

26 August at 10:00 until 31 August at 18:00

Tampa Bay, FL

Veterans for Liberty Super PAC invites you to join us for Veterans for Ron Paul March on the RNC. Read the call to action:
To get important announcements about this event by email, please go to
To volunteer for this event, please email and/or join the conversation here:

FOB DOMESTIC DEFENSE: We are still considering several potential locations. We intend to provide free food and crude lodging (cots in GP tents and campsites) from Sunday, August 26th until Friday, August 31.

TRANSPORTATION & LODGING: For more information about transportation and lodging, including carpooling and organizing buses, please go to
and/or contact

ALERTS: Please sign up for the email list at to get important alerts. There will be a need to pass word during the event this way as well, so please follow us on twitter: @vfrp2012. We may also be organizing a phone tree.

THE MARCH: We will be marching at a yet to be determined time on the August 27th from FOB Domestic Defense to the Tampa Times Forum and again to coincide with the second round of voting.

ATTIRE: Anyone who intends to march in the formation or represent Veterans for Ron Paul should be of a generally neat and orderly appearance. Think military-approved civilian attire. The organizers of this event reserve the right to ask anyone to modify their appearance, or step out of the formation if their attire is deemed to not be in the spirit of the event. Of course wearing of uniform items is encouraged, so long as it is done in a way that respects the general dignity of the uniform. Tattered uniform items, items with excessive patches unrelated to military service or the event, and clothing articles bearing messages unrelated to the event, may all be grounds for asking someone to step out of the formation or modify their appearance.

ACTIVE DUTY: Active duty troops are invited to participate in full recognition of the regulations regarding political speech. WE ARE NOT encouraging active duty personnel to come in uniform. Each individual needs to use his/ her discretion and weigh the risk of attending this event wearing whatever it is that you decide to wear. Do what your OWN conscious tells you. It is an absurd proposition to say that members of the military supporting candidates in uniform would be construed to represent official positions of the government and rules regarding free speech for members of the military have only been used to silence dissent and keep the true will of the troops from being relevant in the American political discourse. Well, NOT ANY MORE!

NON-MILITARY: Family members and supporters are invited to march behind the formation, and members of KIA families will have an opportunity to be recognized.

YOUTUBE VIDEO CONTEST: While the organizers of this event reserve the right to designate time for special guests and there may be open-mic times at the FOB, speakers for the rally to precede the march will be determined by the YouTube video contest. 15 speaking spots of 5 minutes each will be awarded along with a first prize of $3,000, a second prize of $1,000, and four runner up prizes of $250. Ranking will be determined solely by view counts as of August 20th, when we will announce the winners. Videos must include the “” and [FB link] in the description and be sent to All official entries can be seen [here]. Those placing in the top 15 may designate someone to speak on their behalf or another use for their time. While we encourage everyone to enter the contest to compete for cash prizes, we request that only veterans and those with a direct connection to military service speak at the rally. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify anyone from anything if we feel they are not contributing to the spirit and central message of this event.

POSTER CONTEST: We need a powerful graphic for this event. If you’re ready to step up, please email entries to Be sure to include the dates, website, ( full title (VETERANS FOR RON PAUL MARCH ON THE RNC) Please include the original files so that it can be adapted to other graphics. The organizers of this event will determine the winner after consulting with the community. Entries must be received by March 31st. The winner will receive $250.

PROOF OF SERVICE: Proof of service will be required to march in the formation. We will accept a DD-214 with matching ID, military ID, VA ID, or a photograph which clearly shows you at your respective duty station – (whether overseas or in the States) IN A CLEARLY ON-DUTY situation.


Veterans For Ron Paul – March on D.C. and the White House on President’s Day – 20 FEB 2012



Incredible Raw footage just captured at approximately 15:30 EST in Washington D.C., courtesy of Luke Rudkowski and

Veterans For Ron Paul – March on D.C. and the White House on President’s Day – 20 FEB 2012

Veterans for Ron Paul Turn Backs on Obama and White House – 2/20/2012

Adam Kokesh leads the Veterans For Ron Paul March on the White house to show their support for Ron Paul to be elected President of the United States. Veterans and reportedly some active duty military do an about Face to the White House and Barack Obama.

The Veterans saluted 1 second for each soldier that has died in combate or committed suicide since Obama has been Commander in Chief.

Video courtesy of Luke Rudkowski and

From Veterans for Ron Paul 2012:
In case you have not heard the estimated number of vets who Patricipated in the actual formation/ march, the estimate was 450! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE WHO CAME! Several thousand in attendance on top of that! (-Nathan)



Ron Paul – J Roy rappin’ – Looking for Lady Liberty, Calling Dr No – Troops Support Ron Paul

Adam Kokesh: Why The Media Ignored Veterans for Ron Paul Rally

Dear President Obama,

by Adam Kokesh

I am writing to you as just one veteran, just one man, but today, you may see that I am joined by many more. We gather today before you in support of Ron Paul and not because we think he would merely be a better administrator of government than you, but because we believe your policies to be fundamentally immoral. We are demanding peaceful, orderly change through the ballot box.

We are gathered here today as active duty service members and veterans exercising the right to self-expression that we all have risked our lives to protect. Something you’ve never done in uniform. The military you command has made attempts to silence us, not just in the existing codes and regulations intended to suppress the dissent in the ranks, but also in direct warnings that your officers have issued to the troops who would be with us today — who would speak out against the status quo — who would challenge the man — who would speak a desperately needed truth, to a desperately delusional power!

Do not think for one second that you can silence this voice! Do not dare whisper the command to silence this voice! Do not deny that Ron Paul is the choice of the troops! You are not wanted as, you are not respected as, and you are not fit to be, the commander-in-chief of this great force of America’s finest who would lay down their lives to defend you.

As you have warned us about petty regulations, I too have a warning for you, Mr. President. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. If elections in this country are halfway fair or transparent, and the GOP supports the troops enough to listen to them, Ron Paul will be the nominee of the Republican Party and you will be a one term President!!/RealAlexJones

RP12 RON PAUL 2012

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    […] USA SOLDIERS SUPPORT RON PAUL First #1 by DONATIONS !!!RON PAUL FESTIVAL TAMPA AUGUST 24-31st !!!RON PAUL FESTIVAL TAMPA AUGUST 24-31st !Owning the ‘Hangover Theory’: Adam Kokesh Compares Government to HeroinThis is why USA […]

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