Agenda 21 in South Florida Seven 50

To watch this Wednesday’s Southeast Florida “seven|50” dog and pony Agenda 21 show via a live webcast from the comfort of your own home click on . They may “slip up” and reveal their true intentions. In any case you will see how they conduct one of these slick deceptions.

They call this the regional planning organization “Seven50”, which stands for “Seven Counties | 50 Years” and tell us that are in charge of producing and implementing the “SE Florida Prosperity Plan”, which is the exact same kind Orwellain B.S. that was being sold at the just completed Rio at the United Nations “Rio +20” international Communist/Socialist global summit.

Everyone who works on this beastly stuff has no interest in you or your family. In fact they all believe that the very existence of people on this planet (except them, of course) IS THE PROBLEM. In their twisted minds, they think their job is to “save the planet” from you, your family and friends. They are people who have been completely stripped of their morals (i.e., “demoralized”). They believe that “the end justifies the means” and will do anything to get the public to willingly cooperate in their own demise.

[Warning: The following is a LIE:] ”A blueprint for ensuring economic prosperity & the best-possible quality of life for Southeast Florida.” Learn more


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