NWO Police State (Military Industrial Complex) is the 99% Fighting (ALL WARS & PROTESTS) against the 99% for the 1% !!!

1% = NWO Oligarchs FEDeral Reserve System TARP Wall Street Banksters Nobles Aristocrats Royals Technocrats Politicians Corporations Executive Legislative Judicial Branches of Governments

99% = We the People



THURSDAY, MAY 24, 2012
German Police Removed Helmets and Escorted Occupy Frankfurt Protesters

During the May 19th Occupy Frankfurt protests, the German police showed what integrity and democracy really mean. After removing their helmets, the policemen joined the “Blockupy” march.

According to the Washington Post,

“At least 20,000 people held a major rally of the local Occupy movement in Frankfurt on Saturday to decry austerity measures affecting much of Europe, the dominance of banks, and what they call untamed capitalism.

The protesters peacefully filled the city center of continental Europe’s biggest financial hub on a warm and pleasant afternoon, said Frankfurt police spokesman Ruediger Regis. He said 20,000 people were there, while organizers put the number at 25,000.

The protest group, named Blockupy, has called for blocking access to the European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt’s business district.

Organizer spokesman Roland Seuss the protest is ‘against the Europe-wide austerity dictate by the (creditor) troika of ECB, the EU Commission and the International Monetary Fund.’

‘We are in solidarity with the people of Greece and other European countries who are already gravely suffering from (budget) cuts across the board which threaten their very existence,’ Suess said.

‘International resistance against the austerity imposed by troika and governments,’ read one banner, followed by protesters waving Greek and Spanish flags. ‘Break the bank’s power,’ read another banner.”

The Washington Post mentioned the Friday 18th temporary arrests, but made no reference to the integrity of the German policemen who peacefully escorted the Blockupy protesters. As a result of their actions, no violence and no arrests took place on Saturday. This is a great example that without undercover agents provocateurs and policemen breaking the constitutional right of public manifestation, the protesters are in fact acting peaceful and civilized.

The German police gave an example of morality, integrity and democracy. Some may not realize it, but this is a major step towards the decline of the banking elite and mankind’s enslavement. We need to stand together (protesters, policemen, army men) against our common enemies: the enslaving “elites”!

The 1% can really fear us now!



Policemen in front of the congress, removed their riot helmets and support the protest. No television is issued, please spread it, leaving no one in Spain not knowing what is happening. Something is changing. The people … and police… are casting off Rothschilds bankers and protesting the puppet NWO governments who do their bidding.

Americans need to get off the Rothschild train to bankruptcy which is driven by the Bushes, Clinton’s,Obama and Bush clone Romney. Wake the He!! up vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson… and vote against every single incumbent RINO and Democrat congressman and senator. Kick the scumbag traitors out of Washington… put ’em in the dock and try them for treason and sedition.


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