1776 or 1984 !

Constitution or NOT !

Liberty or NOT !

Bill of Rights or NOT !

Sovereignty or NOT !

1776 or 1984 !

Freedom or NOT !

Illusion of Choice & Change bought to USA by Diebold & SYCTL MAGIC !

Left/Right, Republican/Democrat, etc

Ron Paul or Obama Romney Bush !


6 Responses to “1776 or 1984 !”

  1. videriquamesse Says:

    If we are not involved in a full scale civil war within the next twelve months I’ll be astounded. If it does not happen it will not be due to lack of cause; it will be due to the American public’s lack of fortitude and lack of resolve. We are living in a time in which the reach of our central government into our lives is unprecedented. We are treated as potential terrorists every time we board a commercial airline flight. We will soon be under potential 24 hours per day surveillance from unmanned drones operated by increasingly militarized local police departments. The DHS has ordered in excess of 400 million rounds of .40 caliber pistol ammunition, more than one round for every man, woman and child in the United States. Veterans who are returning from multiple combat deployments in the Middle East have been labeled “potential domestic terrorist” by the very government who put them in harm’s way. There is an increasingly widening gap between the wealth of Americans at the bottom rung of our society’s ladder and those at the top. This all amounts to a recipe for revolution. If you think it cannot happen here I respectfully suggest that you take a look at 1917 Russia, at 1932 Germany and at 1959 Cuba. And our political establishment gives us their best and their brightest to step into this gap: Barack Heusein Obama and Willard Mitt Romney, who are woefully inadequate for the task at hand. I fear for the future of our nation.

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