By Frank Lake on April 10, 2011

WASHINGTON – Doctors have confirmed that Barack Obama has had brain surgery.

For the last three years a many curious citizens have wondered about the long scar which goes up the side of Barack Obama head and over his crown.

There were rumors that claimed that they are scars that you would see on someone who has had brain surgery. But without medical records (along with his school records and birth certificate) no one seems to be able to provide an answer as to the cause of the mystery scars.

Until now. Dr. Thomas Yablonski, a top neurologist at Houston’s The Methodist Hospital, carefully. examined high-resolution photographs and high-powered, long-distance brain scans. His conclusion: President Barack Obama has had brain surgery. “I’m not sure exactly what the procedure was, but that scar clearly indicates a common incision made into the brain.,” said Dr. Yablonski.

Sarah Palin has already jumped on this issue. “Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious. Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking? I think it has,” said Palin.

“I think someone like George Soros implanted a brain chip in the President’s skull and his controlling his thoughts and actions,” said Glenn Beck on his Fox show on Friday.”

Donald Trump had this to say about the issue. “No one is allowed to see his birth certificate. And nobody is allowed to see his medical records. But I have people down in Washington investigating this issue. You can’t believe what they will find.”

Many inside are speculating that whatever the surgery was for, it y might explain why the President gets lost speaking without a teleprompter, and posted a video of Obama struggling through a speech, repeating his words and getting lost mid-sentence.

A spokeswoman from the White House said they were not willing to comment on Obama’s brain surgery, saying they were ‘ridiculous’.

But many neurosurgeons across the U.S. and around the world are confirming what Dr. Yablonski has stated: Obama had some kind of brain surgery.

Without medical records or an admission from the White House, the public may never know the answer to the question, along with the contents of his birth certificate.

What did they do to Obama’s brain? Why?

Do you know the answer?



12 Responses to “OBAMA HAD BRAIN SURGERY !!!”

  1. videriquamesse Says:

    The comment by Glenn Beck about the president having had a chip implanted in his brain so that George Soros could control his thinking is the kind of absurdity that gives all of us on the political right a bad name. Possibly, Beck made the comment in jest; if so, it’s a decent joke. Also, what in the world is a “powerful, long distance brain scan?” One would have to be in close proximity to an individual in order to conduct an MRI, a CT or a PET scan.

    • dmparkman Says:

      I subscribe to Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. aka Barry Soetoro aka Barrack Hussein as Gay, Muslim, MK Ultra, Manchurian Candidate, Mulatto, Fascist, Kenyan………

    • Lech Dharma Says:

      The “powerful, long distance brain scan” statement sent-up a red flag for me, as well. Knowing Glenn Beck’s sense of humor, I am quite confident it was said in jest.

  2. Faith Martin Says:

    No such thing in the public medical circle as a “Long distance brain scan” that is patently ridiculous! The scars DO indicate a serious head trauma though. And a chip in the brain by Soros? DUH? Soros certainly has the money to fund such experiementation, though I seriously doubt it could affect anything but emotion since medical science CANNOT even manage to track all the nerve connections in the brain as of yet, or even how and why seritonin re-uptake inhibitor work. Come on now, this article is a joke at best, spurious at worst.

  3. Michael Says:

    ‎”One of the heads of the beast appears to have a fatal wound but the wound is healed causing people to wonder and follow the beast.”

  4. Julie Balog Says:


  5. John Burns Says:

    That explains his apparent Downs Syndrome……….

  6. Paul Says:

    Acknowledge, the picture is simply the colors inverted.
    I don’t know how blatantly obvious fake could get.

    Try it, right click picture -> select copy,
    open paint,
    go to edit -> Paste,
    go to Image -> Invert Color.

    I was suspicious that orange was the opposite of soft cyan, so I just inverted the colors and voila, hoax.

    • peter coch Says:

      It kind of looks the same as the one provided to my untrained eye. Could you perhaps explain a bit why it’s a hoax.

  7. Evelyn Bethune Says:

    I am often amazed but sadly never surprised at the level of ignorance that the seemingly intelligent can express. Just how dumb can the intelligentsia be? This is just one example of dumb and dumber taking over the networks. Embarrassing for their parents and the country.

  8. Missy Says:

    I would imagine Glenn Beck definitely made that comment in jest. But, why are Obama’s medical records sealed? I thought for sure these records were required to be open before becoming president?

  9. nelson Says:

    “perhaps obama is my drone”-v

    “nice meeting at the majestic young walking eagle any time you need guidence on your path” -Chief Free Soaring Bird

    “i snuck in my brothers house (a shanty) and i think in his book chapter xii is the only thing we should keep hint i pass johnny so do you let ring the bell inspiriation should write somthin prolly got some talent stowe up in here climb up each of these ropes at the exact pace and ring the bell with these coins at the same time lol – uncle sams most recent tweet “- cpitty oath keepers 1774

    apparently its time to honor the native americans treaty of st marys and others since the crown was at war with indians thats south of russia and listen to the people if your in court and they wont let you talk they are an incompetant jurisdiction.write congress bout it and sink the corporate corruption poor people should have the same access as wealthy people america was design by young men with nothing but a few tools and wisdom call it next months memo early—–nelson says only the best—

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