Paramilitary Tanks on USA Trains

All Enemies foreign & DOMESTIC …………..NDAA, NDRP, Patriot Act, HR347, Executive Orders, Foreign Mercenaries , DHS, FEMA, TSA, VIPR , UN, NATO…………


One Response to “Paramilitary Tanks on USA Trains”

  1. videriquamesse Says:

    I just went out to get today’s mail and found my NRA endowment life membership jacket had arrived. I have consistently given as much as my circumstances would allow their Institute for Legislative Action. There is good and there is bad with the NRA in terms of their policies and actions that the organization has taken through the years; but it has in recent years become very active in politics and had consistently tried to protect the interests of American gun owners by filing and funding lawsuits, such as D. C. v Heller and City of Chicago v McDonald which fit the immediate future has established that the Second Anendment affirms an individual right to own a gun for personal protection; not for hunting; not for sport shooting and not for target practice. When you talk [mostly you listen] to people who fear guns they always ask [whine], “But no one really needs an AR-15, an AK-47 or the demonized weapon du jour, to go hunting.” It is too pat, too glib and sounds too much like a bumper sticker to say, “It’s Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs.” When you attempt to explain that the purpose of the Second Amendment is to give us a defense against an out of control, dictatorial and abusive central government. The hoplophobes then point out that we have no chance against the American military. That is true enough when one considers one lone individual against the overwhelming might of the military. Taken several hundred or a million committed and well armed patriots strong, there is no way we will not succeed. I believe that social chaos is soon coming and the president will doubtless federalize and deploy the National Guard to suppress the attendant violence. The resolution of the conflict lies in the answers to the following two questions:

    1. Will American military members use lethal force against their own countrymen?

    2. Will American citizens use lethal force against their own military?

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