Spectacle – Ota Benga

In 1904 Mbye OtaBenga , a Pigmy man from Congo, Central Africa was placed in a cage with monkeys as an exhibit in the New York City Zoo in the Bronx. The Astonishing life of Ota Benga – by Pamela Newkirk – The Carnegies & Rockefellers financed the zoo. The oppression of the 99% by the 1% and the herd mentality.


King Leopold II of Belgium in the 1880’s reined over the genocide of 10,000,000 Congolese. He was responsible for enslaving the Congolese Central African Nation as he sent military captains to the task of collecting 25 pounds of rubber per month per adult male plus ivory in exchange for giving the entire village only a single kilo of salt as payment.¬†Starvations, mutilations, pillage, plunder, massacres, floggings of the Congolese natives is how Leopold gained the wealth to construct what came to be known as Villa La Leopolda which in 2007 was the world’s most expensive estate @ US$ 750 million. Ota Benga was from this Congo era.

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