GOLD What IF ?

karen hudes gold bars pic 11262389_366478613546092_855387326880494330_n
GOLD What IF……..
CRL appealed to We the People globally as follows:
CRL Mission:
1. Peacefully Ending Global Apartheid
2. Peacefully Pound the Iron Swords (MIC) into Gold Coins (GDF)
3. Peacefully Restore US Constitution of 1776 (= rescind Secret Constitution of 1871)
4. Peacefully Dissolve D.C. & restore it’s lands to it’s original States (reverse 1861 act)
5. Peacefully Get the US Out of the UN and the UN out of the US (Deed UN lands and blogs to
    homeless 501c3)
6. Peacefully End the FED & it’s Fiats Globally thru GDF Coinage
7. Peacefully End The Global Military Industrial Complex (MIC)
8. GDF shall be equally distributed  (GDF divided by theTotal World Population – EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD)
9. CLR shall equally distribute all Governmental assets & lands (surplus minimum) teach citizen /
    Governmental Boundaries (Including City, County, State, Federal, International….et al)
so……perhaps we might have more in common with Obama = NWO and Redistribution of Wealth…….just NOT same Oligarchies process or results…….rather We the People (WTP)
I TOTALLY SUPPORT you @ this point and your path, plan & cause…….just thinking out loud how the CLR & GDF might gain a world wide audience and 99% of the world’s horsepower (human power)…….
Remember, in the first American Revolution, approximately 3% (of Colonial Populous lead it ,1/3rd supported it, 1/3rd were neutral and 1/3rd opposed it. Thus, similar ratios likely with CLR/GDF cause (= essentially Peaceful 2nd American Revolution / 1st Global Revolution ?) The 90-95% Modeling should support this……..
Further, who were MLK, JFK, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Harriet Tubman, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Noah & Ruth ??? Men and women who put their pants and skirts on the same way we do………
queen spoils of war crown from asia and africa gold diamonds
golden lily

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