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Our Brand Is Crisis

May 31, 2016



Inspired by true events in Bolivia during a presidential election campaign where US campaign strategists are recruited to influence the outcome. Ultimately the campaign promises are broken to allow the IMF – International Monetary Fund to loan the nation funds for infrastructure knowing the loans shall not be repaid where upon the IMF forecloses on the nations assets, natural resources and utilities to award them to IMF hand picked private corporations.

The Flying Scotsman

May 31, 2016

flying scotsman

The true story of 4 time world record holder Graeme Obree who triumphs against the World Cycling Federation board who continues to change the rules against Graeme’s riding style and home made bicycle. He questions, challenges and defies the rules and authority. Graeme was abused as a youth by the neighborhood bullies until one day his parents bought a 10 speed bicycle for Christmas opening the door of escape and a new world for Graeme. He built his bike from scratch including a 1,200 rpm sealed bearing from his wife’s washing machine to beat his competitor’s $500,000 computer created bicycle.

Experimenter – Stanley Milgram

May 31, 2016


The true story of Stanley Milgram’s experiment where volunteers applied 450 volts of direct potentially lethal pain to others in obedience to an authoritarian figure. The overwhelming majority chose to obey and conform rather than defy authority and take personal responsibility for their own actions. These studies were conducted at Yale in 1961 yet today the compliance and conformity issues are even more prevalent through the education systems, media, politics, laws, rules, courts, police state, wars, regulations, peer pressure, propaganda, Hollywood, fluoride & academia.

Asian Dragon Family

May 26, 2016

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golden lily – neil keenan – tvm-lsm-666 – global collateral accounts – global debt facility – karen hudes – UN world bank – IMF – global currency reset – families


Black Eagle Trust, M-Fund,Yamashita’s Gold, Global Debt Facility, Global Currency Reset, Operation Golden Lily

May 25, 2016



Marcos, M-Fund, 175 gold burial vaults in the Philippines later discreetly transferred to 172 bank accounts in 42 countries.

Gold Warriors – Sterling & peggy Seagrave – – Black Eagle Trust of Nazi sources.



Yamashita’s Gold – Eyewitness Reveals Truth Of Fabulous WWII Hidden Treasure
By Sterling and Peggy Seagrave
South China Morning Post
9-3-1In the closing months of World War II, in the Philippines, several of Japan’s highest ranking imperial princes hid tons of looted gold bullion and other stolen treasure in caves and tunnels, to recover later. This was the wealth of 12 Asian countries, accumulated over thousands of years.ImageExpert teams accompanying Japan’s armed forces had systematically emptied treasuries, banks, factories, private homes, pawn shops, art galleries, and stripped ordinary people, while Japan’s top gangsters looted Asia’s underworld and its black economy.There were 175 ”imperial” treasure sites hidden throughout the Philippines. When American tanks were close, the chief engineers of those vaults were given a farewell party 67 metres underground in Tunnel 8 in the mountains of Luzon, stacked with row after row of gold bars. As the evening progressed, they drank great quantities of sake, sang patriotic songs and shouted banzai (long life).At midnight, General Yamashita Tomoyuki and the princes slipped out, and dynamite charges were set off in the access tunnels, entombing the engineers. Their vaults would remain secret. The princes escaped to Tokyo by submarine, and three months later General Yamashita surrendered to American troops. Japan had lost the war militarily, but the princes made certain Japan did not lose financially.This grisly event has remained unknown until now, and the hidden treasure was brushed off as a fanciful legend of ”Yamashita’s Gold”. But an eyewitness to the entombment has taken us there and given us his personal account. During the war, Ben Valmores was the young Filipino valet of a senior prince, who was in charge of closing all imperial treasure sites in the Philippines. A sometimes sentimental man, the prince spared Ben’s life and led him out of Tunnel 8 just before the dynamite was detonated.Japan’s looting of Asia was overseen by [then-emperor] Hirohito’s brother Prince Chichibu. His organisation was codenamed kin no yuri (Golden Lily), the title of one of the emperor’s poems. Other princes headed different parts of Golden Lily across the conquered territories. Eventually, Japanese sources told us that Ben’s wartime master was prince Takeda Tsuneyoshi, first cousin of Hirohito and grandson of emperor Meiji.In 1998, we tested Ben with 1930s photographs of many princes, all the names removed, and he instantly identified prince Takeda, Hirohito’s brother prince Chichibu and other princes.Ben said he had spent time with each of them, bringing them food, tea and cigarettes while they inventoried each treasure site. When he saw our photo of Prince Takeda, Ben froze, then began softly crooning the Japanese folk song Sakura, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), which he said Takeda often sang to himself.In the final stages of work on a biography of Japan’s imperial family titled The Yamato Dynasty, we were told that in October 1945, American intelligence agents learned where some of the Japanese loot was hidden in the Philippines, and quietly recovered billions of dollars worth of gold bullion, platinum, and loose diamonds. This information, if true, revealed the existence of an extraordinary state secret, something the United States Government kept from its own citizens for more than half a century. There was no time to include this in the biography. It had to be investigated separately. Here is some of what we have since learned:After surrendering on September 2, 1945, General Yamashita was charged with war crimes over gruesome atrocities committed in Manila under the order of an admiral, while Yamashita had ordered withdrawing troops to leave the city unharmed. During his trial, there was no mention of plundered treasure, or of looting during the war.But we now know there was a hidden agenda. Because it was not possible to torture General Yamashita physically without this becoming evident to his lawyers, members of his staff were tortured. His driver, Major Kojima Kashii, was given special attention. In charge of the torture of Major Kojima was a Filipino-American intelligence officer named Severino Garcia Santa Romana, whose friends called him Santy. He wanted the major to reveal each place where he had taken Yamashita, where bullion and other treasure was hidden for recovery after the war. Supervising Santy during the torture was Captain Edward Lansdale, later one of America’s best known ”Cold Warriors”.Early that October, Kojima broke and led Lansdale and Santy to more than a dozen Golden Lily treasure vaults in the rugged country north of Manila. What they found astounded everyone from General Douglas MacArthur all the way up to the White House. After discussions with his cabinet, President Harry Truman decided to keep the recovery a state secret.Santy’s ensuing recoveries greatly altered America’s leverage during the Cold War. According to senior US government officials and high-ranking US Army officers, the Truman administration set this treasure aside along with Axis loot recovered in Europe, as a secret political action fund to fight communism in the Cold War.Crudely put, it would be used to bribe statesmen and military officers, and to buy elections for anti-communist political parties. The idea for a global political action fund based on war loot had originated with US secretary of war, Henry Stimson. During the war, Stimson had a brain-trust thinking hard about recovered Axis plunder, and how it should be handled after the war. Their solution was to set up what is informally called the ”Black Eagle Trust”, after the black eagle emblem of Hitler’s Reichsbank in Berlin.The Black Eagle Trust was first discussed in secret during July 1944, when 44 nations met at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to plan the post-war economy. This was confirmed to us by a number of high-level sources, including former CIA deputy director Ray Cline, who knew about Santy’s recoveries in 1945, and continued to be involved in attempts in the 1980s and 1990s to hide blocks of Japanese war loot still said to be in the vaults of banks in New York.In November 1945, General MacArthur strolled down row after row of gold bars stacked two meters tall during a tour of vaults opened by Santy. >From what was seen in these vaults alone, it was evident that over a period of years Japan had looted billions of dollars in treasure from all over Asia.Much of this plunder had reached Japan overland earlier, from China through Korea, but the rest was hidden in the Philippines, unable to be shipped to Japan by sea because of the successful US submarine blockade.According to Ray Cline and others, between 1945 and 1947 the gold bullion recovered by Santy and Lansdale was moved discreetly to 172 accounts at banks in 42 countries.There were important reasons for all this secrecy. If the recovery of this huge mass of stolen gold was known only to a trusted few, the countries and individuals that had been plundered could not lay claim to it. Truman recognised that the very existence of so much black gold, if it became public knowledge, would cause the metal’s fixed price to collapse. But as long as the gold was kept hidden, prices could be maintained and currencies pegged to gold would be stable. Meanwhile, the black gold would serve as a reserve asset, bolstering the prime banks in each country, and strengthening the anti-communist governments of those nations.To hide the existence of all this treasure, Washington had to tell a number of lies. Especially lies about Japan, which had stolen most of the gold. America wanted Japan to become its anti-communist bastion in Asia, where the mainland was being overrun by communists. If American conservatives and Japanese conservatives were to ally effectively against communism, they had to begin by enlarging their financial resources for the Cold War.Above all, the source of much of this hidden wealth must never be acknowledged. Washington had to insist, starting in 1945, that Japan never stole anything, and was flat broke and bankrupt when the war ended. Here was the beginning of many terrible secrets.Because they remained ”off the books”, these enormous political action funds got into the wrong hands, where they remain to this day. We can reveal that in 1960, then vice-president Richard Nixon ”gave” one of the biggest of these political action funds, the US$35-billion (about HK$272 billion) M-Fund, to leading members of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). In return, he is believed to have sought their support for his presidential campaign that year.The M-Fund, now said to be worth more than US$500 billion, is still controlled by members of the LDP.Officially, we are told that Japan’s wartime elite the imperial family, the zaibatsu (large industrial business conglomerates), the yakuza (Japanese mafia) and the ”good” bureaucrats ended the war as impoverished victims of a handful of ”bad” military zealots. We are told that Japan was badly damaged and impoverished, barely able to feed itself at war’s end.In fact, Japan emerged from the war far richer than before, and with remarkably little damage, except to the homes of millions of ordinary Japanese who did not count, at least in the view of their overlords.Evidence of Golden Lily loot comes also from straightforward legal actions in America. Such simple things as the probating of the will of Santa Romana (Santy), verification of his tax records, and legal evidence of his fortune deposited in the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong and elsewhere, provide hard proof that the world is awash with clandestine bank accounts growing out of Golden Lily.Other lawsuits in the US prove that Golden Lily war loot was indeed hidden in the Philippines. Rogelio Roxas, a Filipino locksmith, found a one-tonne solid-gold Buddha and thousands of gold bars hidden in a cave near Baguio only to have it stolen from him by President Ferdinand Marcos. Roxas was subsequently tortured and died in suspicious circumstances. Some believe he was murdered. In 1996, a US Federal Court awarded his heirs a judgment of US$22 billion against the Marcos estate.As the 1951 Peace Treaty was skewed by secret deals, thousands of Japan’s victims have been deprived of any compensation for their suffering. According to Article 14 of the Treaty: ”It is recognised that Japan should pay reparations to the Allied Powers for the damage and suffering caused by it during the war. Nevertheless it is also recognised that the resources of Japan are not presently sufficient.” To reinforce the claim that Japan was broke, Article 14 noted that ”the Allied Powers waive all reparations claims of the Allied Powers and their nationals arising out of any actions taken by Japan…” By signing the Treaty, Allied countries concurred that Japan’s plunder had vanished down a rabbit hole, and all Japan’s victims were out of luck. In return for going along with the Treaty, the Allies received portions of the gold bullion recovered by Santy.

We have evidence from former CIA deputy director Cline that the gold bullion Santy and Lansdale recovered was secretly moved to national treasuries and prime banks in more than 42 countries, including Great Britain. We also have evidence from British archives confirming this.

More than half a century later, the last battle of the Pacific War is being waged in courts in the US and Japan where surviving prisoners of war, slave labourers, comfort women and civilian victims of Japan have filed billion-dollar lawsuits to win compensation so mysteriously denied them after the war. In 1995, it was estimated that there were 700,000 victims of the war who had still received no compensation. … ZZSH5ZEQQC

Paragraph 11 of the article

…In charge of the torture of Major Kojima was a Filipino-American intelligence officer named Severino Garcia Santa Romana, whose friends called him Santy. He wanted the major to reveal each place where he had taken Yamashita, where bullion and other treasure was hidden for recovery after the war. Supervising Santy during the torture was Captain Edward Lansdale.

In my previous post we reveal Severino Garcia Santa Romana (aka: Reverent Father Jose Antonio Diaz) is also the caretaker of Tagean-Tallano’s 617,000 metric tons of gold, and after the death of Sta. Romana his supervisor, Cpt. Edward Lansdale assumed Sta. Romana’s gold holdings and lodged it in his personal account in UBS
Paragraph 26 of the article

Other lawsuits in the US prove that Golden Lily war loot was indeed hidden in the Philippines. Rogelio Roxas, a Filipino locksmith, found a one-tonne solid-gold Buddha and thousands of gold bars hidden in a cave near Baguio only to have it stolen from him by President Ferdinand Marcos.

Left: Picture of the Golden Buddha, Right: Picture of Rogelio “Roger” Roxas with Buddha head removed

Before being the incumbent President, Ferdinand Marcos was working as an attorney for Sta. Romana. Marcos was also responsible for transporting the Tagean-Tallano’s gold to Vatican City, and withdrawing partial on his own personal interests, and also the recovery and transport of Yamashita’s treasure.
Excerpt from

When the Philippines’ President Ferdinand Marcos, one of Washington’s favourite despots, cut himself in on the action after 1965, he used CIA aircraft, US Air Force planes and US Navy ships to shift the bullion. He used the CIA‘s global network of banks (such as the Nugan-Hand Bank in Australia, which had a board packed with retired US intelligence officials) to provide refuge offshore for the “black money.

Marcos (and Philippines President Corey Aquino in post-Marcos times) also had the help of the CIA, Pentagon-linked private US military firms and private intelligence organisations, which had joined the gold rush. As is the way with thieves, the joint ventures between the looters and politicians were often disrupted by deadly double-crossings and fatal fallings out.

Now we know how Marcos got rich and powerful overnight from both Tagean-Tallano’s vast gold holdings and Yamashita’s Treasure :roll:

And just to be so sure, they ask his wife, which she proudly told them :roll:
Interview of Imelda Marcos by BBC last February 2009

When the reporter asked where she got her wealth, she said that her husband was a very rich lawyer who worked for gold mining companies and also traded in gold. She then showed the reporter a piece of paper, which the reporter read. It was a Treasury Certificate for a deposit made by Ferdinand E. Marcos in a bank in Brussels, Belgium for the amount of… are you ready for this? Nine Hundred Eighty Seven Billion United States Dollars. That’s the equivalent of 41.5 trillion Philippine Pesos! … rcos-loot/

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Rogelio Roxas lawsuit

In March 1988, a Filipino treasure hunter named Rogelio Roxas filed a lawsuit in the state of Hawaii against the former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda Marcos for theft and human rights abuses. Roxas claimed that in Baguio City in 1961 he met the son of a former member of the Japanese army who mapped for him the location of the legendary Yamashita Treasure. Roxas claimed a second man, who served as Yamashita’s interpreter during the Second World War, told him of visiting an underground chamber there where stores of gold and silver were kept, and who told of a golden buddha kept at a convent located near the underground chambers. Roxas claimed that within the next few years he formed a group to search for the treasure, and obtained a permit for the purpose from a relative of Ferdinand, Judge Pio Marcos. In 1971, Roxas claimed, he and his group uncovered an enclosed chamber on state lands near Baguio City where he found bayonets, samurai swords, radios, and skeletal remains dressed in a Japanese military uniform. Also found in the chamber, Roxas claimed, were a 3-foot-high (0.91 m) golden-colored Buddha and numerous stacked crates which filled an area approximately 6 feet x 6 feet x 35 feet. He claimed he opened just one of the boxes, and found it packed with gold bullion. He said he took from the chamber the golden Buddha, which he estimated to weigh 1,000 kilograms, and one box with twenty-four gold bars, and hid them in his home. He claimed he resealed the chamber for safekeeping until he could arrange the removal of the remaining boxes, which he suspected were also filled with gold bars. Roxas said he sold seven of the gold bars from the opened box, and sought potential buyers for the golden Buddha. Two individuals representing prospective buyers examined and tested the metal in the Buddha, Roxas said, and reported it was made of solid, 20-carat gold. It was soon after this, Roxas claimed, that President Ferdinand Marcos learned of Roxas’ discovery and ordered him arrested, beaten, and the Buddha and remaining gold seized. Roxas alleged that in retaliation to his vocal campaign to reclaim the Buddha and the remainder of the treasure taken from him, Ferdinand continued to have Roxas threatened, beaten and eventually incarcerated for over a year.[4]

Following his release, Roxas put his claims against Marcos on hold until Ferdinand lost the presidency in 1986. But in 1988, Roxas and the Golden Budha Corporation, which now held the ownership rights to the treasure Roxas claims was stolen from him, filed suit against Ferdinand and wife Imelda in a Hawaiian state court seeking damages for the theft and the surrounding human rights abuses committed against Roxas. Roxas died on the eve of trial,[11] but prior to his death he gave the deposition testimony that would be later used in evidence. In 1996, the Roxas estate and the Golden Budha Corporation received what was then-largest judgment ever awarded in history, $22 billion which with interest increased to $40.5 billion.[12] In 1998, The Hawaii Supreme Court held that there was sufficient evidence to support the jury’s finding that Roxas found the treasure and that Marcos converted it. However, the court reversed the damage award, holding that the $22 billion award of damages for the chamber full of gold was too speculative, as there was no evidence of quantity or quality, and ordered a new hearing on the value of the golden Buddha and 17 bars of gold only.[4] After several more years of legal proceedings, the Golden Budha Corporation obtained a final judgment against Imelda Marcos to the extent of her interest in the Marcos estate in the principal amount of $13,275,848.37 and Roxas’ estate obtained a $6 million judgment on the claim for human right abuse.[13]

This lawsuit ultimately concluded that Roxas found a treasure, and although the Hawaiian state court was not required to determine whether this particular treasure was the legendary Yamashita’s gold, the testimony relied upon by the court in reaching its conclusion pointed in that direction. Roxas was allegedly following a map from the son of a Japanese soldier; Roxas allegedly relied on tips provided from Yamashita’s interpreter; and Roxas allegedly found samurai swords and the skeletons of dead Japanese soldiers in the treasure chamber. All this led the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal to summarize the allegations leading to Roxas’ final judgment as follows: “The Yamashita Treasure was found by Roxas and stolen from Roxas by Marcos’ men.” [14]


Imelda Marcos states that her husband President Ferdinand Marcos gained his wealth as an attorney for Gold Mining Companies and traded gold.


MAJOR SITES : Fact Number One:
There were 172 “documented” WWII sites buried throughout the Philippine Islands between 1943 and 1945 (34 of these were “sea” sites). The remaining 138 land burials were top secret and under direct control of the highest authority of the Japanese Imperial Army at that time. They were major deposits consisting of many tons of gold (sometimes also buried was; silver, jewelry, even golden Buddha’s). These sites took anywhere from several months to a year or more to complete. Many of these sites were buried at (or very near) POW camps using POW labor. Some were buried on Japanese Army encampments (located near to POW camps). Either way, you will notice the
common link between the two – that link being – POW. Burial depth was anywhere from 100 to 350 feet deep inside a complex tunneling system. Extremely detailed maps were made of all of these sites. These maps were all written in special “codes” which would ultimately be of no use to an untrained person who happened upon one of these maps. Not that you could possible happen upon one of them anyway as these maps have long been destroyed so there is no chance of the average person to happen along and find one.


Gold in the Philippine Islands

Manpower was the least of his problems. There were thousands of POWs who the Japanese considered expendable. If that wasn’t enough then there were millions of Filipino males that could be used. As soon as here received his experts he immediately began work in a dozen locations. While this was going on the treasure ships were arriving weekly and their precious cargo had been added to the other treasure already stored in heavily guarded warehouses. There were other problems; the movement of the cargo from the ships to the warehouses attracted a lot of attention. Chichibu decided to construct an underground tunnel system from the piers to the warehouses which were in the capture American base named Fort McKinley. Eventually this tunnel would branch out under Manila and run for 35 miles. The entrance was in Intramuros, the ancient walled city of the Spaniards, which was near the docks. It terminated at MacArthur’s headquarters in Fort McKinley.

When the gold was buried, it was done in anticipation that the Americans would defeat the Japanese and the underground vaults, tunnels, and entrances were booby trapped with gas, explosives, and water. The water traps were created by digging 300 – 350 feet underground in the dry months, at which time the water table was at its lowest.

After the War, accordingly “Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz,”aka Fr Hayes; Severino Garcia Sta Romana, et al and other used names formerly of the OSS and CIA was entrusted by the Vatican to take charge of Vatican gold buried on the Philippines. The claims of the “Vatican gold” was identified as bullion that had been “captured by Hitler” and that had belonged to the royal families of Europe and been placed under the trusteeship of the Vatican. It also includes gold bullions that was plundered by the Japanese under General Chichibu and buried in the Philippines.

Fr. Diaz had “assumed several names when he moved to the Philippines.” One of these was “Col. Severino Sta. Romana.” Being with the OSS after the war, he was able to retrieved, unlock on only some of the buried gold bullion treasures in Northern Part of Luzon, Philippine Island. By peacetime, he was also the major catalyst for the safe return of 640,000 metric tons of Gold owned by the royalty family of the former “maharlika” or the Philipines borrowed by the Vatican in 1939 and facilitated its return to the original owners in Philippines and rewarded with paid commissions of 30% of the returned gold. The value of the gold now estimated at $4 trillion in which anyone could raise eyebrows its existence. Where it is now? It was noted that Sta. Romana during that time had “hired the young Marcos as his lawyer and trustee.” By 1949, It was said the Two (2) richest man in the world were Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz and Atty. Ferdinand E Marcos . Perhaps, there is a good reason to believe now for people who defended and stay on hold to the programs of the former “strong man” that his wealth is “Not Ill-Gotten”.
In 1974, Fr, Jose Antonio Diaz, alias Severino Sta. Romana died and all that 30% commission in gold become the legendary “MARCOS GOLD”. In power, after providing for his family in Marcos “Letter of Instruction”, the whole wealth derived from this was supposed to be given to the FILIPINO PEOPLE. However, the “MARCOS GOLD or MARCOS WEALTH” was labeled as “Ill-Gotten” as some of Philippine Politicians and Churchmen kept on saying. There was nothing secret about the said.. “Marcos Secret Account”. History of and by the said “Letter of Instructions”, will show that the money was not stashed away and inaccessible but available to truly deserving Filipinos. Filipinos should know this. The grand scheme of these with these International banking cartels with the backdrop control of Superpower Nations with so much interest no less than by greed so that this country and its people will remain a slave and shackled to these foreign powers. They don’t want our country to be made a “ First World Country”. The phony scheme of the CIA backed EDSA “PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION” exhibition in 1986 continually blinded FILIPINOS up to now and keep repeating that MARCOS was a thief so that those hundreds of billions of “ MARCOS WEALTH” will remain froze and not given to the Filipino people.
Apparently, after 1986 under the International Court of Justice, the gold treasure buried in the Philippines or in other nations will be owned by the possessor of it. Who are they? For Filipinos, It’s us Filipinos who have the control of private or government land allegedly to contain of these buried gold loots. However, in reality, we have to accept the fact that it was not ours since time in memorial this gold was owned by varied international country claimants. But who to prove it that it’s theirs? Even the International Court of Justice up to now denied its existence for reason how will they prove it? To “someone” who had accumulated the German and Japanese plundered gold gathered in by General Chichibu and General Yamashita obviously preferred not to come forward with their claims because such claims would possibly reveal the source of such wealth. To take note the Japan’s ravage of the war in Burma and Asian neighbors where their historical and ancient gold was looted , was cut , stripped, melted and formed into another gold bars. The war was over and it would be difficult to identify the actual ownership of these gold if found. However, gold hallmarks can do so, and the hallmarks still carry international warrants for claims. The come and go to the Philippines of mandates and representatives by the international gold bullion buyers from Europe, China, America etc. are taking advantage of huge buying % discounts from who would be finders and holders/sellers of the gold loots. To note, before transporting these items , a must buying policy that these hallmarks of gold identity would be first erased or removed and re-melted again into new dory or plain bars form before shipment and payments. Other buying schemes would have it shipped out after making any financial payment guarantees to the sellers and after re-smelting and refining, payments can be done off-shore. Thus, legalizing and documenting said gold treasures would be easy for them.










A man claiming to have in his group’s possession the legendary treasure known as “Yamashita’s Gold,” consisting of over $100 trillion worth of precious metals and bank funds, was released from federal prison on July 3, 2013, and has agreed to speak with AMERICAN FREE PRESS to discuss details of the matter. He stated to this newspaper that “this money will pay off the budget deficit, and provide for Social Security and healthcare for perpetuity.”


Has Massive WWII Gold Hoard Been Found?


The Marcos Family

Imelda Marcos has said repeatedly over the years that her deceased husband and former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, gained much of his considerable personal fortune by looting riches from various Yamashita treasure locations.

For example, Manila-based newspaper The Bulletin ran an article on February 3, 1992, with the headline Marcos widow claims wealth due to yamashita treasure. The article states “Imelda Marcos today claimed for the first time the basis of her late husband’s wealth was Japanese and other gold he found starting at the end of World War II.”

Imelda told the newspaper, “From what I heard and I was told, the late President Marcos went to the United States in 1945 to sell some of the gold.”

Ferdinand Marcos with wife Imelda.

In addition to Imelda’s statements, numerous investigators believe there was a joint venture between President Marcos and the US intelligence community who, it seems, had developed gold rush fever. It has been claimed Marcos arranged for CIA aircraft and even US Navy warships to transport the bullion into a worldwide network of offshore banks in various tax havens.

After Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown in 1986, the Philippine Government began an enquiry into Marcos’ activities undertaken during his term in power. Known as Operation Big Bird, its goal was to recover the rumored tens of billions in secret assets of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, which apparently included scores of Swiss bank accounts.

On April 7, 2013, beneath the headline Secret accounts, Manila’s The Philippine Star newspaper reported that Operation Big Bird failed to uncover the Marcos billions as they were too creatively stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. The Marcos’s had used a combination of pseudonyms and nameless, number-only Swiss accounts to make their fortune almost impossible to uncover.

The Philippine Star article also mentioned that the couple’s daughter, Imee Marcos, was embroiled in a new tax haven scandal.

Imee Marcos - August 2013.jpg

Imee Marcos held secret accounts.

Ongoing investigations showed she held “secret accounts” in the British Virgin Islands, a tax haven known for ironclad bank secrecy. The article went on to speculate whether Imee’s accounts were a residue of her parents’ controversial empire.


Riches without equal

Japan gained enormous wealth when it invaded China and a dozen or so other Asian countries during the WW2. Besides the Philippines and China, other countries and territories Japan occupied include Korea, Hong Kong, Guam, Taiwan, Portuguese Timor, Thailand, Burma and French Indochina – a large French colony now part of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam – as well as Singapore, Brunei and other British colonies in the lands now known as Malaysia and Indonesia.

The multi-trillion dollar WW2 cover-up

President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda were obsessed with gold

The prolonged torture had turned Roxas into a physical wreck. Somehow though, he resisted and did not talk. But one of his digging team did. After having his teeth pulled one by one without anesthetic, Roxas’ friend Olimpio Magbanua relented.

Marcos had discovered the treasure vault’s location, and over the next year his troops would extract an estimated 10,000 gold bars from the tunnels, worth tens of billions of dollars.

The story has a strange footnote. In 1996, after the deaths of both Marcos and Roxas, a U.S. court in Hawaii awarded Roxas’ heirs a judgment of a staggering $43 billion dollars against the Marcos estate.

To date, not a cent of it has been paid.

King Midas

Ferdinand Marcos was the Philippines president from 1965 until his overthrow in a popular uprising in 1986. Marcos was a cruel and brutal ruler who, allegedly, got rich by stealing from his own people.

By the time he was ousted in 1986, his wealth was officially estimated to be $10 billion. However, some think this figure is only a fraction of the true amount.

Marcos himself privately boasted of much higher sums, perhaps as much as $1 trillion. And the source, he always claimed, was Yamashita’s gold.

Back in 1974, Marcos was already a rich man when he emptied the Golden Lily vault discovered by Roxas. But what he found inside made him fabulously wealthy.

Even this, though, was not enough for the pathologically greedy despot. He knew there were more vaults yet to be found in the Philippines and was determined to find them.

But Marcos had a problem, the gold only made him theoretically rich. He couldn’t sell plundered WW2 gold without its origins becoming obvious. To realize the wealth, he had to make it look like it was mined in the Philippines.

In 1975, Marcos turned to an American mining engineer named Robert Curtis. Curtis was an expert in changing the metallurgical fingerprints of gold to disguise its origins.

Marcos courted Curtis with talk of incredible stashes of WW2 loot hidden on the island. He told Curtis he had acquired Japanese maps entrusted to a Filipino man by none other than Prince Takeda himself, the architect of Golden Lily.

Curtis couldn’t resist the prospect of unearthing such huge treasures and agreed to help Marcos follow the maps and find more Golden Lily vaults.

Together they found 5 more of the tunnel complexes, piled high with dizzying amounts of gold and jewels. Marcos, however, was not about to share the treasure.

One day, he had his men escort Curtis to the American military cemetery at Ft. Bonafacio. Curtis was shocked to see one of the graves was freshly dug. He realized, as the gun was placed against his head, that it was meant for him.


Robert Curtis meets Marcos in 1975

The American managed, somehow, to talk his way out of a bullet in the head. He told the men he had the maps to the other vaults and Marcos would never find them if they killed him. The bluff bought his life.

Having narrowly escaped death, Curtis immediately fled the Philippines and returned to the U.S. But the American did claim one small victory in the sorry affair — he had photographed the treasure maps and could perhaps return one day to resume the search.

Ferdinand Marcos died in exile in 1989. It wasn’t until 1992 that his widow Imelda first publically commented on the source of her husband’s vast wealth. It was, she admitted, because of Yamashita’s gold.

According to Imelda, her husband had become so rich from the looted gold that it would have been ‘embarrassing’ to admit it. She estimated their true fortune to be close to 1 trillion dollars.

Such claims sound fanciful. But if Marcos really had found some of the Golden Lily treasure vaults, they might well just be true.


The Vulcans had almost limitless financing from a cache known by several names — theBlack Eagle Trust, the Marcos gold, Yamashita’s Gold, the Golden Lily Treasure, or the Durham Trust. Japan, under Emperor Hirohito, appointed a brother, Prince Chichibu, to head Golden Lily, established in November 1937 before Japan’s infamous Rape of Nanking, to accompany and follow the military. The Golden Lily operation carried out massive plunder throughout Asia and included an army of jewelers, financial experts and smelters. [6] While the Nazis also engaged in plundering the countries they invaded, they were not as organized and methodical as the Japanese. After the Allied blockade, Golden Lily headquarters were moved from Singapore to Manila where 175 storage sites were built by slave laborers and POWs. Billions of dollars worth of gold and other plundered treasures were stockpiled in these underground caverns, some of which were discovered by the notorious Cold Warrior, Edward G. Lansdale who directed the recovery of some of the vaults.Truman and subsequent presidents, without congressional knowledge, have used those resources to finance the CIA’s chaotic clandestine activities throughout the world. Much of the Middle East chaos is financed by those pillaged funds. A tiny portion of that treasure was the source of Ferdinand Marcos’ vast wealth. Marcos worked with the CIA for decades using Golden Lily funds to bribe nations to support the Vietnam War. In return, Marcos was allowed to sell over $1 trillion in gold through Australian brokers. [7]

In July 1944, the leaders of forty-four nations met at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire to plan the post-war economy and to discuss organizing a global political action fund which would use the Black Eagle Trust ostensibly to fight communism, bribe political leaders, enhance the treasuries of U.S. allies, and manipulate elections in foreign countries and other unconstitutional covert operations. Certainly, those politicos who managed the funds also received financial benefits. This trust was headed by Secretary of War Henry Stimson, assisted by John J. McCloy (later head of the World Bank) and Robert Lovett (later Secretary of Defense) and consultant Robert B. Anderson (later Secretary of the Treasury). [8] Anderson later operated the Commercial Exchange Bank of Anguilla in the British West Indies and was convicted of running illegal offshore banking operations and tax evasion. Investors lost about $4.4 million. Consequently, he was sent to prison for a token amount of time, one month. He was also under house arrest for five years. He could have received a ten-year sentence but Judge Palmieri considered Anderson’s “distinguished service” to the country in the “top levels of Government.” [9]

Between 1945 and 1947 huge quantities of gold and platinum were deposited in prominent banks throughout the world.

These deposits came to be known as the Black Eagle Trust. Swiss banks, because of their neutrality, were pivotal in maintaining these funds. These funds were allocated to fighting communism and paying bribes and fixing elections in places like Italy, Greece, and Japan. [10] Stimson and McCloy, both retired from government service, continued their involvement in the management of the Black Eagle Trust. Robert B. Anderson, who toured the treasure sites with Douglas MacArthur, set up the Black Eagle Trust and later became a member of Eisenhower’s cabinet. [11] In order to maintain secrecy about the Trust, Washington officials insisted that the Japanese did not plunder the countries they invaded. Japanese officials who wanted to divulge the facts were imprisoned or murdered in a way that made it look like suicide, a common CIA tactic. [12] The Germans paid reparations to thousands of victims while the Japanese paid next to nothing. Military leaders who opposed foreign policies that embraced exploitation of third world countries were suicided or died from mysterious causes, which includes individuals such as George S. Patton, Smedley D. Butler and James V. Forrestal.



JPEG - 18.6 kb

Mcarthur & Hirohito – 1945

When MacArthur began the reconquering of the Philippines, the princes try to quickly hide what they had not been able to bury yet. Ships loaded with gold were sunken with their crews on board. After Japan’s defeat that finished its occupation with the slaughter of civilians in Manila, the princes escaped in submarines.

The American secret services knew about the Golden Lily operation since 1945. John Ballinger, an agent, disguised as a fisherman could observe the unloading of boxes full of gold that had been carried in a hospital-ship. MacArthur arrested its rival Yamashita and entrusted one of his own agents the mission to interrogate major Kojima -the Japanese general’s driver.

Severino García Santa Romana obtained numerous pieces of information on Yamashita’s itineraries and, in this way, he was able to locate several hiding places. “Santy” became then the guardian of “Yamashita’s treasure”. He remained at the beginning under the command of MacArthur until the enigmatic Edward Landsale [7], former-agent of the OSS, who had recently joined the G-2 services of general Willoughby [8], took command of the operations.

After submitting the issue to president Truman, they decided that the recovered booty would be used to raise money to create a fund against communism, known as Black Eagle. The project, conceived by an advisor to Roosevelt, consisted of using the gold stolen by Germany, Italy and Japan to finance pro-American governments and, consequently, to manipulate, with the use of money, elections in the core of several “democracies” threatened by the “red danger”.

With the help of Robert Anderson, a money laundering specialist, the gold that Santy had recovered was dispersed in 170 bank accounts, opened in 42 countries. The banking network of the CIA allowed therefore to hide again the fortune stolen from Southeast Asia and to keep the gold prices at a convenient level for the economic interests of the United States [9]………

The M-Fund financed the election of several prime ministers, such as Kakuei Tanaka, Noboru Takeshita, Yasuhiro Nakasone and Miyazawa Kichii. Tanaka, to whom Nixon had promised the exclusive administration of the M-Fund, resorted very often to finance elections and dirty maneuvers.

Part of the Golden Lily money was invested in Japan and was squandered by those who decided who was to be the future prime minister selected from the Liberal Democratic Party membership, which monopolized the power during 50 years…….

Many hiding places could not be controlled by Santy and MacArthur’s services in the Philippines. Marcos, Washington’s turbulent protégés, won the 1965elections thanks to the “Yamashita’s gold”. Since the 1960’s, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos tried to contact Santy, the legendary guardian of the Golden Lily. Knowing that Santy had numerous bank accounts, they thought that some of them might have been forgotten by the CIA and they wanted to control them. When Santy died, in 1974, Marcos became the new unofficial guardian of the Golden Lily and cooperated this way with American and Japanese teams…….

He discreetly withdrew the gold deposited in the Lubang island and probably carried out the money laundering through his Philippine-Japanese Mutual Aid Association. At the beginning, Washington that supported Marcos and Sasakawa’s anticommunist activities, turned a blind eye [10].

However, Marcos sought to work on his own and recruited two partners, a clairvoyant who claimed to have located, thanks to his gifts, the remains of the Nachi ship, and a specialist in metallurgy. Robert Curtis would be in charge of “sanctifying the gold”, in other words, he would have to find the means to adapt the booty so that it could be used in the world market without attracting people’s attention. To finance his facilities, Curtis resorted to John Birch Society, an extreme right group specialized in anticommunist operations, which had colonel Lawrence Bunker among its members. Bunker, in his capacity as former-collaborator of MacArthur, was aware of the existence of the Golden Lily……

When president Reagan planned to return to the gold standard, he asked Marcos to share part of his reserves. The dictator’s greed would be his misfortune. Paul Wolfowitz (in his capacity as Undersecretary of State) ordered the American secret services to kidnap Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos and they were sent to exile in Hawaii [11]. Marcos’s reserves would have been sent to United States………

Many people still continue to covet the booty of the Golden Lily, the result of more than 50 years of systematic plundering of Southeast Asia by Japan. According to Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, since March 2001 the Bush administration (with Paul Wolfowitz as Secretary of Defense) has sent commands to the Philippines to recover part of Marcos’ reserves and to supervise new excavations. The control of what remains of “Yamashita’s gold” is still an extremely important objective for those interested in accepting the full disclosure of the existence of the Golden Lily.

The access to the files on the Black Eagle fund was under the strictest control by the CIA. The victims of the murders of the imperial army and their heirs that, in an entirely legitimate way, dare to request compensations are, still today, the butt of everyone’s jokes. Officially, “Yamashita’s gold” is a legend.


WTC Gold

The lease was for 60 years. Being stonewalled by the Federal Reserve, I and other bond and note holders were requesting a return of our gold. Finally after much negotiating partial payment was to be made in September 2001. The basement of 4 World Trade Center housed vaults used to store gold and silver bullion. Published articles about precious metals recovered from the World Trade Center ruins in the aftermath of the attack mention less than $300 million worth of gold. From the NYT, “Two Brinks trucks were at ground zero on Wednesday to start hauling away the $200 million in gold and silver that the Bank of Nova Scotia had stored in a vault under the trade center … A team of 30 firefighters and police officers are helping to move the metals, a task that can be measured practically down to the flake but that has been rounded off at 379,036 ounces of gold and 29,942,619 ounces of silver.” Reports describing the contents of the vaults before the attack suggest that nearly $1 billion in precious metals was stored in the vaults. A figure of $650 million in a ‘National Real Estate Investor’ article published after the attack is apparently based on pre-attack reports, “Unknown to most people at the time, $650 million in gold and silver was being kept in a special vault four floors beneath Four World Trade Center.” (
Note: there was over $2 BILLION in Gold in that vault based upon agreed payouts. Picture of Gold stacked with fireman is the vault at WTC) After the destruction of the WTC, found in the basement were two semi-trailers truck filled with Gold, and fresh food in the cabs. Someone used those trucks to steal over $800 Billion in Gold. This is why I contend September 11, 2001 was the BIGGEST BANK HEIST in HISTORY.

Letter pictures is of a buy/sell agreement dated February 4, 1983, between The Mercantile Insurance Co.Inc, and the Engineering Construction Company, Ltd. Nassau, Bahamas. Daniel Swihart for the buyers and John Ramsingh for the sellers. This Agreement and 35 more pages spell out the four traunches being offered by Marcos. The first Traunch was for 716,045 bars each weighing 12.5 kgs. (approximately 25 US pounds) all 24 carats. The second traunch was for 239,400 bars of the same weight and finess. These two tranches were concluded. The third traunch was for 1,809,508 bars of the same weight and finess, and the fourth traunch was for 2,167,230 bars. The first two totalling 946,445 bars was transfered. Had the entire deal gone down, it would have represented 4,923,183 bars each weighing 25 pounds, or 123,079,575 total pounds, or 1,476,954,900 troy ounces. At the listed purchase price per troy ounce, this transaction was worth over $552 million US dollars, or over a half a billion. It proves that Ferdinand Marcos was in possession of MASSIVE amounts of gold bullion. So much bullion, in fact, that what he possessed was more than the National Treasury of the Philippines!


Spoils of War:

Golden Lily – M Fund – Black Eagle Fund – Marcos – Halliburton – CFR – Trilateral Commission – Bilderberg Group – Illuminati –

Not least amongst those at the 1954 Bilderberg conference was Ralph Assheton – later Lord Clitheroe.  Assheton was Deputy CEO of RTZ Chemicals (Rio Tinto Zinc) during the years 1973-87.  1973 also saw him appointed a director of Halliburton, a position he held until 2002. [38]   During that period he would certainly have been aware that the late Ferdinand Marcos was a large Halliburton shareholder via several cloaked foundations he owned that were managed by Swiss banks.  These included the Winthrop Foundation, The Palmy Foundation, The Xandy Corp and the Scolari Foundation. [39]

queen spoils of war crown from asia and africa gold diamonds




May 24, 2016

snopes logo

snopes believer

snopes David-and-Barbara-Mikkelson.jpg

Snopes David & Barbara Mikkelson

Exactly who controls Snopes propaganda, agendas, opinions, spin, political correctness, message, direction & disinformation ? Who is the “man behind the curtain” in Snopes Wizard of Oz ???

ALERT: Snopes is a Fraud and this needs to be repeated……………..

Monsanto Bayer Merger

May 23, 2016

monsanto bayer dupont merger US$ 62 Billion

monsanto usda fda epa

US $62 Billion bid from Bayer of Germany to buy Monsanto of USA to become an even more evil empire combined than separate. An empire consisting of DDT, Agent Orange, GMOs, round up, pesticides, fertilizers, aspartame vitamins, chemical weapons, toxins, poisons, clothianidin – bee colony collapse disorder. Monsanto has seized control over the USDA, FDA & EPA.




African Natural Resources

May 23, 2016

africa riches

The continent of Africa is very rich: copper, manganese, iron ore, gold, oil production, gas production, diamonds & uranium. So why do millions die of starvation ? Foreign exploitation. NWO Oligarchies, Democide & Genocide.


TedX Berlin – Mallence Bart Williams – discusses the continuance of the African continent being pillaged by wealthy nations that are not so wealthy if not for the colonial taxation sent from Africa still.

Published on May 25, 2015

See Mallence Bart Williams speak on the contradiction of charity sent to Africa, the need of Afrca’s resources that supplies the world economy and how we change the way we view the way we “help” Africa and it’s people.


May 23, 2016

Everest movie 2016 jake gyllenhaal

A true story in 1996 of a expedition to summit Mount Everest ended in a blizzard killing 8 climbers. This high risk sport typically has a 25% death rate not including frozen feet, nose and/or hands ending in amputations. This movie is adapted from Beck Weather’s memoir Left for Dead: My Journey Home from Everest.

WW2 Christmas

May 20, 2016
Watch                                                          this video
A True war story…

The 21-year old American B-17 pilot glanced outside his cockpit and froze. He blinked hard and looked again, hoping it was just a mirage. But his Co-Pilot stared at the same horrible vision. “My God, this is a nightmare,” the Co-Pilot said.

“He’s going to destroy us,” the Pilot agreed. 

The men were looking at a gray German Messerschmitt fighter hovering just three feet off their wingtip. It was five days before Christmas1943, and the fighter had closed in on their crippled American B-17 bomber for the kill. 

Brown’s Crippled B-17 Stalked by Stigler’s ME-109
The B-17 Pilot, Charles Brown, was a 21-year-old West Virginia farm boy on his first combat mission. His bomber had been shot to pieces by swarming fighters, and his plane was alone, struggling to stay in the skies above Germany. Half his crew was wounded, and the tail gunner was dead, his blood frozen in icicles over the machine guns. 

But when Brown and his Co-Pilot, Spencer “Pinky” Luke, looked at the Fighter Pilot again, something odd happened. The German didn’t pull the trigger. He stared back at the bomber in amazement and respect. Instead of pressing the attack, he nodded at Brown and saluted. What happened next was one of the most remarkable acts of chivalry recorded during World War Il.
Franz                                                          Stigler                                                          wondered for
Luftwaffe Major Franz Stigler
Stigler pressed his hand over the rosary he kept in his flight jacket. He eased his index finger off the trigger. He couldn’t shoot. It would be murder. 

Stigler wasn’t just motivated by vengeance that day. He also lived by a code. He could trace his Family’s Ancestry to Knights in 16th Century Europe. He had once studied to be a Priest. A German Pilot who spared the enemy, though, risked death in Nazi Germany. If someone reported him, he would be executed. 

Yet, Stigler could also hear the voice of his commanding officer, who once told him: “You follow the rules of war for you — not your enemy. You fight by rules to keep your humanity.” 

Alone with the crippled bomber, Stigler changed his mission. He nodded at the American Pilot and began flying in formation so German anti-aircraft gunners on the ground wouldn’t shoot down the slow-moving bomber. (The Luftwaffe had B-17’s of its own, shot down and rebuilt for secret missions and training.) Stigler escorted the bomber over the North Sea and took one last look at the American Pilot. Then he saluted him, peeled his fighter away and returned to Germany. 

“Good luck,” Stigler said to himself. “You’re in God’s hands now…” Franz Stigler didn’t think the big B-17 could make it back to England and wondered for years what happened to the American Pilot and crew he encountered in combat.
Charles                                                          Brown, with                                                          his
Charles Brown, with his wife, Jackie (left),
with Franz Stigler, with his wife, Hiya.
As he watched the German fighter peel away that December day, 2nd Lt. Charles Brown wasn’t thinking of the philosophical connection between enemies. He was thinking of survival. He flew his crippled plane, filled with wounded, back to his base in England and landed with one of four engines knocked out, one failing and barely any fuel left. After his bomber came to a stop, he leaned back in his chair and put a hand over a pocket Bible he kept in his flight jacket. Then he sat in silence. 

Brown flew more missions before the war ended. Life moved on. He got married, had two Daughters, supervised foreign aid for the U.S. State Department during the Vietnam War and eventually retired to Florida. 

Late in life, though, the encounter with the German Pilot began to gnaw at him. He started having nightmares, but in his dream there would be no act of mercy. He would awaken just before his bomber crashed. 

Brown took on a new mission. He had to find that German Pilot. Who was he? Why did he save my life? He scoured Military Archives in the U.S. and England. He attended a Pilots’ Reunion and shared his story. He finally placed an ad in a German Newsletter for former Luftwaffe Pilots, retelling the story and asking if anyone knew the Pilot. 

On January 18, 1990, Brown received a letter. He opened it and read: “Dear Charles, All these years I wondered what happened to that B-17, did she make it home? Did her crew survive their wounds? To hear of your survival has filled me with indescribable joy…” 

It was Stigler. 

He had left Germany after the war and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1953. He became a prosperous Businessman. Now retired, Stigler told Brown that he would be in Florida come summer and “it sure would be nice to talk about our encounter.” Brown was so excited, though, that he couldn’t wait to see Stigler. He called Directory Assistance for Vancouver and asked whether there was a number for a Franz Stigler. He dialed the number, and Stigler picked up. 

“My God, it’s you!” Brown shouted as tears ran down his cheeks. 

Brown had to do more. He wrote a letter to Stigler in which he said: “To say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU on behalf of my surviving crew members and their families appears totally inadequate.” 

The two Pilots would meet again, but this time in person, in the lobby of a Florida hotel. One of Brown’s Friends was there to record the Summer Reunion. Both men looked like retired businessmen: they were plump, sporting neat ties and formal shirts. They fell into each other’s arms and wept and laughed. They talked about their encounter in a light, jovial tone. 

The mood then changed. Someone asked Stigler what he thought about Brown. Stigler sighed and his square jaw tightened. He began to fight back tears before he said in heavily accented English: “I love you, Charlie.”
Stigler had lost his Brother, his Friends and his Country. He was virtually exiled by his Countrymen after the war. There were 28,000 Pilots who fought for the German Air Force. Only 1,200 survived.
The war cost him everything. Charlie Brown was the only good thing that came out of World War II for Franz. It was the one thing he could be proud of. The meeting helped Brown as well, says his oldest daughter, Dawn Warner.
They met                                                          as enemies but                                                          Franz Stigler,                                                          on left,

They met as enemies but Franz Stigler, on left, and Charles Brown, ended up as fishing buddies. 

Brown and Stigler became pals. They would take fishing trips together. They would fly cross-country to each other homes and take road trips together to share their story at schools and Veterans’ Reunions. Their Wives, Jackie Brown and Hiya Stigler, became Friends. 

Brown’s Daughter says her Father would worry about Stigler’s health and constantly check in on him. 

“It wasn’t just for show,” she says. “They really did feel for each other. They talked about once a week.” As his friendship with Stigler deepened, something else happened to her father, Warner says “The nightmares went away.” 

Brown had written a letter of thanks to Stigler, but one day, he showed the extent of his gratitude. He organized a reunion of his surviving crew members, along with their extended families. He invited Stigler as a Guest of Honor. 

During the Reunion, a video was played showing all the faces of the people that now lived — Children, Grandchildren, Relatives — because of Stigler’s act of Chivalry. Stigler watched the film from his Seat of Honor.

“Everybody was crying, not just him,” Warner says. 

Stigler and Brown died within months of each other in 2008. Stigler was 92, and Brown was 87. They had started off as Enemies, became Friends, and then something more. 

After he died, Warner was searching through Brown’s library when she came across a book on German fighter jets. Stigler had given the book to Brown. Both were country boys who loved to read about planes. 

Warner opened the book and saw an inscription Stigler had written to Brown:

In 1940, I lost my only brother as a night fighter. On the 20th of December, 4 days beforeChristmas, I had the chance to save a B-17 from her destruction, a plane so badly damaged it was a wonder that she was still flying.

The Pilot, Charlie Brown, is for me as precious as my Brother was. 

Thanks Charlie.

Your Brother, Franz

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