Conspiracy Theorist

conspiracy theorist

I am what Asleep People call a Conspiracy Theorist and what Awake People call an Informed Human……..

conspiracy theorist closer to truth

“When they call you a Conspiracy Theorist….it means you are closer to the truth than they want you to be.”….Craig Hulet

conspiracy awake

You are not crazy. You are awake in an insane world. For that reason, most people will call you crazy.

conspiracy knowledge

I am not normal. I belong to a specialized class of enlightened individuals that seek and spread knowledge……Brent Treznor

conspiracy crazy normal

We live in a society where the free thinkers, open minded people are called crazy and the ignorant, close minded people are “normal”.

conspiracy think

I don’t want you to think like me. I just want you to think.

conspiracy truth

Don’t let the truth offend you. Let it change you.

conspiracy dumbed down

This society has been dumbed down and brainwashed so bad, they assume every critical thinker is a conspiracy theorist.

conspiracy anderson cooper

Shut up Conspiracy Theorists. There is no looming financial crisis manufactured bt the Federal Reserve, no American backed coups going on in Latin america or anywhere else in the world, no bank bail-ins being planned, no internet censorship quelling dissent, no new 9/11 revelations. there are only gorillas, bathrooms, and the NBA finals……go back to bed America. Your Government is in control.

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