Military Industrial Congressional Complex Think Tanks

why we fight

Why We Fight

Military Industrial Congressional Complex Think Tanks – President Dwight Eisenhower 5 Star General – American Empire – US Imperial Empire – Think Tanks such as PNAC = Project for a New American Century ” we need a New Pearl Harbor” = 9/11 to pass the already prepared “Patriot Act” – Ron Paul often mentioned the CIA BLOWBACK = covert secret black operations that would back fire on USA – the War Profiteers such as Dick Cheney of Halliburton and KBR = Kellog Brown and Root – the WMD = weapons of mass destruction propaganda – George W Bush claiming Iraq caused 9/11 later to deny it – the Coup d’etats caused by the CIA – Sadam Hussein – Osama Bin Laden – Omar Qaddafi – Why we Fight

Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski

Military Industrial Complex –

Mike Prysner & Dahlia Wasfi – No Justice , No Peace

wars bankers contractors government

wars democracy---terrorism3.jpg

wars afghanistan

wars democracy world tour

wars profit.jpg

wars by USA.jpg

wars lion gorilla children America-Silence1.jpg

wars soldier family.jpg

wars support troops.jpg

wars rebuild.png

wars why

wars lies

wars F35 Lockheed Martin

wars oil gold bank

wars invade torture kill lies

war dumpster off cliff vote.jpg

wars kids

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