The Devil Came On Horseback – Darfur

Devil Came On Horseback.jpg

After 20 years of war in Sudan a ceasefire was called. Retired U.S. Marine Captain Brian Steidle contracts to photograph the Darfur ceasefire only to discover that the Sudanese government has hired, trained and armed Arab militia to murder, including burning to death, 400,000 black Africans citizens ( Democide + Genocide ) and displaced another 2,500,000 citizens after raping and pillaging them into exile camps. Why ? The Chinese, in a joint venture with the Sudanese government, are pumping OIL from this region with pipelines and exploring for more OIL. Steidle takes his evidence to the press, media, US Congress, Bush & Obama Administrations, UN, ICJ & a march on the DC Mall. Yet, nothing has changed. This is essentially a sequel to the Rwanda Democide / Genocide.   



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