Double Rainbows, Shooting Stars, Water Spouts & Baby Squirrels

double rainbow 1

Once in South Florida.

double rainbow 3.jpg

Once in Alabama.

shooting star

shooting star 2

Shooting stars several times over a lifetime mostly in Florida.





Second water spout seen in Florida on 9.7.16.

Saw my second double rainbow on 3 Sept 2016′ now 4th. To see two double rainbows, dozens of shooting stars, water spouts & baby squirrels are signs of natural wonder. I raised baby raccoons as a teenager. Reminds us of perhaps how minute we are and how short our lives are in the universe & how carpe diem = seize the day, applies to us as we so choose.






This mornings natural wonder a baby squirrel less than 5 weeks old. I have raised baby raccoons with their eyes unopened for a couple of years as a teenager. A friend of mine, Dan Rains, raised a squirrel in AL. From double rainbows, shooting stars & water spouts to baby squirrels. It’s a Wonderful Life……  


Jimmy Stewart Ho O'mau Kona, Hawai.JPG

What are the odds that I’d be riding a Harley Davidson and Lincoln Town Car for 11 days in the main island of Hawaii before Christmas when the world plays my favorite movie, Jimmy Stewart’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” while auctioning his Ho Omau Ranch in Kona ? For good measure I bought a copy of his movie with me @ the resort hotel.


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