The Fremen have the word of Muad’Dib. They will have their Holy War to cleanse the Universe… they will have Arrakis… Dune… their planet. There will be flowing water here open to the sky and rich green oases. For the spice there will always be some desert. There will be fierce winds and trials to toughen men. We Fremen have a saying…  “God created Arrakis to train the faithful.” One cannot go against the word of God. ALIA And how can this be? There are three powerful drum hits. ALIA  For… he is the Kwisatz Haderach!

ARRAKEEN PALACE – DUSK Paul opens his mouth and issues an ever increasing wind. Lightning and thunder begin. Clouds begin to form over the Palace. In the half-light of dusk, thousands of Fremen watch the sky. Giant golden lights are illuminated and their rays shoot far into the sky illuminating the growing clouds. Five tremendous bolts of lightning suddenly unleash a downpour of RAIN ON ARRAKIS. The Fremen stand awestruck as they are drenched with water falling from the sky. 285. INT. GREAT HALL – ARRAKEEN PALACE – DAY WE MOVE through Paul’s glowing blue eyes into beautiful blue luminescent light. A gigantic WIND arises, and suddenly appearing in the blue light is an ocean of light rolling like gold glass off into the infinite. The blue becomes darker and a golden lotus flower blooms in the night.

December 9, 1983 DUNE 114. 284. EXT

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