Same Kind of Different as Me



The book is a great read and made into this movie.

What an amazing story of God’s grace at work through people who are open to allow Him to work in their lives. A true story shared in the words of two men from different “worlds” who are brought together through some very unusual circumstances. When they first met, Denver Moore was a man with a hard shell who had caught a train that took him from a life of slavery to a life of homelessness. By the time he met Ron, he was more comfortable on the streets than anywhere else. Ron Hall was an international art dealer worth millions whose wife had a vision.

Although the story is about the two men, I doubt there would have been much of a story without the wife. When she heard God speak to her, everyone else needed to either get on board or get out of the way. Ron was smart enough to get on board and that’s how he found himself at the Union Gospel Mission serving food to the homeless. Not long after, he met Denver. Again, with Debbie’s prodding, he started trying to develop a friendship with Denver. Through the latter part of the book, Denver, who had never been to school, shared some profound thoughts with Ron, the man with the college degree. Denver spent a lot of time with God and learned from Him. He never said much; but when he did, you needed to sit up and pay attention. As moving as the story is, some of the insights shared by Denver are worth the price of the book. Be prepared to have your eyes opened to some of the great evils that still exist in our nation, but also learn from the experiences of others.

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