The Circumnavigators – Derek Wilson


Traces the evolution of circumnavigation from economic necessity, to scientific endeavor, to pure sport, and describes the larger-than-life characters who made it their trade

From School Library Journal

YA– The concept of the attempt to travel completely around the world surfaced four and a half centuries ago. Wilson documents those first hesitant and fatal attempts, leads readers through centuries of exploration, and captures the spirit of those adventurers who recorded their experiences for posterity. The book features interviews with modern-day adventurers who have helped to map our globe, as well as manuscripts, logs, and journals of captains, pirates, ordinary sailors, modern yachtsmen, and women who had to record data for travelers who might come after them or for owners who demanded accountability. Magellan and Drake are found in these pages, along with lesser-known privateers and buccaneers such as George Shelvocke and James Forbes. This chronicle of achievement and discovery will fascinate teenage history students and armchair adventurers.
– Gwen Salama, Hastings High School, Alief I.S.D., TX
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.


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