Life We Knew, Is No More


COVID19 feels like 9/11 Patriot Act TSA, ’07 $700B TARP Banksters AIG GM Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Bailout Sequel ? Lock down stops commerce, jobs, income, churches, socializing, airports, cruise ships, parades, conventions, parks, playgrounds, schools, concerts, cinemas & professional sports. While $2T goes to Banks & Corps, TARP sequel. Population end up unemployed, broke, homeless, starved & unable to travel. National Guard as Military Police at Checkpoint Charlies already on Interstates. Police State already stop any public gatherings. Govt decides what businesses are Essential ? Big brother 1984 recording our emails, ATMs , credit cards, cell phone conversations, texts, gps locations & social media. Toxic 5G rollout where COVID19 then appears. Meet new normal life, soft Martial Law.  Proof ? Is TSA, censorship & political correctness still around ? As revenues stop inidividuals, families, corporations, towns, cities, counties & States shall go bankrupt. Foreclosures, Reposessions, evictions, riots & suicides increase. Master Reset of all Control Systems including monetary , Constitutional rights, Executive, Legislative, Judicial, religious, pharmaceutical, litigations, censorship, medical, pensions, presedents, elections, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare, social security, educational, travel, commerce, taxations, police, military, agricultural, consumption, utilities, privacy, rule of law & political. Run on Banks, stock markets crash, real estate crash, Curfews, hard Martial Law & Mandatory Vaccines for COVID with RFID chips included next?

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