General George Washington Prays

George Washington’s Valley Forge Prayer during The American Revolution. Washington was a God fearing Ambassador for the Almighty ! God’s Rebel with a Cause ! Arnold Frieberg is the Master Craftsman Artist who created this meticulously researched painting.

Earth has never sent up such mightily prayed petitions to the Creator then Humanity is right now. In these , The Last or Latter-Days. Alpha & Omega !

With a sad heart and with faith in the Heavenly Father, today I kneel in prayer. Dear God I’m asking You to put peace in the hearts of those that are filled with hate for this country, for the recovery of the patients with Covid 19 and asking You for protection for those who have not yet suffered the infection. I ask you God for help to find what will end the Covid19. I ask for the Holy Spirit to guide all people toward peace.

Thank you for all the blessings You have given me amen.

I ask that you put this message in your status, for at least one day. Let’s do a prayer chain. Let us be in unity. May God Bless The USA !

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