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Grand Finally of Humanity

August 17, 2020
The World We Knew….Is No More !!!

4G n 5G were created for Military applications to control Artificial Intellegience Legions , Batallions & Swarms not for human consumption. 4G radiates microwaves that damages human organs including the brain. 5G is more toxic to humanity. Compare global map of whete 5G rolled out and Covid appears identical. Human Symptoms of 5G we call COVID. SpaceX has contract to launch 50,000 5G satellites, w 1,200+ already launched, and 1,000,000 5G land towers. Some European countries outlawed towers. In Nigeria , a populous relatively uneducated academically, they tear down and/or torch 5G towers. Meanwhile, American MSM Academia PC are demanding more 5G pudding aka Jonestown koolaid !


Oct 2019 @ John Hopkins U w aka World Economic Forum and Bill n Melinda Gates Foundation….by invitation only a symposium was conducted to study “A Global Viral Pandemic”. How coincidental.
Gates Dad was executuve w Tom Watson that sponsored data punch cards computers to inventory the tatoos of cattle/chattle concentration camp inmates on jewish twins w Nazi SS Dr. Mengela diabolical evil experiments later to become IBM.
Gates Mom was executive w Barbara Sanger’s Planned Parenthood w main goal to exterminate negro race through genocide abortions. PP has it genesis in Nazi concentration camps Aerian Race EUGENICS and migrated to USA as PP.
Gates Foundation , since Bill stepped down from Microsoft recently , 2 pronged goals are literally written in Stone, Georgia Guidestones, Maintain a balance between nature and humanity of 500,000,000. Hence democide and genocide of 7.5 billion out of 8 billion. Leaving the 1% Billionaires to choose only 4 millionaire surf servants slaves each in their version of Utopia (1984 Dystopia).
Covid vax shall include Nano particles/RFID chips. No buy sell trade medical banking passport food without it.
Our Dept of Ed has become largest Dept of Child “Protective” Services by design. Currently, DoE takes our daughters w/o our knowledge approval consent and during school hours custody performs abortions on said daughters and administers guardacil vax to both daughters & sons. Im suspicious that when DoE reconvenes it shall be in part indoctrinations children against parents/fam as DoE/State informants and COVID RFID VAX w/o our knowledge approval or consent.
Ancient Egyptian history is repeating w Pharoah n Moses w 10 plagues. 1 is “virus panic fear just starting. 2. Global Slave Plantation Revolution just starting. 8 more to go more fast n furious than the last and diabolically evil then in human history or ever imagined. Then 2nd Coming occurs.
We are eye witness to the last chapter and Grand Finally of Humanity !
We are in the front row center seats to humanities grandest imax theater w technology to witness it 24/7 365.
We are generation X, our children Y and grandchildren Z….the last generation to be born before Second Coming. My daughter in ND just had 1st child Amelia Ray 5 months ago.
We are at Best place and time to witness I AM THAT I AM win each n every war n battle. We are on the winning team.
Before covid Dad/Creator kicked me w his size infinite boot and said u aint just sitting in cushy front row center seat of grandest Imax theater to watch Grand Finaly Chapter of Humanity…u going jump into screen and do what i tell you to do !!! I said Yes Sir !!! N been the wildest ride of my lifetime so far ad my eyes ate opened and red sea parts. Like Hansel n Gretel story, Dad leads witnesses , obvious signs feathers n pennies ahead as confirmation i am on the right path. People drop out of heaven like manna n i am prompted to reveal a common thread of inspiration to each of them that they have been praying more mightily than they ever have in their lifetimes seeking truths answers guidance n direction and ask how i could possibly humanly know this having just meant them. Then they tear up and cry like babies whetein i am prompted to hug them and reveal who they are and are destined to become and share this message of HOPE ! Dad does not send winged angels hovering over earth in answer to your prayers rather 60 year old father of 5 and grandfather of 7 in partial answer to their prayers. Their whole disposition outlook and glow is changed.
Be careful of what you pray for, God is listening !
My prayer is “Dad, take me, break me, make me in your image.”
These are the times that try mens souls.
The best years of our lives…are yet ahead !!!
I realize there had never been anything or anyone in this lifetime i have ever wanted or needed.
All who have walked on this marble we call earth have truly only been HOMELESS for this marble has never been our HOME. At best a simple bus stop or plane terminal in our eternal sojourn threw infinity !!!
Further, nobody has ever actually ever owned a single material posession. We are at best poor stewards lent things to bless others to The Creator and Master Architect’s GLORY !!!
If there were 100 Billion spirits in heaven and a third rebelled w Satin and were cast out of Heaven and came to earth to torment us, then i converse w Satin and his demons to focus solely upon me, and leave the other 8 billion humans on earth alone. For i have finally realized Satin or his demons or anyone else upon this earth has no power over me or anyone….except the power w give to or share w Satin !
I have reached….The Peace that Surpasses ALL UNDERSTANDING…
I am only a feather n Dad is my wind.
I am only a pinochio n Dad is my Puppet Master.
Hosanna Glory to God in the Highest…
Forever Christmas n Easter should be our attitude each and every second of our lives….not of Paganism n its origins rather w an Eternal Perspective….
Hallelujah !!! (See n listen to attached song w Mel Gibsons Patriot movie)
You’ll never guess what’s in CovAIDS Tests ?
COVID Tests & Vax TRUTHS ! (February 2021)
Naoimi Wolf , Green Covid Vax Passport warning:
Dr Carrie Majed Covid warning:
Morgellons Disease Syndrom in Chinese made Covid swabs tests, masks & diapers:
Morgellons Disease Syndrome sprayed in Chemtrails:
Abolute Proof is a documentarty of facts of the 2020 US Presidential Election fraud and theft produced by Michael Lindell founder of My Pillow.
Morgellons Disease Syndrome in Chinese made Covid masks, tests, diapers & sprayed in Chemtrails.


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