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Covid Summary

May 29, 2021

Prepare for Flu & Covid Season by Stenghtening Your Immune System now:

1200%  USRDA Vitamin C tablets

1200% USRDA Vitamin D tablets

Pine Needle Teas (Surinam)

Star Anise & Teas (Shikimic acid)

Fennel seeds & teas (Shikimic acid)



To learn more truth about these remedies use search engine as Google censors or deletes these natural vitamins, minerals & herbs known as Codex Alimentarius.

Leading Natural Healing Doctors & advocates includes:

Mike Adams, Health Ranger,

Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dr. Carrie Majed

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

Dr. Amandha Vollmer

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Can be found on alternative media sites:

Innoculate me with Luciferase, Human Embryonic Kidney 293 (creating Soylent Green Cannibals by design), Graphene, SM102, mRNA Patentable DNA, Spike Protein, Infertility, DARPA Hydrogel, Graphene, Thimerosal / Mercury, Nanobots, Quantum Dot Patent # WO 2020 060606, Satanic Transhuman Toxic Warlock Wicked Evil Witches Potions ?

Hunger Games…may the odds be ever in your favor…let the UnVaxxed hunts begin…knock knock…door to door

The GlobalResetSlavePlantationPuppetMastersDemocide, controls the Propaganda Narative (see Rockefeller Lock Step document) for the Medical, Media, Politics, Government Agencies, NGOs & Social Media Censorship (Goebbels Burn the Books 2.0 aka www Truths Firewall of Deceipt) as they have with Asbestos, DDT, Agent Orange, Tobacco, Round Up / Glyphosphate, GMOs crops, Morgellons Disease, Chemtrails, a Fetus is not a Child & Fluoride (read your toothpaste warning label for the first time in your life…hidden in plain site). Either I am batshit crazy…which I am…or I am telling you the gospel truth…see the warning label and you decide.

You think the above list of “authorities or scientists” are benevolent and would not sell their souls for $ (trade in their birth right for porage)? Then search Tuskeegee Syphilis non consensual trials. Bill Gates kills & handicaps 496,000 children in India with toxic oral “polio vaxx” (meme updated). India has permanently banned The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation out of India.

Choose wisely exactly where you go to gather the sources of information you trust for your family, friends & self. For in these latter days we are in there are unbelievable diabolical evil forces that have united not to honor their Oaths of helping, serving & Defending the Constitution but to betray us in exchange for their paychecks or 30 pieces of silver.

Think about it. Those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath, To Do No Harm, are the same Doctors and Nurses who have made their life’s carreers fortunes by murdering American Citizens unborn ! One seventh of todays American population or 70,000,000 children.These are the same Government leaders, “scientists & authorities” that you trust with your life to tell you the truth? 

Fauci is currently funding Planned Parenthood selling 5 month old children’s borbody parts & scalps to Pittsburgh University to grow those scalps on lab rats.

Planned Parenthood leader was Bill Gates, Sr. It’s genesis was in Dr. Mengela in Auschwitz performing unspeakable experimental tortures on dozens of young Jewish twin children called Eugenics. It was imported to USA with Barbara Sanger and named Planned Parenthood with a focus on depopulating/murdering black children.

The FDA has only “authorized Emergency use” of the four brands of Covid Vaxxs which means those Vaxxs are Experimental and volunteers are the Ferrits / Guinea pigs / Lab Rats ! 
The last Covid 1 vaxx tests on animals were Ferrits & 100% of the Ferrits died. Beware the FDA shall soon approve these toxic vaxxes leading to Mandatory enforcements and Nazi punishments to the UnVaxxed.

This is why our Government has issued a $30,000 per patient incentive to claim any death was caused by Covid when using a ventilator and $15,000 without ventilator. Notice the common cold & flu has 95% disappeared during this Covid pLandemic and replaced w Covid 19 with the exact same symptoms?

With the PLandemic Covid status achieved FDA “authorized” Emergency Use of 4 EXPERIMENTAL VAXXES TO BE USED ON HUMANS AS THE LAB RATS ! Not to be confused with Phase 3 clinical trials FDA Approval.

To confirm these unbelievable facts above search .Why doesn’t main stream media and the social media “fact checkers” confirm these truths ? Who are the #1 sponsors of both ? Big Pharma toxic pill drug pushers: Pfizer (who created Mad Cow Sickness) , AstraZeneca (which literally means Weapon That Kills) banned in 24 European Nations, Moderna ( Mode RyboNueclaicAcid as in mRNA / messenger RNA that changes your DNA and makes you patentable GMO or owned by Vaxx manufacturer as already ruled by the US Supreme Court) & Johnson & Johnson one shot that creates blood clots. 

Have you seen some of the video side effects at the point of the Covid Vax at your arm ? Magnets stick, cel phones stick, light bulbs turn on, stud finders on, EMF meters normally 20 read 400, cel phones & tvs trying to Bluetooth pair with AstraZeneca vax patient, luminescent blood vessels under black light and magnetic patches pull ferous nanoparticles thru skin. 

Those who are Vaxxed are shedding or transmitting Spike Proteins to the Unvaxxed which has caused Miscarriages which has increase by 483% in the Vaxxed. Vaxx, like GMOs causes STERILITY. In fact, Vaxxed Mothers infants have died from Mothers toxic breast milk. Vaxxed husband had intercourse with their pregnant UnVaxxed wife and both his wife and unborn child died.

Dr. Fauci has stated that the main cause of deaths during the Spanish Flu was masks which cause Bacterial Pneumonia and CO2 levels of 9,000 ppm when 40ppm is in the atmosphere. Masks from CHINA also have Hydrogel DARPA Nanobots, Graphene, Toxic Teflon C8 & Morgellons Disease in them.

The Covid PCR test swabs have microneedles that deposit hydrogel/nanobots, Morgellons Disease & toxic Ethelyne Dioxide at the blood brain barrier at the pinneal gland. This is how ancient Egyptians punished their slaves. Swabs are how Veteranarians vaxxinate cattle via the nose. Standard Operating Procedure to test DNA has always been from the saliva in your mouth. Up your nose is actually a Vaxx. Adjusting PCR tests to 20 cycles creates false negatives & 40 cycles creates false positives depending upon desired outcomes.

Dr. Fauci also acknowledged Hydroxychloroquin is effective treatment for Covid and has been used for decades for effective treatment of malaria. Currently Fauci & FDA denies use of Hydroxychloroquin. This is a breach of The Nuremberg Code #2 punishable by death.

This is a direct breach of point #2 of The Nuremberg Code punishable by death.

Are you aware that Amish communities have Covid PLandemic ? Me neither. There is no Covid PLandemic in the Amish communities and AMISH DO NOT VAXXINATE AT ALL !

Or where are the mass deaths & graves worldwide of Homeless from Covid ?

For an overview of the above items watch these 2 videos:

Who is Bill Gates – by James Corbett:

PLandemic – Dr. Judy Mikovits:

We expect that there shall be False Flag events created to target and blame the UnVaxxed / Anti-Vaxxers and Pro-Gun owners to create public outcry & attacks against both groups leading to new laws to Mandate Vaxxines & Passports and political pressure to confiscate law abiding citizens guns against the Bill of Rights Second Ammendment The Right to Bare Arms or rather the Shall Not Be Infringed or Take Away that God given right by the Government.

The BLMANTIFACRTLGBTQPEDOSODOMITESATANISTS seek to destroy everything God has Created starting with the absolutes of Faith, Family, Friends & Freedoms. God creates. Satan destroys.

DuckDuckGo search: Georgia Guidestones

Prepare youself for the evil destruction of our family members and friends who trusted these “Scientists & Authorities” and obeyed social distancing, masks, pcr tests and toxic Vaxx cocktails into their blood. We are anticipating a potentially significant amount of casualties and sicknesses this winter seasonal flu season as the Vaxxed immune systems have been compromised. When they come in contact with wild viruses they shall cause cytokine storms to occur which may lead to deaths. The “authorities” will blame it on “variants” and the Unvaxxed. At this time we know of no remedies to help the Vaxxed because of the CRISPR Graphene Nanobot mRNA DNA altering technology they took into their bodies via the Vaxx is irreversible. Prepare to loose loved ones this winter. 

Get your food storage in order. Search: Cyber Polygon also Ice Age Farmer.

“And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were BEHEADED for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, NEITHER HAD RECEIVED HIS MARK  upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”
Revelation 20:4 search: patent wo 2020 060606 Quantum Dot Luciferase

Fauci Gates Soros Schwab may fit this description of false prophets and have already deceived many of the very elect….even to the extent that many worship them as Saviours/Christs from Covid via Vaxx & Global Reset.

CRT BLM ANTIFA – $OROS SPONSORED (Reverse Jim Crow Laws / Civil Rights…he plans to lead to Civil War)

I believe greater deceptions lay ahead deceiving more of the elect…

Matthew 24:24

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Consider the insidious tentacles of the past year “Lockdown” & “Herd Immumity” (vocabulary conditioning for Cattle and Prisoners) mentality the Lock Step Rockefeller Plan in full swing the comprehensiveness of all of the control systems of life acting in unison and harmony as if Belzibub has unlocked his dragons from hell and they just yawned and are ready to start breathing fire. 

Remember all of Josephs brothers sold him into slavery. God took that evil and made it for good as he always does. So no matter what happens to us God shall use it for good. His will, not ours be done.

Perhaps he’ll send Elijahs chariot, save us from Shadrack Meeshack & Abendigos fire, the brimstone of Sodom, the 10 plagues of Egypt, part the Red Sea, require us to wonder in the wilderness 40 years, save us from the belly of a whale, calm the storms, cast out demons, stop the armies w a pillar of fire, close the jaws of lions, conquer our monsters w a stone & sling, feed us w manna from heaven or fish n loaves of bread, replenish the widows jars of oil n flower, save us from the floods, destroy Pharoahs army in the Red Sea, burn the guard to death who threw Shadrack Meeshack n Abendigo into the furnace, kill the 1st born sons of the Egyptians (Vaxxes), famines caused by Cyber Polygon, Hyperdevaluation.

 When zombies realize they have been lied to, including amongst the black sheep of the 1%, they are likely to have a revenge in their bellies, who know their family’s 1% secrets, bunkers, weaknesses, blackmail, hidden stashes of wealth and those family fueds n empires could get quite publicly ugly. Warlock wicked evil ugly.

When the masses realize that politicians, doctors, nurses, pharma execs, tv news staff & the 1% have betrayed them, open hunting season gets violent. Biblically prophecied violent.

France , Greece, Venezuala, S Africa, Cuba , England , BLM , Antifa, Israel, Middle East , China powder kegs. Armegeddon at the Valley of Megido could commence at any moment.

New Israeli Prime Minister speaks of building 3rd temple.

Love Conquers All,


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