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Guns of Outlaw Trudeau – Malicious Dereliction of Duty & High Treason

May 31, 2022
It will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import GUNS Anywhere in Canada !
Freeze now, Confiscation next !
Gun Control Works
Criminals Reality
Gun in hand vs police on phone
Conquered Disarmed Citizens
Guns for only Govt ?
Self Defense vs Abortion
Defense Against Tyranical Government
Largest Mass Shooting in US History were DISARMED FIRST !
Good vs Bad
Guns, God, Prayer, Discipline & Justice
Defenseless Answer ?
Protection Priorities ?
Inanimate Object vs the Operator of it
Patriotic Education vs Satanic Grooming
Uvdale TX Police Stand Down while Unarmed Mother is handcuffed released & rescues her children from school classroom by herself while 19 PD harass parents and accept orders to stand down, each guilty of MALICIOUS DERELICTION OF DUTY
Mentally Stable Tranny
A little help from his handler FED friends ?

Rights come from God, not government
Prison Cells Security & Laws Dont Stop Murder

Food Energy Money

May 29, 2022

Who controls the FOOD supply controls the people,

Who controls the ENERGY can control whole continents,

Who controls the MONEY can control the world.

Henry Kissinger 1973

Who controls the FOOD supply controls the people, Who controls the ENERGY can control whole continents, Who controls the MONEY can control the world. Henry Kissinger 1973

Henry Kissinger (an AntiChrist) persuaded President Richard Nixon to take the US$ off of the Gold Standard and Klaus Schwab to launch the in 1971.

Kissinger & Nixon
Kissinger & Schwab
Kissinger & Schwab

Hence, Klaus Schwab (an AntiChrist) founder of the Cyber Polygon supply chain disruption, GMOs, Chemtrails, hyperdevaluation rolling into CBDC programable Digital ESG CCP Social Credit Score Vaxx Passports, Mandatory mRNA DNA altering tracking tracing programable software code Vaxxes, Climate change Carbon Tax Anti petroleum electric car zero carbon emissions foot print (zero carbon = Democide Depopulation humans/carbons). NWO GlobalResetSlavePlantationPuppetMastersDemocideTransumanism.


Suspends National & International Laws during PLandemic
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus 

Now 194 Nations have Ammended the WHO Pandemic Treaty ceding Soveignty of Nations and their Citizens to the NWO Global Reset DICTATOR, the Director-General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (an AntiChrist). As Dictator he shall declare health emergencies in any Nations with his Dictatorial Mandatory Protocols & Procedures. In the event said Nation does not cooperate within said WHO Dictator’s satisfaction he shall send in another Nation’s Military, say Peoples Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party to enforce Dictator’s Mandates. (Just like Trudeau-Castro (an AntiChrist & Klaus Schwab graduate of their Young World Leader NWO Global Reser Indoctrination Program) did with UN Troops/Mercenaries in Ottawa against Canadian Freedom Truckers & Canadian Laws). What ever measures are necessary voiding that Nation’s and/or International laws by Dictator’s simple declaration by his own judgement of a PLandemic by design.

Schwab & Trudeau
Trudeau addressing
Chinese Health Workers Enforcing Pandemic Policies with Rifles / Guns

The WHO Pandemic Treaty Ammendent has been voted down, for now:

Africa Defeats WHO Pandemic Treaty Ammendment
God Bless Those Nations that Defeated WHO Pandemic Treaty Ammendment, THIS TIME
47 African Nations Unified to Block WHO Pandemic Treaty Ammendment
1984 Double Speak Deception

Aluminum Barium Strontium

May 29, 2022
Don’t Just Spray Em….Barium

Chemtrails, toxic to humans, plants, animals, air, water & soil

MonkeyPox & In the Days of NOAH

May 28, 2022
Yuval NOAH Harari (an AntiChrist)
Drugs & Computer Games aka
Circus & Cake Marie Antwonette

Karen Kingston, Dr. Judy Mikovitz & Clay Clark exposes MonkeyPox &¬†Yuval NOAH Harari (an AntiChrist) from video link below. Time Magazine cover 11 January 1999 Serpent coupled around DNA ” Your genetic engineering will change us in the next century .” There is King Cobra Serpent Venom in the Covid Vaxx Patents & Remdesivir, the hospital Covid Protocol with a CDC study of 54% Fatality rate.

Time Magazine 11 January 1999

Noah was a Conspiracy Theorist, then it started to Rain
Shingles is one of the 1,291 Adverse Side Effects aka Intended Consequenes by Design of Covid Vaxx

Biden or Goebbels Patience ?

May 26, 2022
Biden Conspires with WHO Pandemic Treaty to Force Fascist NWO Vaxx Mandates Tracking Tracing ESG Social Credit Scores

Those who do not know history are damned to repeat it.

History is Repeating

Goebbels threatens the Jews.

Biden threatens the UnVaxxed.

Goebbels had Concentration Camps.

Biden has FEMA Camps.

Global Fascism Lockstep Lockdown NWO Police State
Digital CBDC CCP Vaxx Passports next
US Govt Permanently Bankrupted 33% of All US Small Businesses so far
Against Geneva Convention Prisoners Treatment & Habius Corpus
BLM ANTIFA Summer of Riots, next Roe v Wade Overturned Riots 2022
CDC WH Vaxx Mandates Against Nuremberg Code Carries Death Penalties for those Tyranical Mandators
Fear PLandemics &
CIA Project Mockingbird
Unlawfully Suspended Civil Liberties aka Constitutional & Bill of Rights
It’s for Your Safety
Boiling Frogs
2000 Mules Domimion CCP 2020
3 Million Illegal Immigrants from 150 Nations Crossing @ TX MX Border WH Flights into USA Bording Planes using ICE Arrest Warrants as ID , Criminals, Disease, Terrorists, Child Sex Slave Trafficking, Fentanyl & Foreign Invasion Act of War
Kissinger quote from 2009
Hyperdevaluation Rolling into NWO Global Reset CBDC Programable Digital Vaxx Passport ID Currency
Weimar Deutch Mark Hyperdevaluation
Just Following Orders
When is a Jab like a Boxcar ?
Resemble Today ?
Trust their Plan
Yes sir Massa
Propaganda ! You Thought Your TV News Channels Were All Repeating The Exact Same TRUTH ?
Nazi required ID Passports for curfew, banking, business, medical, fuel, food, housing, utilities & travel.
IBM & Nazi Concentration Camp Jewish Tattoos
IBM History Repeating in USA
And Closed Down Permanently 33% of All US Small Businesses, Schools & Churches
Repeating Worldwide Now including Hospital & Nursing Homes Remdesivir & Ventilator Protocol Murders
Trust the Science of Governments Democide
Recent PLandemics so far
Japanese-American in Concentration Camps on US soil during WW2 they lost their homes, businesses & bank accounts
Doing Nothing Makes You An Accessory & Complicit Accomplice & Co-Consprator
Nuremberg Code
Holodomor, Pogroms & Holocaust, Governments have never starved or Democided their own citizens before ?
The White Rose WW2 Youth Resistance
Hyperdevaluation so far, worst ahead
US Government Trust the Science Vaxx Program
Nuremberg Hangings
Not in America, right ?
Klaus Schwab NWO Global Reset Build Back Better GlobalResetSlavePlantationPuppetMastersDemocideTranshumanism
WHO to Enforce Misinformation, Disinformation & Malinformation thru FEMA & DHS & FBI with Patriots & Parents Classified as Domestic Terrorists
Nazis Poisoned Jews in Gas Chambers with Zyclon now Pilots are Poisoning Humanity with Chemtrails of Aluminum, Barium & Strontium also effects air, plants, water table & animals

WHO Global Pandemic Treaty ?

May 24, 2022

194 Nations are amending the WHO Pandemic Treaty that suspends & supercedes each Nation’s Sovereignty & each Citizens Sovereignty, creates mandatory Vaxxes, Vaxx Passports, Censorship monitored & punished by WHO coordinated thru the New Ministry of Truth & FEMA, regulates who receives any medical services and who allowed to travel etc.

Karen Kingston WHO Pandemic Treaty 2 minute Warning , skip to 40:00 minutes:

Link to Tucker Carlson WHO Global pandemic Treaty Video 13 min :

MonkeyPox ?

May 24, 2022

NTI video link 2 minute :

Nuclear Threat Initiative March 2021 ran simulation of MonkeyPox PLandemic just like Event 201 did before Covid PLandemic. Exactly what does Nuclear have to do with MonkeyPox ? Same Nuclear team that ran Nuclear War Fear Psyop for decades is now running Virus Fear PLandemic Psyop.

Their simulation plans Project 3.2 Billion MonkeyPox Cases & 271 Million Deaths. Video Link to Dr. David Martin discussion :

FDA approves MonkeyPox Vaxx 2019 ?

As CV Vaxx compromises natural immune system by 5% per month until the Chimpanzee (MonkeyPox) CV Vaxx Ingredient is triggered by design ?

Newborns Prophecy

May 15, 2022

Covid Mark of the Beast Vaxx with 1,291 adverse side effects, Vaxx Satanic Sacrafices, Abortions to Baal,  HEK293 ingredient in Covid Vaxx = Human Embryonic Kidney tissue from 293 live birth aborted children, Fauci transplanting live birth baby scalps onto dogs, Baby formula Cyber Polygon supply chain disruption versus Mothers not naturally breast feeding, Vaxxed Mothers passing Spike Proteins to infants deaths, 72 Vaxxes before 18 years of age adverse side effects including Autism, Vaxxed Mothers 483 % Increase in Miscarriages, BLMANTIFACRTLGBTQPEDOSODOMITESATANISTS school grooming,  GlobalResetSlavePlantationPuppetMastersDemocideTranshumanism…Last days as in the days of Noah…

Mark of the Beast

Baal Child Vaxx Abortion HEK293 Sacrifices
Fauci live birth children scalps
Vaxxed Miscarriages 483% Increase

Drag Queen Indocrinating Grooming Our Children in Public Schools into Transgender Mutilating Surgeries & Hormones
Global Reset NWO Sesame Street Propaganda
Sesame Street Vaxx Indoctrination
Satanic Government Coming for our Children & Guns
As in the Days of Noah

NWO via WHO !

May 11, 2022

WHO Pandemic Treaty supercedes & suspends 194 Nation’s Constitutions !

EU Commissioner Warning link:

Michelle Bachman with Steve Bannon in 2 weeks 194 WHO Nations shall sign over their Constitutional Sovereignty to the WHO !!! link:

WEF & UN Accelerate Agenda 2030

Songs of Inspiration

May 3, 2022
Dr. Dahlia Wasfi , Epic Speech (4 min next):
Video link:
Joe Cocker, I get by with a little help from my friends
Knights in White Satin
Family by Joe Walsh from his Analog Man album link:

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