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I Am That I Am !

July 29, 2022
Moses Burning Bush Ten Commandments
Five minute video clip:

Are You Ready For The Crash ?

July 28, 2022


A Pilot Captain always is prepared & adding to those plans, knowledge, education, Inspiration & understanding. Growing his tribe, village, sphere, circle of influence & family. Focusing on being intune with God. Detoxing from the physical, mental, moral, media, influence, food chain, academia, religiocities, propaganda, illusions, deceptions & cunnings of Satan’s army of minions & demons snares traps lusting for THE ELECT GOD FEARING RIGHTEOUS PATRIOTS !!!

Link to this 16 minute video:

Cessna Canyon Metaphor by Mike Adams , Health Ranger Report,
Parachute ready for you & your family, friends, tribe, village & inspired ?

Demon Possessed Transhumans ?

July 28, 2022

What if AI Android Robot Borg Chimeric Droid Transhumans become Satanic Demon Possessed Armageddon Warrior Police State Soldier Warriors & Private Personal Security Detail & Assasins Anti Christ’s for the 1% and their Master Belzibub Global Reset Slave Plantation Apocalypse Agenda 2030 ?

Yuval NOAH Hurari “Very soon, we will be beyond the God of the Bible” 30 second video clip link:
AI Sophia Hanson, first AI to receive Saudi Arabian Citizenship

These Little Ones

July 28, 2022
These Little Ones documentary video interview link:
These Little Ones documentary trailer link:
Marina Abramivic aka Michael Maxwell
Satanic Art mirrors Satanic Ritual Life
Marina Abramovic , see Podesta’s Hands

Fake Meat – Beyond Impossible

July 27, 2022

Truth behind ESG Score Global Reset Agenda 2030 Supply Chain Disruption including Food chain, famine, starvation, depopulation, democide, Eat Bugs Dictate & Fake Meat Processed Chemicals & Artificial Toxins

Beyond Impossible movie link:

Watch Beyond Impossible on Tubi:

Dr Carrie Madej Post Plane Crash Natural Healing Broken Leg !

July 27, 2022

Carrie crashed in single prop plane
Carrie’s Interview Reveals Natural Healing Remedies video link :

Sodom and Gomorrah Found !

July 27, 2022

Ron Wyatt plus Red Sea Roman Exodus Chariot Wheels, Noah’s Ark, Ark of the Covenant & Blood of Christ ?


Jesus What Happened to Us ?

July 26, 2022

by Five Times August , 3 minute video song with lyrics:

Never mind the YouTube BS Censorship, this video is rated G

Line in the Sand, WHEN ?

July 26, 2022

If not now, when.

If not us, who.

If not for children, why.

If not for humanity, Patriot.

If not for truth, Lies.

If not for Good, Evil.

If not for Hallelujah,  damnation.

If not for righteousness, Sodom & Gomorrah. 

If not for God, ETERNITY !!!

The Alamo
Travis Drawing Line in the Sand
When & Where Will You Draw Your Line in the Sand ?

Liberty or Death ?

July 26, 2022

Are you ready tomorrow die for your freedom ?

We are only one generation from losing our freedom….President Ronald Reagan

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death…..Patrick Henry

If I Were the Devil by Paul Harvey 1965 video link:

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