Daniel M. Parkman, II – 16Feb1991-20Dec2022

Daniel M. Parkman, II – 16Feb1991-20Dec2022

Danny, Michael & I aboard in 2020 the 40 foot SeaRay at The Moorings , Lantana, FL.

Watch 2 movies, especially last 2 minutes of each …never thought it would b Danny jumping. That blog post I created 2009 !!!


Or my High School deja Vu:

& ask me about how Parkman Family Bible likely would have been the hope, boost, bump, confirmation, courage, confirmation, confidence, acknowledgement, acceptance, significance, importance, SIGN Danny WAS SEEKING FROM HIS FAMILY HAD a Family member HAD GOTTEN IN TOUCH WITH DANNY OR HIS SIBLINGS OR MOM THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA OR HIS TWO EMAILS I FORWARDED AND CONFIRMED DANNY’S PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS TO FED EX MY PARKMAN BIBLE DIRECTLY TO DANNY AS RICHARD DEAN   PARKMAN’S LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT WILLED THE PARKMAN BIBLE TO ME, NOT someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, some of Danny’s blood IS ON Y’ALL’$ HAND$ !!!

Of course, it is comforting that his 60 year old Mom, Brenda, took out a Life Insurance Policy on Danny w his own $$$ with out his knowledge, approval or consent !!! So, the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET TO RECEIVE ANY FINANCIAL GAIN FROM HIS DEATH WAS HIS MOTHER!!! BLOOD ON HER HANDSo !!!

Any funeral arrangements yet ? Have I received any notice at all or Formal Invitation ??? Hell NO !

Danny , a recovering Opioid Addict, asked me 4+ years ago if I’d attend his funeral, if he committed SUICIDE?  I SAID HELL NO, SO AS NOT TO ENCOURAGE HIM TO DO SO .

Then he visited me a couple of times in S FL he even surprised me by bringing my youngest son Michael with him .

Danny, Michael & I @ Fisher Island Inlet Pier, South Beach Miami, FL

Danny & I, circa 2017 in front of The Ritz Carlton, Palm Beach, FL (now Eau Oceanfront Resort) that his Grandpa Richard Parkman built.

Costco polish sausage & sauerkraut run.

I even arranged my best man, Jay Davis from my 1986 DC wedding, to sell him a 40 foot Sea Ray Motor Yacht w Twin V8 engines that had returned from the Bahamas that cost Jay $18,000 to Danny for only $2,500 w a 90 day grace period before the first $200/mo payment started. It was docked at The Moorings Luxury Condominium Resort on the Intracoastal Waterway with direct Atlantic Ocean access. Amenities included babes, pool, jacuzzi, weight room, hot showers, sauna, wifi, water, sewer, electric, car parking, security, dockage space all inclusive for only $700/mo. Danny’s only complaint? The boat a/c was not Cold enough ! So, he removed Yacht from dock and sunk boat within month as he neglected to run bilge pump as I had shown him and instructed him even after I had given him a Harbour Freight gas powered electric generator!

So, he did not pay Jay a single dollar. Since Jay did not transfer Yacht title until after payment in full, the $4,000 to raise the Yacht Jay had to pay.

So , from 2020 neither Jay nor Danny responded to ANY of my unending social media n email attempts to communicate sharing with him that I HAD FULLY FORGIVEN HIM AND FORGOT ABOUT IT ALL AND AS USUAL MY OPEN DOOR POLICY AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE STILL WAS IN FULL FORCE FOR HIM IF ONLY HE’D RESPOND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even the morning of the 20th Dec I had Snap Chat sent him 10 pics to share my Holiday Happiness I was enjoying with my new found Soulmate Elizabeth. He chose not to pick up or respond, rather he chose to jump to his death !!!

Further, I learn that his Mother, Brenda’s sister-in-law, Jennifer Reighard, introduced Danny to Opioids which ultimately he was a recovering Opioid Addict of. Now Jen had a stroke and has facial Bell’s Palsy. Karma ?

Elizabeth & I December 2022

My note to Danny after his visit with me in S FL 2016.

Its a Wonderful Life is my all time favorite movie that ironically has Jimmy Stewart/George Bailey’s attempted suicide as a main plot theme & George’s Dad has a stroke. In my real life my Mom had a stroke. I auctioned Jimmy Stewart’s Ho O’mau Kailua Kona Hawaii 1,500 acre ranch for $7,500,000 back in 2000 while spending 11 days there:

Watch It’s a Wonderful Life on Tubi: https://link.tubi.tv/ezd3HaP1qwb


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