Anonymous Launches Operation Bohemian Grove

‘Anonymous’ Launches Operation Bohemian Grove July 13

You Tube
July 10, 2011
In this new video release, Anonymous has called for the ‘peaceful occupation’ of Bohemian Avenue and Railroad Avenue, the roads leading to the entrance of Bohemian Grove on the dawn of July 13th.

Aerial Map view of Bohemian Grove area. –
FB Event Page –

‘Anonymous’ hackers declare war on Orlando

Websites to be attacked over arrests of activists handing out food to homeless people

Arturo Rodriguez / AP, file
updated 6/28/2011 4:50:49 AM ET

The hacker group Anonymous on Monday declared war against the city of Orlando, Florida, over the arrest of people handing out food to homeless people, according to a report in The Washington Post.

In a press release, the group announced the creation of “Operation Orlando” over the city’s treatment of the Food Not Bombs group.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that what started as a spat over distributing food without a permit in a park had escalated, with Mayor Buddy Dyer describing the activists charged with the misdemeanor offense as “food terrorists.”

Anonymous seizes Tunisian government site

This prompted one member, Ben Markeson, to threaten to file a defamation suit, the Sentinel reported.

The Anonymous press release said the city had “ignored our warnings, and our generous offer of a cease fire.”

‘Human rights abusers’

“On Wednesday last you not only arrested two more people for feeding but you arrested the worldwide President of Food Not Bombs Keith McHenry. This is a declaration of war,” it said.

“Henceforth there will be no more cease fires, no more attempts to get you to resolve this issue with human decency. We will now treat you like the human rights abusers that you are,” it added.

Video: ‘Anonymous’ hackers have their say (on this page)

Anonymous said it would start “a massive campaign” against Orlando and “city web assets.”

It said it would send emails to millions of people in 50 countries asking them to boycott the city.

Story: PBS website hacked again, some data taken

Anonymous said it would remove from the internet at 10 a.m. ET Tuesday until 6 p.m. ET.

It also said it would also target the owners of this site, identified as “Utopia, Inc” rather than the city itself.

Story: Hacker group LulzSec says it’s done

Anonymous said the owner of the site could have it removed from the “target list” by “releasing a statement to the press in support of Food Not Bombs and calling on the City of Orlando to stop the arrests.”

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Lulz Security (Lulzsec) and the Anonymous collective of hackers have declared open cyber warfare against governments, banks, and major corporations, and are calling on all hackers across the globe to join their fight.

Lulzsec posted online that the goal is to expose all ‘dark secrets” and corruption, with a particular emphasis on exposure of government classified information. Lulz laid out the details of the battle plan, so to speak, below:

Welcome to Operation Anti-Security (#AntiSec) – we encourage any vessel, large or small, to open fire on any government or agency that crosses their path. We fully endorse the flaunting of the word “AntiSec” on any government website defacement or physical graffiti art. We encourage you to spread the word of AntiSec far and wide, for it will be remembered. To increase efforts, we are now teaming up with the Anonymous collective and all affiliated battleships.
Lulzsec urges all hackers, even those that have disliked Lulzsec and Anonymous in the past, to accept this mission and show the public the truth about the governments and institutions that the hackers believe are enslaving the rest of the world.

While some in the digital community might welcome this campaign for radical transparency, it remains to be seen who will be targeted, and whether there will be much collateral damage on the cyberspace battlefield.

It also remains to be seen whether the openness Lulz Security and others claim to promote may become a casualty itself, as governments further lock down the digital realm in response to this united hacking effort.

Already, police today arrested a 19-year old UK man for alleged involvement in hacking attacks and membership in Anonymous. More such raids seem certain to follow if there is a surge in hacking activity due to Lulz’s declaration of cyber war.

Anonymous Sior Maschera of We The People !!!!

ANONYMOUS: ‘Phase 1 Initiated’ War Against The NWO System eXplained

A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion – Communication #1

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Have you heard of “Anonymous?” Three months ago, the well-known hacker group requested — via a YouTube video — that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake willingly vacate his position. Now, the group is back with a new message for all Americans. But, before we get into that, here’s their initial call for his resignation:

Bernake, of course, hasn‘t complied with Anonymous’ request. So, the group posted another video two days ago with the same overarching message. In it, a scrambled voice says, among a number of other related messages, that, “The Federal Reserve is responsible for crimes against humanity.” Business Insider has more:

The video begins with Bernanke saying he is 100% confident of his ability to control the income disparity in the U.S. — the largest of any industrialized country in the world — on 60 Minutes.
Then it says:

“Democrats have failed us, Republicans have failed us… It is time for us to stand up for ourselves… We must fight back against the organized criminal class… We must launch “operation Empire State rebellion. The operation will commence on June 14th…Operation Empire State Rebellion Engaged.”

The movement, also referred to as “CTRL+ALT_BERNANKE” will be taking place today at a number of locations. Anonymous posted the rally locations here. While this is a movement encouraging people to “fight back against the organized criminal class,” Anonymous claims that the rallies will be peaceful. The end goal? To finally see Bernake resign and to hold politicians accountable. Here‘s the group’s latest video:

Domestic Military Industrial Complex Sior Maschera link:

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