Priorities – The Life of a Child

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“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of home I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the WORLD MAY BE DIFFERENT BECAUSE I WAS IMPORTANT IN THE LIFE OF A CHILD” 

Faith Family Friends Freedom……….Love Conquers All……….Healing the Earth and the Inhabitants Therein….Connecting Life’s Dots……

Daniel has been on sabbatical since 2007 and living on his antique sailboat over the years. His hobbies are high adventure outdoors and his bucket list grows as he discovers new challenges and considers Sir Richard Branson a mentor of sorts in that regard. A Father of 5 children, Grandfather of 4 and eldest brother of 12 siblings, he learned the art of negotiations, mediations & people skills at the young age of 11 when his parents divorced. As a visionary he simply seeks to help his fellow man (“Connecting Life’s Dots”) . He embraces and seeks challenges as a problem solver by nature. He thrives in arenas most executives try to avoid. His passions include all that encompasses one of his life’s mottos: “Healing the earth and the inhabitants therein”. In my view there are three pillars in life: “Faith, Family, Friends & Freedom” and there is one four letter word that conquers all…..LOVE…Who am I at heart ? A poor news paper boy, a chicken farmer, shoe-less, holes in pants, penniless……..however, one is reminded of the story of a man who complained about the holes in his shoes until he saw the man with no feet …….

Faith Family Friends


Love Conquers All

Gold Hands Holding Earth Globe UG fb URL 68664_10201569083943188_824239990_n

Healing the Earth and the Inhabitants Therein

Connecting Life’s Dots

One hand shake at a time, with mutual respect, good faith, understanding, trust, friendship, peace, prosperity & co-existing in harmony.

Newspaper Boy shoeless hole in pants UG fb URL 526259_3473296165376_1746232967_n

Newspaper Boy


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