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NWO 1% Matador v We the People 99% Bull !

August 11, 2012




nwo game stop playing

NWO Great Seal Inverted LOVE






DHS Coming to a Town Near You !

August 11, 2012


NO Martial Law

Check Out This Homeland Security Armored Vehicle Being Hauled Through Kentucky

WTF is our Government so afraid of? Us? Clearly… — with Dayna Lee, Akinaw Bulcha, Tiffany Rose Keene and 34 others.

Astronauts @ Darth Vader on Church Stones ?

August 11, 2012

The cathedral in the Spanish city of Salamanca was constructed in 1102, and is therefore one of the oldest such constructions in the world. It features magnificent stone carvings on all its walls, but one of them is a bit more special than the others, so to speak. It bears the depiction of what appears to be a fully dressed astronaut in a space suit, complete with details such as the sole of his shoes. Nobody knows how he got there, or what a 20th century astronaut is doing on the walls of a 12th century religious building. (answer: the same way Darth Vader got there):


Why Darth Vader Gargoyle on National Cathedral Washington DC ???


(This gargoyle was issued under the cover of a child’s contest. What other under the covers children contests are going on still in the churches, Child Protective Services & State ? Abortions, Toxic Vaccines, Eugenics Experimentations, Child Porn, Satanic Rituals & Death Sacrifices, Child Soldiers and Gang Members, Crimes, Tortures, Planned Parenthood, Partial Birth Abortions, Prostitution, Child Labor, Rapes, Violence, Gay & Lesbian Agendas in schools/Hollywood, training the next generation of Numb Conscienceless Drone pilot zombies via popular violent video WAR games, Drug Trade Mule Runners, organ harvesting & dead fetus used in our food chain now as predicted in the movie Soylent Green ! Now discussing death panels to allow child murders/abortions to the age of three years.) Who made up this Religious Panel that chose this symbol of EVIL ? Why were other Gargoyles submitted by the children significantly more suitable for a Religious Cathedral REJECTED ?!! HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW Hidden is THE ICON of the NWO IMPERIAL EMPIRE POLICE STATE OF 1984 THE UNION OF CHURCH, POLICE STATE AND MONEY = THE THREE SISTER CITY STATES WORLD POWER CENTERS !!!

see bottom right photos of Darth Vader Grotesque:

DC, Vatican & City of London ??? 3 Sister Cities – Three Sister City States !!! Triumvirate !!!




1. City States.

Did the world wars, revolutions & big events of human history happen naturally or coincidentally, or were they calculated & pre-planned? If they were pre planned, who planned them?

The answer to this question can be found within the boundaries of 3 of the worlds most powerful cities. Those 3 cities belong to no nation & pay no taxes. They are Washington’s District of Columbia, which is not part of the City of Washington or the US. The inner city of London, which is not part of London or England & Vatican City, which is not part of Rome or Italy.

These cities, called City States, have their own independent flag, their own separate laws & their own separate identity.

2. Vatican City

Gracing the walls of St Peter’s Basilica is the Vatican-approved image of God. An angry bearded man in the sky, painted by Michael Angelo. Cruel/violent images of God’s tortured son, suffering, bleeding & dying with thorns gouged through his skull/nails pounded through his feet & hands are on display throughout the Vatican. These images serve as reminders that God allowed his son to be tortured & killed to save the souls of human beings who are all born sinners.

The Vatican rules over approximately 2bn of the worlds 6.2bn people. The colossal wealth of the Vatican includes enormous investments with the Rothschilds in Britain, France, USA, with giant oil & weapons corporations like Shell & General Electric. The Vatican solid gold bullion, worth billions is stored with the Rothschild controlled Bank of England & the US Federal Reserve Bank.

The Catholic Church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence, possessing more material wealth than any bank, corporation, giant trust or government anywhere on the globe.

While 2/3 of the world earns less than $2 a day & 1/5 of the world is underfed or starving to death, the Vatican hoards the world’s wealth, profits from it on the stock market & at the same time preaches about giving.

So how did the Vatican accumulate all that wealth over the millennium? One method was to put a price-tag on sin. Many bishops & popes actively marketed gilt, sin & fear for profit, by selling indulgences. Worshippers were encouraged to pre-pay for sins they hadn’t yet committed & get pardoned ahead of time. Those who didn’t pay-up risked eternal damnation. Another method was to get wealthy land owners to hand-over their land/fortune to the church on their death bed, in exchange for a blessing which would supposedly enable them to go to heaven.

Pope Leo the fifth rebuilt St Peter’s Basilica, by selling tickets out of hell & tickets to heaven.

During the dark ages, the Catholic Church not only hoarded the wealth they collected from the poor, but they hoarded knowledge. They kept the masses ignorant & in the dark by denying them a basic education. They also prohibited anyone from reading or even possessing a Bible, under pain of death.

Between 1095-1291 AD the Pope launched 7 blood baths called the Christian Crusaides, torturing, murdering, beheading & mass murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslims & Jews in the name of God. The Pope’s brutal solders were called Knights Templar or Knights of the Temple of Solomon & evolved into today’s secretive brotherhood called the Freemasons.

Between 1450-1700 AD the Catholic Church followed up their holy terror with the inquisition. Based on rumours of practicing witchcraft, the Catholic Church hunted down, tortured & burned-alive 10’s of 1000’s of innocent women at the stake.

During WWII the Vatican was criticized for supporting Hitler & his Nazi regime. To this day, the Vatican is still under investigation for plundering Nazi gold from the Swiss bank accounts of Jewish holocaust victims.

Over the past 5 decades more than 1,500 priests & bishops have been identified in the sexual assault of tens of thousands of boys & girls in their trusting congregations & orphanages.

Why is the filthy rich institution preaching spiritual values of poverty & chastity while cardinals, bishops & priests cover-up their crimes of sexual abuse? Why has the church fought & resisted the compensation claims of their sexually, emotionally & spiritually traumatised victims?

3. The City of London.

Like Vatican city, London’s inner city is also a privately owned corporation or city state, located right in the middle of greater London. It became a sovereign state in 1694 when King William III of Orange privatised & turned the Bank of England over to the bankers. Today, the City State of London is the world’s financial power centre & the wealthiest square mile on the face of the Earth. It houses the Rothschild controlled Bank of England, Lloyds of London, the London stock exchange, all British banks, the branch offices of 385 foreign banks & 70 US banks. It has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag & its own police force. It is not part of greater London, or England, or the British Commonwealth & pays no taxes. The City State of London houses Fleet Street’s newspaper & publishing monopolies. It is also the headquarters for world wide English Freemasonry & headquarters for the world wide money cartel known as The Crown.

Contrary to popular belief, The Crown is not the Royal Family or the British Monarch. The Crown is the private corporate City State of London. It has a council of 12 members who rule the corporation under a mayor, called the Lord Mayor. The Lord mayor & his 12 member council serves as proxies or representatives who sit-in for13 of the worlds wealthiest, most powerful banking families, including the Rothschild family, the Warburg family, the Oppenheimer family & the Schiff family. These families and their descendants run the Crown Corporation of London.

The Crown Corporation holds the title to world wide Crown land in Crown colonies like Canada, Australia & New Zealand. British parliament & the British prime minister serve as a public front for the hidden power of these ruling crown families.

4. The District of Columbia.

Like the City States of London & the Vatican, a third city state was officially created in 1982. That city state is called the District of Columbia & is located on 10sq miles of land in the heart of Washington. The District of Columbia flies its own flag & has its own independent constitution.

The constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as Lex Fori, which bares no resemblance to the US Constitution. When Congress passed the act of 1871 it created a separate corporation known as THE UNITED STATES & corporate government for the District of Columbia. This treasonous act allowed the District of Columbia to operate as a corporation outside the original constitution of the United States & outside of the best interests of American Citizens.

Although geographically separate, the city states of London, the Vatican & the District of Columbia are one interlocking empire called Empire of the City.

The flag of Washington’s district of Columbia has 3 red stars. One for each city state in the 3 city empire. This corporate empire of 3 city states controls the world economically, through London’s inner city, militarily through the District of Columbia & spiritually through the Vatican.

5. The U.S.A. – A Crown Colony.

A sobering study of the signed treaties & charters between Britain & the US exposes a shocking truth. The US has always been & still is a British Crown colony.

King James I was famous not for just translating the Bible into the King James version. But for signing the first charter of Virginia in 1606. That charter granted America’s British forefathers a licence to settle & colonise America. The charter also guaranteed that future Kings/Queens of England would have sovereign authority over all citizens & colonised land in America, stolen from the Indians.

After America declared its independence from Great Britain, the Treaty of 1783 was signed. That treaty specifically identifies the King of England as the Prince of the United States & contradicts the belief that America won the War of Independence.

Although King George III of England gave up most of his claims over American colonies, he kept his right to continue receiving payment for his business venture of colonising America.

If America had really won the War of Independence, they would never have agreed to pay debts & reparations to the King of England.

America’s blood soaked War of Independence against the British bankrupted America & turned its citizens into permanent debt slaves of the King. In the War of 1812, the British torched & burned to the ground the Whitehouse & all US government buildings. Destroying ratification records of the US constitution.

Most US citizens believe that the US is a country & the President is the most powerful man on earth. The US is not a country. It is a corporation. And the president is President of the Corporation of the United States. He & his elected officials work for the corporation, not for the American people. Since the US is a corporation, who owns the corporation of the United States?

Like Canada & Australia whose leaders are Prime Ministers of the Queen & whose land is called Crown Land, the US is just another crown colony. Crown colonies are controlled by the Empire of the 3 City States.

6. Obelisks

At the centre of each city state is a towering phallic shaped stone monument called an obelisk that points skyward. In DC city state, the obelisk known as the Washington monument was dedicated to the Freemason George Washington by the Freemason Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. 250 Masonic lodges financed the Washington obelisk monument, including the Knights Templar Masonic order.

At the heart of London City State, is a 187 ton 69 foot tall Egyptian obelisk called Cleopatra’s Needle. It was transported from Egypt & erected on the banks of the river Thames.

In Vatican city, another Egyptian obelisk towers high above St Peter’s square.

Obelisks are phallic shaped monuments honouring the pagan sun god of ancient Egypt called Amen Ra. The spirit of this pagan god is said to reside within the obelisk.
by: Exposing The Truth

3 City States = DC – London – Rome and 13 Families that Own The Federal Reserve

who owns the federal reserve system – Military Industrial Complex = Washington, DC – Financial Industrial Complex = City of London – The Crown is the Private City State of London – Rome – Religious Industrial Complex = The Vatican – Sale of Condolences = Pre-Sin = Pre-Crime – Who owns the Federal Reserve System – Separate flags – 3 Red Stars & 3 Obelisks = The Washington Monument – Masonic – Egyptian Cleopatras Needle – phallic – fertility – Empire of the Cities – Colonies – King of England is the Prince of the USA –

Domestic Military Industrial Complex Sior Maschera ?

Sior Maschera link:

Anonymous Sior Maschera of We The People link:>

Sior Maschera link:

Anonymous Sior Maschera of We The People link:>

police state – FEMA – habius corpus – Martial Law – Patriot Act – thugs – Military industrial complex – submission – resistance is futile ? – mob rules – unions – riot police = anti-government social strikes – mad as hell – we’re not going to take it anymore – star wars imperial troopers – Imperialism – Imperialists – posse comitatus – identity concealment – no names – no identity – robotics – drones – machines – black operations – intimidations – threats of violence – kent state – watts riots – DNC & RNC protests – G2 – G8 – G20 – Free Speech zones ? –


Great Culling of Humanity = Georgia Guidestones – World Population 500 Million = Global Depopulation – Abortions – Planned Parenthood = Nazi’s Eugenics thru CIA’s Project Paperclip – China’s 1 child policy – Illuminati – NWO – CFR – WTO – WHO – UN – NATO – CODEX Alimentarius – Monsanto – Round Up – DDT – fertilizers – pesticides – cause sterilizations – Agent Orange GMO corn – BGH – Xe – Blackwater – Merck – Bill Gates Foundation – Rockefellers – Rothschilds – Kissinger – Soros – 3 Sister Cities of DC Rome & London – PNAC – Agenda 21 – Chemtrails – GMOs – Fluoride – Nuclear Isotopes and Radiation – Fukushima – nuclear plants all LEAK – pollutions – Depleted uranium munitions and wars drones – floods – famines – manipulations – HAARP – fires – earthquakes – tornadoes – tsunamis – hurricanes – vaccinations – additives = MSG – aspartame – nutra sweet – sweet n low – NeoTame – eugenics – contaminations – epidemics – H1N1 – H5N7 – Aids – HIV – WARS – false flags – hegelian dialectic – recessions – depressions – hyper inflations which is actually hyper fiat currency DEVALUATIONS – TARP – QE1-3 – Bail Outs of IMF FED GM Wall Street Banksters – Derivatives – Skullduggery – NDAA – Patriot Act – HR3166 – Undeclared Wars thru Executive Orders – FDA – EPA – Big Pharma – Medical Industry – Pills – Drugs – the list IS ENDLESS

Photos by Nick Verrette

Paramilitary Tanks on USA Trains

August 10, 2012

All Enemies foreign & DOMESTIC …………..NDAA, NDRP, Patriot Act, HR347, Executive Orders, Foreign Mercenaries , DHS, FEMA, TSA, VIPR , UN, NATO…………

Police Tanks on USA Highways Now !

August 10, 2012

Heather Lewis
12 hours ago via Mobile
near Wichita Falls, TX

Hwy 82 Witchita Falls,TX…WTF? This is a Sheriff in a light armored tank with a gun turret pulling people over for speeding. Flashing red/blue lights and all. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. We are so screwed! — with Marianne Stebbins, witchita Falls, Freddy Crisp III, Erik Daniel Blair and Pamm Adams Skogen.



The Etowah County Sheriffs Office has acquired an armored vehicle that will be assigned to the Joint Special Operations Group for use in SWAT calls. The military-surplus vehicle is worth about $600,000 but it was acquired at no cost to the county. The only expense was the cost for transport to Etowah County from 29 Palms Marine base in California. It arrived in Etowah County on Tuesday and was driven down Alabama Highway 77 to the Etowah County Drug Enforcement Unit office where it will be stored.

Senator Harry Reid Horse Stealing & Train Robbery Hanging Family

August 8, 2012


Senator Harry Reid’s great-great uncle, Remus Reid, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889.

Judy Walkman, a professional genealogy researcher in southern California, was doing some personal work on her own family tree. She discovered that Senator Harry Reid’s great-great uncle, Remus Reid, was hanged for horse stealing and train
robbery in Montana in 1889. Both Judy and Harry Reid share this common ancestor. The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows in Montana territory:

On the back of the picture Judy obtained during her research is this inscription: ‘Remus Reid, horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889.’

So Judy recently e-mailed Senator Harry Reid for information about their great-great uncle.

Harry Reid:

Believe it or not, Harry Reid’s staff sent back the following biographical sketch for her genealogy research: “Remus Reid was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory . His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with the Montana railroad. Beginning in 1883, he devoted several years of his life to government service, finally taking leave to resume his dealings with the railroad. In 1887, he was a key player in a vital investigation run by the renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency. In 1889, Remus passed away during an important civic function held in his honor when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed.”

Kuratas – Soldier Robot Hybrid Borg from Avatar Matrix & Transformers is HERE NOW !

August 7, 2012

New Super Robot With Twin Guns Is Unveiled

A massive robot that can carry a seated human pilot, and is armed with twin gatling guns, has gone on show in Japan.

Kuratas is described as the world’s first giant boarding robot, no doubt inspired by the “mechs” of Japanese anime and manga comic book culture which features human controllers inside a walking vehicle.

But Kuratas is different in that it offers two types of control system.

The robot can be piloted directly (Ala Avatar), or remotely by a user connected to a 3G device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone (drone).

The firm that made the robot, Suidobashi Heavy Industry, even released a tongue-in-cheek video showing how to operate the robot.

It was unveiled to the world at the Wonder Festival in the Tokyo suburb of Chiba.

Kuratas, which is referred to as the Vaudeville project in a promotional video, has two humanoid arms and four wheeled legs – and twin six-barrelled gatling guns – which fire BB-sized pellets at the rate of 6,000 rounds per minute.

According to Suidobashi, the weapons are fired when the operator smiles – a system known as “the smile shot”.

Onlookers immediately likened the presence of the guns to the bipedal ED-209 from Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 movie Robocop.

The Enforcement Droid was being presented to a board meeting when it malfunctioned, fatally opening fire on a hapless young OCP executive called Mr Kinney.

There was no such mishap at the Wonder Festival, and the robot was even allowed out onto the streets of Tokyo, where it was seen being driven through the traffic powered by a diesel engine.

The device, which travels at just 7mph, can be set to move in a low or high position to enhance the pilot’s field of view.

It also features a Lohas launcher – which fires bottles of water – and Iron Crow hands and “feet”.

The robot is huge – measuring four metres in height and weighing four tonnes.

But it also comes with a suitably huge price tag, setting potential purchasers back $1m (637,000).

However, anyone wanting to buy one of the custom-built machines does have a choice of colours – including pink.

By Jack Blood


August 5, 2012


By Frank Lake on April 10, 2011

WASHINGTON – Doctors have confirmed that Barack Obama has had brain surgery.

For the last three years a many curious citizens have wondered about the long scar which goes up the side of Barack Obama head and over his crown.

There were rumors that claimed that they are scars that you would see on someone who has had brain surgery. But without medical records (along with his school records and birth certificate) no one seems to be able to provide an answer as to the cause of the mystery scars.

Until now. Dr. Thomas Yablonski, a top neurologist at Houston’s The Methodist Hospital, carefully. examined high-resolution photographs and high-powered, long-distance brain scans. His conclusion: President Barack Obama has had brain surgery. “I’m not sure exactly what the procedure was, but that scar clearly indicates a common incision made into the brain.,” said Dr. Yablonski.

Sarah Palin has already jumped on this issue. “Whatever happened to create that scar, it was clearly something serious. Was it a brain operation? Has it affected his thinking? I think it has,” said Palin.

“I think someone like George Soros implanted a brain chip in the President’s skull and his controlling his thoughts and actions,” said Glenn Beck on his Fox show on Friday.”

Donald Trump had this to say about the issue. “No one is allowed to see his birth certificate. And nobody is allowed to see his medical records. But I have people down in Washington investigating this issue. You can’t believe what they will find.”

Many inside are speculating that whatever the surgery was for, it y might explain why the President gets lost speaking without a teleprompter, and posted a video of Obama struggling through a speech, repeating his words and getting lost mid-sentence.

A spokeswoman from the White House said they were not willing to comment on Obama’s brain surgery, saying they were ‘ridiculous’.

But many neurosurgeons across the U.S. and around the world are confirming what Dr. Yablonski has stated: Obama had some kind of brain surgery.

Without medical records or an admission from the White House, the public may never know the answer to the question, along with the contents of his birth certificate.

What did they do to Obama’s brain? Why?

Do you know the answer?

Vermont Man Drove Over 8 Police Cars ?

August 3, 2012

Police State Enough Yet ?

The 99% fighting the 99% for the 1% !

Vermont man uses tractor to flatten 8 police cars

Demian Warner / The Newport Daily Express
Police say a man drove a tractor over eight police vehicles Thursday. The damage is estimated to be about $250,000.

By Andrew Mach, NBC News
A man driving a farm tractor ran over eight vehicles in the parking lot of a Vermont police station in an apparent revenge scheme, according to local reports.

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Police said Roger Pion, 34, of Newport, Vt., flattened seven marked police cruisers and one unmarked personal vehicle at the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department in Derby, Vt., around 12:40 p.m. Thursday.

“We came out and sure enough there was someone who had run over our cruisers with a tractor,” Chief Dep. Philip Brooks of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Dept. told WCAX.
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Not only were their roofs and hoods caved in, but “the radios are ruined, the radar detectors, the cages in the cars … We’re going to have to get the jaws of life up here to pry the trunks open and see about the rifles and shotguns,” Sheriff Kirk Martin told the Associated Press.
With the vehicles crushed, police had no way to pursue Pion after he drove off in the tractor.

Demian Warner / The Newport Daily Express
Police say Roger Pion took out more than half of the sheriff department’s fleet — some of its newest vehicles were only four months old.

“It felt like I was in a Monster Jam rally or something,” witness Rene Morris told WCAX. “I just couldn’t believe it. He’s backing up, going over it, turns around, makes his way to the other vehicles smashes those up, did his business and headed right down Route 5.”
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Police eventually caught up with Pion a mile and a half from the police station and arrested him. The motive is still under investigation, but witnesses believe Pion was angry about his recent arrest for marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

Stephanie Dasaro / Vermont State Police
Police arrested Roger Pion of Newport, V.T., after the tractor incident. He also was arrested recently for marijuana possession and resisting arrest.

The damage is estimated to be about $250,000, according to police.
No one was injured. At least two deputies had gone inside a few moments before after washing their vehicles, officers said.
Brooks said the destroyed vehicles constituted more than half of the fleet of sheriff’s cruisers in the rural county on the Canadian border. The others were out on patrol. Since the incident, neighboring counties have offered their help.
“We have other county sheriff’s departments who are offering cruisers to us,” Brooks said. “We’ve already had one county that’s dropped one off to us and we’ve got two others that are on the way.”
It’s not known where Pion got the tractor but police said he comes from a farm family.

Demian Warne / The Newport Daily Express
Police don’t know where Pion got the tractor from but say he comes from a farm family.

Pion was held at the Northern State Correctional Center in Newport in lieu of $15,000 bail.
He is expected to appear in Orleans County Criminal Court Friday to answer to seven counts of felony unlawful mischief, one count of misdemeanor unlawful mischief, one count of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, one count of gross negligent operation, and one count of leaving the scene of an accident.


August 3, 2012


WTC WHO KNEW WTC 1,2, & 7 ?

FEMA & DOJ August 1997 Terrorist Manual

1995 Illuminati Playing Cards

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